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My Achy Breaky Bone

Part One

The latest installment of the multi part series:

Jack Deacon’s Excellent Adventures

Smashwords Edition


BB Ellioto

This is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead; business establishments; schools; foundations; local, state or federal governments; events or locales are entirely coincidental.

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My Achy Breaky Bone

Part One

The latest installment of the multi part series

Jack Deacon’s Excellent Adventures

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Chapter Index

1. Ohhhh…It Aches…

2. Hooking Up

3. Lust…and the Dicky-Back Ride

4. The First TIme: Urgent Release

5. The Second Time: Ball Room Blast Off

6. The Third Time: To Be or Not To Be

7. Sharing Dirty Stories

8. It’s a Fucking Competition

9. Make War Not Love

10. Jack: Big Loser…or the Big Winner?

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Chapter One

Ohhhhh…It Aches…

Six hours. Six hours straight of studying. Interrupted by a short break for dinner. Same thing yesterday. And the day before. Junior year was so much harder than sophomore. Jack pushed his chair back from his desk, threw his arms over his head and stretched. He leaned back, slid his ass forward into a typical teen slouch, dropped his head over the chairs back and yawned. Enough is enough.

At the end of his sophomore year his parents had given him the choice of continuing his education at Brookline High or attending one of many prestigious Massachusetts or Greater New England prep schools that were available to him. Without hesitation he chose to continue at Brookline. Expecting this discussion, Jack succinctly outlined several persuasive reasons for his decision. His parents had no reason to argue, recognizing his dedication to scholarship underlined by eight successive quarters at the top tier of the school’s Honor Roll. Besides, with his father a tenured Professor at Harvard, Jack’s school of choice, there would be no issue of admittance.

But the genuine reason, a reason that would have had no traction whatsoever with his parents, was left unsaid. He wanted to stay close to Nadine Tiberius who, as of late August, had become his girlfriend. His hot, beautiful, sex obsessed Italian sex machine of a girlfriend. And her BFF Anita; equally hot, equally horny, equally obsessed. Jack was a self-professed teenaged pussy hound and, like Nadine and Anita, had no sexual inhibitions. When the three of them got together they engaged in some of the most enthusiastic, unrestrained and thoroughly debouched behavior on this side of the Atlantic. Their favorite games were heavily laced with the bitter-sweet flavor of sado-masochism. Grossly depraved elegantly conceived emasculating bondage. Pain wracked pleasure. Beautifully devised and exceptionally executed forced multiple orgasms. The exquisite agony of orgasms withheld. But not lately. Not for weeks. School. Studies. Homework.

He glanced at the clock. 11 PM. It was a Wednesday. Too late to go out. Besides, there was nothing to do. Nadine was also studying. Under the watchful eyes of her parents she could not have gotten away anyway. So unavailable. Ditto with Anita and Cleo and Sue. Oh how he wished he had any one of them in his arms.

Lifting his head from its uncomfortable position on the top edge of the desk chair, he looked down his body. His tight cropped tee hugged him just right, emphasizing his well-built chest and exposing his trim waist and six pack. His equally tight, favorite low rise jeans were faded from wear; soft and comfortable. He loved the subtle sensation of his hairless balls squirming against the denim. The 502’s hung low enough on his hips to expose the top of his hip bones as well as the chiseled contours of his Adonis Belt just inside. Two plus years of high school sports had turned his slim form into that of a sleek, hard-bodied athlete.

But it was not his body that had his attention. Sticking out of the top of his jeans was his boner, crying for attention. It went from a chubby to a full on erection at nine, two hours ago. The fat helmet shaped head was messy with pre-cum. The three inches of exposed shaft had achieved that special angry reddish hue that it got from being too long neglected. It ached. How it ached.

Jack sighed, popping the button. He clenched; his stiffy shifted, bowing to the right, running the zipper down. That’s better. But it still stared at him reproachfully, weeping another crocodile tear. It had been seven days now. Seven days since he last polished one out. Before that it was five days. Before that it was…

How he longed for the summer months now long gone; it was only mid-October. He thought back to those glorious summer days…the last two weeks in August were the best. His equally athletic friend Ajay was visiting from Mumbai and lost his virginity in spectacular fashion to Anita and Nadine. Anita and Nadine, his enthusiastic fuck buddies. At the end of the last school year he had hacked into the school’s computer and was able to fake up summer school for them both. So between 8AM and 4PM, Monday through Thursday, when their very protective parents thought they were at school dutifully studying they were actually at his place stripped down on his secluded outdoor trampoline…tanning, sucking and fucking away the hours until they had to reluctantly go back home…from “school”. And then back at it the very next day. [As described in BB Ellioto’s 110,000 word book: “A Boy and His Boner - The Compilation” and in all volumes of the 6 volume series: “An Exchange Student’s Wild American Adventures”.]

It had been so over-the-top. Anita and Nadine were BFF’s, drop dead beautiful hardbodies and just as active in athletics as he. A year older: Seniors to his Junior. But most importantly they were hot and eager, just as eager as he was to explore their unexplored sexuality. Since the trio had no moral encumbrances they did just that. They had the time, they had the horn and they had the will to deeply explore each other’s physical limits. They tested those limits daily, looking for ways to take each other to higher expressions of orgasmic pleasure. Their stated goal was to create for each other, on a daily basis, the finest and most spectacular orgasms possible. Nothing was overlooked; no sexual perversion was to extreme, no limits went unchallenged.

Sado-masochism soon became their preferred mechanism of exploring sexual limits. Daily, by a wide margin, they breached common sense boundaries of what ordinary people would define as “sexual excess”. They took turns playing the rolls of sadist and masochist. Nadine, no doubt due in part to her Roman pedigree as a descendant of Emperor Tiberius, excelled in the role of sadist. The things she did to the younger Jack were twisted and diabolical. Anita was a natural; she put the finer touches to Nadine’s crude barbarity. Jack, his oversized sexual equipment often the focus of the girl’s novel and usually painful perversions, looked forward to those days when it was his turn to play the roll of masochist. The conniving pair of budding sadists would usually lay it on thick. It was worth it. When they would finally let him cum he came hard. By the end of “summer school” his tolerance for sexual suffering had risen markedly. Despite their differing abilities, all three of them jockeyed for the privilege to be that day’s hapless sexual victim, the masochist. As much fun as it was to ladle out sexually oriented pain and suffering by the bucketful, it was much more fun to be the subject of the pain and the suffering. When carefully and sympathetically applied, especially after climaxing three or four times, brilliantly intense body-wracking orgasms would result. There was no better feeling than to be the subject of intense sexual abuse by those who intimately knew how your naughty bits responded to extreme stimuli. The thundering otherworldly intensities of the concussive climaxes were well worth the suffering it took to get there.

Jack could not count the number of times the girls had at him when he was “Masochist for a Day”. Their favorite trick was to tie him spread-eagled to the trampoline and mercilessly use him. One oft repeated variation: First thing in the morning…once they had him bound wrist and ankle in thick leather cuffs…they would arouse him to the point of orgasm. Rather than let him cum, they would keep him from cumming by encircling the base of his cock and balls with a tight stainless steel cock ring. Sometimes when they were especially frisky and had fresh batteries they would force a deeply seated prostate vibe into his anus for additional pleasurable torment. Once he was prepped to their satisfaction they took turns riding face and groin. They rode their boy toy hard, taking their pleasure from cock and tongue; happily climaxing all morning long. While they enjoyed their multiple orgasms they would not let him spurt even though they could feel his thick cock dry heaving, vainly pulsing, trying to push out jizz as their tight pussies slithered around it. After five hours of denial they would untie him for lunch. With the poor lad’s hands bound behind his back and the cock ring still in place he was made to stand at attention; they would alternately feed him and bitch-slap the crown of his hard upright purpled and pulsing cock. After lunch they tied him back up in the same spread-eagle as before. After removing the cock ring he would often splooge on the spot while both Nadine and Anita aggressively polishing that much battered cock head. Throughout the afternoon they fucked him and sucked him and jerked him without let up, forcing him to spurt repeatedly. The more times he climaxed the more sensitive his dick became. Did he ever get a sympathetic pause, even a brief one, between nuts? Unheard of! Nadine became especially abusive after his fifth or sixth climax when he was at his most sensitive. While Anita peeled down his foreskin Nadine would polish his tender purpled cock head with a terry towel. She used such force that he would shoot off yet again in that brief moment when the extreme pleasure overcame the extreme agony. That incredibly intense mix of elevated pain and pleasure was to die for; it was so brilliantly conceived that it overwhelmed his mind with tsunamic waves of bright hedonistic colors and thundering gut-wrenching explosions. Nadine’s polishing never ceased. While the cascades of pleasure grew exponentially, the cascades of pain multiplied much faster; so fast that within minutes he would succumb to the silky blackness of unconsciousness. Jack could still hear their merciless laughter as he cried out for mercy. He loved it so. [Every painful caress is lovingly described in BB Ellioto’s 189,000 word extravaganza, “When MILF’s Attack! - The Compilation” or in one of the books that comprise the Compilation such as, “Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights.” Both available at your favorite e-book store.]

The tables turned when it was one of the girls turn to be masochist for a day. Jack smiled as he relived one of the instances when he and Anita wracked Nadine’s young buff body in a string of blazing multiple orgasms…and the final orgasm that knocked her out cold. He played it out in his mind.

It was a hot hot day under the blazing sun in the first week of August, just over two months ago now. He and Anita had Nadine tied up in the same spread-eagle position that he had been tied but with her trim buns resting on the apex of a foam rubber crescent. Her legs were bound as wide as his had been. She felt helpless. She had said so. They knew that she felt particularly helpless when blindfolded. So they blindfolded her. She swore at them for doing so.

He recalled how he and Anita sat back on their haunches on either side of her, eyeing the particularly beautiful piece of naked, spread out female eye candy so eager for their abuse. They watched her as she calmly breathed under the hot sun, her arched chest filling and emptying, her ribs rippling under her deeply tanned skin, her petite breasts barely jiggling. She was waiting. They let her wait. They glanced into each other’s eyes and smiled. And not too kindly either. This difficult, petulant aggressive bitch was now under their complete control. Her most intimate flesh was exposed to their every cruel whim and fancy and because of the blindfold she could never anticipate what that might be.

Jack and Anita had spoken at length on the phone the night before about how then would go about getting even with her for all of the shit Nadine dumped on them on a regular basis. So they knew exactly how this was going to go down. If Nadine knew that they had schemed against her, she would have never allowed herself to be tied up in the first place. Now it was too late even if she was beginning to suspect.

They got down to it. First they oiled her up with her favorite macadamia nut scented sunning oil. Oh, how she murmured and preened as they stroked every inch of that supple buff body, probed every nook and cranny, fingered every intimate valley and orifice. And she responded. Her breath deepened. Her nipples stiffened as did her remarkable one inch clitoris. Jack watched, responding to her gasps and sighs, his cock stiffening to a full on boner. Then he pulled a bag of goodies out from under the trampoline which he had hidden earlier. Jack and Anita continued to tease. Feathers. Dusters. Pin wheels. The polished tines of a finely honed skin sensitizer. They toyed with her stiff nipples. She gasped in pigout splendor as they pulled and twisted, squeezed and thumbed her tender sentinels. Nadine shuddered and stiffened when Anita grasped her erect clitoris between thumb and forefinger. But she relaxed immediately when Anita simply stroked it like it was a tiny cock.

Jack smiled to himself as recalled the effort they put into working the bitch up. He gave his achy breaky bone a couple strokes and continued down memory lane. For two hours they teased her. Even when her body was at peak arousal they continued to build sexual tension. The two schemers moved to her head. They suckled on her ears, her lips; licked her neck, her collar, her throat. After twenty minutes they revisited those prominent nipples; they each took one. Gently they sucked, licking her areolas; nipping gently, carefully. As they suckled their quixotic fingers found their way back between her legs…and did nothing more than pull and stroke her fattening reddening lips. By this time Nadine was gasping. Her sex was dripping.

Jack smiled to himself, the memory so clear. Still blindfolded, Nadine had no idea what was about to come as he got into positon between her legs. He remembered exchanging a smirky glance with Anita who was in the process of lubing up his stiff prick. Then, with one deep plunge he forced his bone hard cock, all ten inches of it, deep into her palpitating vagina. How she howled! Just like a bitch in heat finally getting serviced by a long boned mutt with a big knob on the end. Nadine was lost in a sexual paradise; a ravenous glutton at a sexual feast. Not Jack or Anita. Hard eyed, they played Nadine’s body like it was a fine Stradivarius. They both watched the bitch closely as he pounded into her; inhumanly fast, mercilessly hard. Nadine squealed in pleasure, the ropes that tied her arms and her legs thrumming as she pulled hard. Her orgasm was rising fast. They knew the signs. They knew when to stop. Seconds from cumming, Jack ripped his prick from her body and fell back.

In an instant Anita was right there where his cock had just been. She held in her hand an ice cube with a hole in its center. She literally, quite literally, screwed the ice cube onto Nadine’s erect clit. Just like a nut onto a screw. In fact when she finished, it hung there. Nadine swore up a blue streak, sounding like a crusty stevedore on a Boston wharf. She screamed again snapping and thrumming the ropes that bound her when, as one, they pressed home crushed ice; he, a handful into each deep recess of her arm pits and Anita, a double handful pressed into the folds of her sex. They accomplished their goal. Within seconds her imminent orgasm was only a memory.

He and Anita played that same game with Nadine six more times. Six more times they brought the foul mouthed bitch to peak arousal. And six more times they iced her down, jerking her back from the brink every time.

Jack chuckled at the memory, unconsciously smearing his sticky pre-cum in circles over the head of his weeping cock with his thumb. Oh, did she swear. Oh did she bitch. The last time was the best. He finally shut her up by grabbing her head in his hands and shoving his cock into her mouth, deep enough so that she gagged…and kept gagging. Anita was on her stomach between her legs, sucking on her cold shriveled clit, digging ice out of her coochie. He spoke soothingly to her, told her that her ordeal was over, that now they would let her cum. She actually believed it. Soon she was sucking his cock in earnest, begging him to shove it back in. Anita had that defiant clitoris stiff and needy again; her thrusting fingers had that pussy hot and throbbing. When Anita moved out from between her legs he tore his cock from her mouth and took her place. Lifting the helpless girl by the hips, her bound legs and arms as stretched as taut piano wires behind her, he thrust his cock into that newly aroused hole. He remembered thrusting like a mad man, going crazy on her, deep and hard, trying to get her to the snapping point in record time. She was almost there, one good stroke away, shaking like a terrorist who just realized he was the next target of an American sniper’s bullet. He pulled out. He dropped her hips back to the top of the foam rubber. Nadine heard him scoop up a handful of ice. “You bastard!” she spit. Her two words were followed by a very satisfying primordial scream as he iced her privates one last time. That scream redoubled as Anita iced down her tits. That morning of abuse…arousal and denial…was glorious.

He and Anita abused her all afternoon, too. But in an entirely different manner. Anita used big wooden 1930’s style clothes pins to clamp all of her most tender flesh, especially those points that counted: her nether lips, her clit and her nipples. At the same time he began to fuck her; hard, fast and remorselessly. Anita was so cruel. So sadistic. Over and over again she clamped Nadine’s flesh in those pins, waiting until they choked off blood circulation and all feeling. Then she removed them allowing painful feeling to rush back with the surge of blood. With the sangfroid of a sadistic Marquise de Sade she would then artistically knead that bruised flesh between thumb and finger until the pain from doing so peaked. Oh did Nadine scream. Deep, satisfying, gut-felt screams. As the pain retreated Anita would clamp those tender bits all over again.

Again the two schemers carefully monitored Nadine’s reactions to the two diametrically opposed sensations. They could see, almost feel how the terrific pain inflicted on tender sexual flesh conflicted mightily with the ten inch cock that rampaged in her cunny. Jack remembered the effort it took to pound his cock into that tight pussy. The exquisite sensations of writhing clutching cuntal walls would intensify whenever Anita kneaded bruised flesh. Oh, did Nadine swear up a storm. Yet they could both tell. Nadine was once again, quite reluctantly, responding sexually to the hot fat cock that ceaselessly pounded into her.

Jack shook his head in memory at what came next. It had taken a bit of doing to make Nadine cum that first time. Anita was maliciously kneading the part of her purpled nipples that protruded out of a pair of strategically placed clamps while he rocked out her cunt with ten inch thrusts of steel hard prick. Nadine’s face was as purple as her abused blood starved nipples. Suddenly she arched, lifting her hips off the crescent. Her mouth was wide open in a soundless cry. As Anita bore down hard on those tender nips Nadine suddenly climaxed. Her sudden roar was primeval coming from the primitive brain stem, not the cerebral cortex. It was the roar of an animal, an animal whose climax was absolute. Even as those Kugel strengthened pussy walls clamped around his shaft, shuddering in ecstasy as she came, he never missed a beat. In fact, he manhandled her sweat slicked elevated hips, slid his knees to either side of her ass and used his entire torso to throw his unrelenting cock into her faster and harder. That was just past two that afternoon.

He did not stop. In fact, he was just beginning. The girls had to leave at four and he had every intention of pounding that bad girl to successive orgasms for the next two hours straight. Once she had the first, it was as if she could not stop. For the next hour plus she came every five to seven minutes, his cock pounding them out of her one after another. He loved the way her cunt, no longer cold from the successive icings, clutched at him. At the ninety minute mark, she had cum fourteen times. To his utter enjoyment he had cum twice and despite his sensitivity never stopped thrusting, never letting up.

It was at that point that Anita, for the third time in those ninety minutes, released the clothes pin that had been snugly clamped to Nadine’s clitoris for the last ten. As the blood rushed back into that abused little finger Nadine, with the bloodthirsty cry of victory, violently convulsed in an uncontrolled paroxysm from climax number fifteen. Anita, with a nasty knowing grin, snaked her hand between the legs of that quaking orgasm-befuddled girl and grabbed hold of that painfully erect and oh so tender nubbin. She crushed it between her fingers. Jack could still feel how hard Nadine’s pussy grabbed on to his very sensitive, deeply buried cock. His thrust screeched to a halt as Nadine screamed out the accumulated angst of three generations of sex-starved Massachusetts teenage girls. She spontaneously came again. Shaking as if with seizure the feathery clutches of her pulsating pussy morphed into the wringing hands of the Boston Strangler. Jack found that wringing grip so compelling that within five strokes, five savage beats into her ravaged cunt, he nutted hard a third time. Dizzy from over two hours of nonstop fucking and three righteous orgasms he pulled out. Gasping for air, he dropped heavily to his elbows beside her. He watched blearily as Nadine suddenly went limp. She passed out, a small smile crossing her lips. Out like a light. [Nadine loved the abuse…and loves dishing it out. Other abusive and just as titillating BDSM episodes can be found in BB Ellioto’s 110,000 word 4 book compilation, “A Boy and His Boner - The Compilation” or the incomparably depraved 106,000 word epic, “Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts.”]

Jack had closed his eyes for a moment, breathing deeply, unwinding. With his prick ratchetting up in sensitivity, he was relieved that his marathon fuckathon for the day was over. Except he hadn’t taken into consideration Anita. She thought otherwise. She had not yet had any. Not really caring how exhausted he was or for that matter how sensitive, she crawled over to him, pushed his shoulders to the tramp and without fanfare mounted his ticklish steaming boner. She stayed on top and fucked him with that tight pussy of hers until it was time to go. Jack didn’t even try to complain though he did grimace a lot. He knew that the girls had no sympathy for a boy whose cock was too sensitive to fuck. So he toughed it out until it was good again. Anita came twice. Knowing this was it until they began again the following morning Jack made no effort to hold back and managed to pop one more time. Jack sagely shook his head in remembrance. What he would give to do all that again right now. His cock had so much fun. What a day. What an experience. [Jack, Nadine and Anita use each other for rough sex and draw in everyone around them. Read how they take over an adult book store for an afternoon (along with Cleopatra, Bert and Ajay) in the novel, “Urban Legend - A Most Perverted Tale.” The girls become increasingly aggressive as they swill Bollinger’s; striping the store clerk, tying him face up to a sex horse and take turns riding him…well past the point he found pleasurable. At the same time Ajay is blindfolded and strapped to a St. Andrews Cross, fitted with a mechanical sucking devise and an Electro Stim butt plug and is forced to cum repeatedly. And more more more.]

Both Jack and Anita had assumed that Nadine was going to be downright pissed off from the thick layer of extreme abuse they layered with a trowel on her unprotected spread-eagled body. They could not have been more wrong. While exhausted as shit, she actually thanked them for the brilliant, over-the-top experience. She loved all of it: the ice, the pins and especially the endless supply of cock that pounded sixteen incredible orgasms out of her. She stated, with complete sincerity, until that afternoon she had never felt so satisfied, so fulfilled and especially so sated.

Chapter Two

Hooking Up

Jack, done with reminiscing, sat in front of his desk and sighed. He looked ruefully down at his begging cock. After reliving that day it was harder than ever, even more desperate. It looked and felt so neglected, underutilized, smeared with pre-cum and sticking up woefully out of his jeans.

The sex soaked summers were great. Monumental even. But that was then. The ugly reality was that this is now. He looked down at his steel rod of a cock. How it throbbed, how it pleaded with him for relief. Something. Anything. He watched another fat tear of pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit. He was so tired of masturbating. Sure it took off the edge. But it was so mundane. Unfulfilling. So much a lot of nothing. He asked himself that age old question that teenage boys always asked themselves when faced with the same dilemma. What could he do about it that did not involve his fist?

The girls were not… Hey! What about…no…well…maybe? Could it be a solution to his dilemma? It was at the end of August. He had visited the Harvard based Gamma Spud Gamma sorority with Anita and Nadine for an open house. He had met some very beautiful, very buff and very willing Sisters. One of them…what was her name? Destiny? Prudence? Charity? Wasn’t she a Varsity wrestler? Well anyway she liked him a lot. In fact she had written her phone number on the back of his hand. He remembered what she said. She said that if he needed a good fuck he could call her at any time day or night. She would be ready and willing. She would be his fuck toy and do anything he wanted. She would not let his ten incher rest until he had enough. No matter what it took. She said to call her. It would be that easy. Call her and she would come to his house. She said it would be as easy as ordering a pizza. [The entirely salacious multi-chapter episode can be found in BB Ellioto’s 106,000 word novel, “Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts” available at your favorite on-line book store.]

Jack remembered that once he got home he had transcribed her number to…what? He sat up, scratching his head. Where did he…what was her name? He remembered standing over his desk, naked, ready to shower. He wanted to write the number down on something before he washed it off. He wrote the number on… He thumbed through the scraps of mismatched paper that littered his desk. He could not remember. This is stupid, he thought, frustrated at himself. I need a little black book for such things.

There. Was that...he snagged a water stained scrap of paper partially hidden under the base of the desk lamp. The name Chastity leapt out at him. And it included a phone number. Was that her? He could not be sure. Shit! He had met so many girls that day. Why couldn’t he just bike over…Jack glanced at the clock. It was now twenty after eleven. No. Too late for that. He took a deep breath. Could relief be just a phone call away? Was it worth a try? The throbbing pleading shaft between his legs, weeping fat sticky crocodile tears, said that it would be. It wasn’t often that he listened to his little head but this sure seemed to be the right time to do so.

Jack, his heart quickening, picked up his I-Phone. He dialed the number. It rang…four, five, six…he was sure it would go to voicemail. Should he leave a message?

Hello?” a husky sexy voice spoke in his ear.

Shit! Jack could tell. She had been sleeping.

“I…I’m sorry,” Jack apologized, suddenly feeling very lame. “Did I wake you? Is this Chastity? Maybe I should call back when…”

Who is this?” the girl interrupted.

“J…Jack…” Jack stuttered.

I don’t know a ‘Jack’”, she accused, suspicion rising in her voice as her head cleared.

“Are you a Sister in the Gamma Spud Gamma sorority? Are you Chastity?” Jack blurted out. He went for broke. “We met in the sorority’s Male Hospitality Room last August. I think. You gave me your number? You wrote it on the back of my hand? Is that you?”

I don’t…What? Wait.” Wrote her phone number on his hand? Fast to awake, the last vestiges of sleep slipped from her mind. She only gave her number to one of the many visitors to the sorority that day. And that was to an incredibly buff and well hung high school boy who had paraded around the Hospitality Room for over an hour with an erection that would not quit. There were sixteen girls in that room. He stuck his cock in half of them.

You aren’t that blonde high school kid, are you?” she asked, hesitantly. She remembered him well. When she felt him up along with half the other girls in the room she got goosebumps running her fingers through all the tiny blonde hairs on his arms and legs. In fact for a couple weeks after, she had fantasized about him. Imagined all the dirty things she would do to him if he ever called.

“Yeah! Well, I guess.” Jack countered. “I’m blonde. I’m a Junior in high school. But…are you Chastity?”

Yes!” Chastity exclaimed, the realization that this super cute boy had finally called her hitting home. She so loved younger boys. “I am! Chastity! That’s me!”

“Wow! Cool!” Jack said. He got it right the first time. He was at a loss as to what to say.

“It…it’s been a while,” he said lamely.

Yeah! Hasn’t it though,” Chastity replied. “It’s like over six weeks.” Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about him. And why he called.

How is school?” she asked, being coy.

“School’s good,” Jack responded. “Just wrapped up six hours of study. I’m beat.”

Beat?” Chastity repeated, disappointed. Damn! Then why…

Jack read the disappointment in her voice. “No! I mean just beat from studying!”

Oh, OK. Well, I just had a nice long nap,” Chastity purred. “I’m up for anything,” suggestion heavy in her voice.

“Oh yeah?” Jack exclaimed, sounding suddenly hopeful. “I meant I’m just beat from too much studying. That’s all. Otherwise I’m…”

“…up for anything, too?” Chastity interrupted. OHMYGOD!!!

“Yeah! I’m…up for…anything,” Jack repeated, adrenaline flooding into his blood stream. “Umm…ahh…umm…Would you like to…”

“…hook up?” Chastity finished breathlessly. She could not believe this was happening. She had the horn something terrible and the last thing she wanted to do was stick a dildo up her cunt tonight. Teens had so much energy and enthusiasm. And stayed so hard. And this teen… PLEASE, OH PRETTY PLEASE, SAY “YES!!!”

“Yeah! Let’s hook up,” Jack said, suddenly feeling in charge. “And why wait. Let’s hook up tonight. That is, if you want to. Would you be able to…”

“…deliver myself to you? Chastity interrupted again. Would she ever! Then she remembered one of the things she told him six weeks ago.

I’ll be at your doorstep in twenty minutes, just like if you ordered up a pizza,” she eagerly blurted. She was so shameless. “What is your address. And do you want it with pepperoni.”

Jack laughed; relief in his voice. It was a done deal. He could hardly believe it! His red hot tungsten boner thrummed with unadulterated pleasure between his legs. His demeanor took on youthful swagger: “You can hold the pepperoni. I’ve had a ten inch pepperoni sticking out of my jeans for the last two hours. I would be more than happy to share it with you.”

It was Chastity’s turn to laugh. Ten inches! Than this was the right boy! Oh was she going to enjoy getting stuffed tonight. She took Jack’s address. She would Uber it there. He would meet her at the curb.


Jack shivered in the darkness at the foot of the long drive, bouncing from foot to foot. The street was quiet as it usually was this time of the night. The wind was Boston blustery. He had thrown on a hoodie but it was not enough to hold back the chill. Certainly not cold enough to wilt his perma-boner even as the wind sneaked in under the hem. The cold air brought with it some relief as it swirled like a dervish around the head of his overheated prick, four inches of which stuck out the top of his low risers. Chastity should arrive any minute now.

Ah! There she was. Jack recognized the shape of a Chrysler 300 as it was briefly illuminated under the light pole at the end of the street. His excitement rose as the vehicle drew near. It slowed. He stepped out of the shadows. He only had the vaguest recollection of what Chastity looked like. There were sixteen girls in that room. All he and his little head remembered were their succulent pussies. Was she the one that tasted like butterscotch? Or the one he had by the ears that tried to suck a load out of him. He didn’t care. She was here. And she wanted to fuck.

The car pulled to a stop in front of him. He watched through the side window as she spoke briefly to the driver. Suddenly the door opened and she stepped out. And into his arms. As the Chrysler pulled away he pulled the extremely attractive coed close. Her arms reflexively wrapped around his back. She was no more than five-nine, slim, taut, athletic, small boobed, strong shouldered. Her bobbed brown/blonde hair, blowing in the cold wind brushed her eyebrows, cut short for sports. Her eyes were large, green and expressive, lightly highlighted to emphasize their seductive beauty. Her nose was Nordic in shape, a slim straight svelte masterpiece. Her lips. Oh, what lips. Lustrously painted a deep shade of red, they were full, expressive, and presently formed into a sexy mocking downturned smile. Tiny ears, the smallest hint of concave cheeks, a finely sculpted almost pointed chin…all made for one of the sexiest faces he had ever set eyes upon.

They looked into each other’s eyes as if seeing one another for the very first time. Which was pretty close to the truth. He liked what he saw in them. So did his cock. But in its present desperate state, it would probably like a balding one-eyed leper. If he was any judge of first impressions, she liked what she saw as well. No words were spoken as he brushed his lips against hers. They opened. Before he could invade her space with his tongue, she invaded his. Oh. My. God. They stood there at the curb and kissed deeply, their tongues dancing like lovers too long separated.

Chastity was overcome with lust. She did not remember this boy as being as handsome as he was. Or as young. His blonde shock of fine hair was cut medium-long and sexy-shaggy. The wind whisked it across his blonde eyebrows, in and out of blue flashing eyes. Bedroom eyes clouded with arousal over high cheekbones that framed a generous but tapered nose. The male version of her own. All set in a clear-skinned, slightly tanned face narrow but not too long. His lips were full and his easy sexy smile…it broke her heart. She had to slide her tongue between those lips.

Oh God! He was hot to trot. His tongue in her mouth had the urgency of a rutting Olympus God. Her arms round his body felt nothing but muscle and sinew. Pulling him closer, Chastity pressed her breasts into his chest and molded her body into his. He groaned into her mouth, lost in sensation. She groaned, right behind him. Her hands found their way under his hoodie, under his cropped tee, lifting them slightly as her fingers began to explore. As the hoodie lifted his woody leaned out. Instantly Chastity felt that hot fleshy rod sliding under the front of her cropped tee, wetly nosing her tight belly. She gasped into Jack’s mouth at the implication how long that thing had to be to do that while her hands ceaselessly explored. The finely hewn muscles of Jack’s back and shoulders suggested lacrosse. His well-developed latissimus dorsi suggested competitive rowing. As she felt his large hand cup, then squeeze one of her tight compact buns through her jeans, the paths of her own hands diverged. While her left hand plunged into the back of his jeans to cup a bun of her own, her right hand took the measure of a pectoral that she could only describe as sculpted. Chastity smiled at Jack’s gasp when she pinched his tiny erect nipple. She pulled her hand out of the seat of his jeans…a major loss if there ever was one…and brought it up to pinch the other. She toyed with his nips briefly before running her tickling fingers slowly slowly down the front of his muscular torso. Still swapping spit, she had to smile again when his stomach concaved as she tickled through the hairless valleys of his six pack. With stomach muscles knotted from her light touch, Jack gasped yet again as her nails traced the outside contour of finest pair of Adonis Belts she ever felt to the hem of his jeans. Chastity’s restless nails stopped to lightly tickle. Jack spontaneously bucked, a sexy desperate groan rumbling deep in his chest, the head of his burbling prick sliding in its own lube up through her cut abs to butt against the bottom of her bread basket. In a moment those wickedly ticklish nails, inches from their goal, marched across the top of those taut Belts to close in on the shaft the spongy head of which was digging into her abs. Her left hand closed around the hot shaft just under the head. Her thumb, with the lightest touch imaginable, ran slowly up and down in the nerve rich groove just below the head. Her right hand slid up and over his fat crown, settling the sticky knob of his achy breaky bone into the itchy scratchy palm of her hand.

Jack pulled his head back suddenly, breaking the molten kiss, eyes rolling in pigout pleasure as his little head was finally getting the attention it had been crying for all evening. Ten inquisitive fingers scrambled around his crown, memorizing the contours. A knowledgeable thumb was running lightly through his frenulum, making him shudder with each pass. This was what he wanted. This was what he needed. The only problem was: they were still standing in the street.

What the fuck. Who cares. If Chastity wanted to play here in the cold and the dark he could do the same. Jack gathered himself together as much as he could. He had a feeling where those sweet hands were headed and he was proved right. It wasn’t easy to hide a big bad dick when it was long, swollen and out of control. He was blown away by this girl’s sexuality. She was so appealingly aggressive. He could live on her kisses alone.

In the cold semi-darkness they stared into each other’s eyes, measuring the intensity of each other’s arousal. As she aggressively felt him up, Jack, not to be outdone, plunged a hand down the back of her jeans and pulled her hard against him. His other hand shot up underneath her cropped tee. She was as panty-less as he was skivvy-less. And as he found out, braless. His right hand raked over a pair of very firm buns, squeezing and massaging firm muscle. His left hand cupped an oversized handful of firm breast, fingering the nipple until it glowed. Her skin was as smooth as silk. His right hand, with a mind of its own, slid to the crack of her ass and slipped inside. As her fingers skied ‘round and ‘round the surface of his cock crown in the thick burbling dick snot, his fingers circled her tiny brown eye with all the tenacity of a band of Indians stampeding around a circled wagon train.

Gasping simultaneously at the sudden mutual intimacy, twenty fingers tingling in ecstasy, they grinned at each other’s rude behavior. Fingers busy, they searched each other’s eyes. All either could see was the desperation of barely contained lust.

“Hi,” Jack breathed, not quite believing that things were moving so fast.

“Hi,” Chastity returned, not quite believing that she would shortly be sharing a bed with this handsome big cocked teenage Lothario.

“It’s cold out here,” Jack said simply. He smiled impishly as his right hand cupped her camel toe while his middle finger shallowly explored the slick entrance to her vag.

“Yeah,” Chastity agreed. Oh that smile…his lips were too much. She pressed her lips to his and they kissed passionately for another minute. A strong burst of wind chilled them both. Then another. And another. She released his cock head. He pulled his hand from her jeans. They both regretted the loss.

“Let’s go inside,” Jack suggested.

“Good idea,” Chastity replied.

“This way,” Jack said, taking her hand. They walked quickly up the long drive, the family mansion hidden by darkness and the mature landscaping. Coming around the bend, Chastity was taken aback by the vast bulk of the vintage house bathed in moonlight.

“This is your home?” she asked incredulously.

“Not so loud,” Jack cautioned quietly. “Wait ‘til we get to the side of this wing.” He was glad she was wearing soundless runners, just like him.

Chapter Three

Lust…and the Dicky-Back Ride

He was right to be cautious. It was just before midnight. While his parents had gone to bed at eleven, their usual time, they could still be awake. Their bedroom was in the main part of the house in the original four story construction built by Jack’s great, great, great grandfather in 1895. It overlooked the drive. While it would have been much more impressive to enter the place via the massive front door, into the grand foyer, and up the grand staircase, Jack knew better. He would play it safe. They would enter through the side door of the west wing and up to the second floor, the location of his bedroom and 10 empty guest suites. After all, Chastity did not coming here for the grand tour. She came here to fuck.

“This is the family seat,” Jack informed as they made their way to the entrance on the end of the wing. He opened the door and stepped aside, allowing Chastity to enter first. He followed on her heels, closing the door firmly. “My great great great grandfather built the original structure in 1895.”

“Fabulous,” Chastity purred, not really caring. She pushed Jack hard against the wall. It was deliciously warm in that small alcove. A radiant heat device bolted to the ceiling kept it that way. Under the feeble light of a forty watt fixture she jerked up the front of his hoodie and tee. Hands once again all over his chest, she kissed him hard as she fondled his nipples. She got a brief but revealing eyeful of male eye candy before the hoodie dropped down over her forearms.

“Take it off,” she demanded, pulling her tongue from deep within his mouth. Unwilling to relinquish even one moment when her lips were not meshed with his, she pressed her lips back against them. She wondered how good he would be working those lips and tongue over her pussy.

“Huh?” Jack grunted, his hands on each side of her bare waist. No midriff bulge, only sleek slim muscle.

“Arms up,” Chastity ordered, her ticklish fingers making a beeline for his pits. She grasped the insides of his biceps and none too gently pushed the arms of the bewildered boy overhead. Pressing her elbows outward, the tee and hoodie had nowhere to go but up. As she slid her hands up his arms the tee and hoodie went up as well. Impatient, she grabbed the hem and tore them off the top of his head. Carelessly throwing them to the floor, she stepped back and got her first look at what she had to work with.

“Nice,” she complemented as her eyes raked up and down his naked torso. Teenage slim. A muscular slim. Every muscle group a testament to organized sports. His dick sprouted from the top of his jeans, a glistening exclamation point to that buff body. Even though the season was well advanced into Fall, he still sported something of a tan. Jack took a tentative step forward but she pushed him back against the wall, molding her body into his. As her lips mashed against his, her hands found the top button of his jeans. She popped it. He heard the rasp of the zipper and his erection sprung out into her waiting hands. She wondered what kind of stamina he had.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jack laughed, tearing his lips from hers. “Let’s get this show upstairs!” Damn but she wanted him bad. Almost as bad as he wanted her. He pushed her away from him and turned toward the stairs.

“I couldn’t wait,” Chastity shot back, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She watched as he turned toward the staircase. Her mouth sprung open. OHMYGOD look at that ass.

“Come on!” Jack cried, pausing briefly on the fifth stair. Getting her to his bedroom was turning out to be harder than he thought. For reasons very different then what he imagined they might be. Regardless, Chastity followed on his heels. At once he felt her fingers on his lower back. He was not at all prepared when she jerked his jeans down to his knees making any further progress impossible.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Chastity muttered to herself, her right hand skimming over the smooth surface of his compact globes, then dropping to play in the golden hairs that sprouted from the back of his legs. She remembered those hairs. Her left hand had a different idea by darting around his hip and grasping that upright shaft at the base. “Damn!” she muttered. Her fingers could not even encircle half of it.

Jack stood there for a moment, allowing the hot to trot female complete access. While one of her hot little hands explored the crack of his ass, the other began to stroke his boner from one end to the other. He understood. This was not the first time someone from the opposite sex was so aggressive, all over him.

He lost his virginity to Anita and Nadine. Not this last summer but the summer before that. That first week they were together he had not yet set up fake summer school at Brookline High and all three of them were still fairly tentative about the sex. They were together that week only on Monday and Tuesday. It was Monday that he met Anita on the street while jogging and Tuesday when she and her BFF Nadine ripped the stigma of virginity from him. Real summer school began the following week on Monday and ran every day until Thursday and they had to conform to that. The girls were to show up bright and early at his door at 8AM Monday. They did. They were the book definition of horny and wanted his bone. Bad. So they quite literally attacked him. They dragged him out to his back yard trampoline, stripped him naked, threw him to the top of it and fucked him non-stop until four that afternoon. They did not even break for lunch. They took turns. When one would cum the other would demand her turn. When he came they ignored it…except for sucking the gunk out of him and out of each other. They could not have cared less that he was becoming more and more sensitive. Their attitude was that boys were good for nothing more than fucking and any discomfort on their part was irrelevant, not their problem. Especially boys like him, one year younger, born to be scorned, his ten inch cock his only saving grace. Those first two weeks were intense. Day after day they rode him or demanded that he fuck them but good. They were not gentle about it. Horny teen girls do not care about finesse. For the first six weeks they were unable to get the fat base of his tapered cock into their petite little holes. Fighting exhaustion during the long hot afternoons, they made him pound into those tight slick slots. Eventually the constant hammering had those narrow teenage pussies reluctantly dilating wider and wider. He slowly but surely got more of his wine bottle thick base in there every time as they snapped off orgasm after orgasm. By the end of July they could take all of him. Good thing he was young and athletic. Good thing he had the stamina and the desire. After a while the fucking, while still intense, fell into a comfortable rhythm. But man, for the first month they used him so indifferently that he felt like every day he was being raped. He eventually gained their respect. Never once couldn’t he get it up. Never once did he fail to satisfy. Every teen boy should lose his virginity in such an intense way. Only in America, Puritan ethic notwithstanding, was this possible. [Join Jack and Ajay as they are artfully used and painfully abused by an off-her-meds sadist in BB Ellioto’s 100,000 word BDSM extravaganza, “Queen Elizabeth Goes Bughouse on Beacon Hill.” Available at your favorite e-book seller.]

Jack figured that Chastity was just like them. Hot to trot. Overeager. Her empty cunt was probably just as eager to get stuffed as his cock was eager to do the stuffing. If only he could get her to his bedroom… He hatched a simple plan.

Chastity was in a fairybook land of lust. As she crouched at his rear with tongue outstretched she rubbed her face into the golden hairs on the insides of his legs. She breathed deeply. His heady scent wafted into her sinuses as he kicked off his runners and his jeans. She heard him laugh as she impetuously nipped his left cheek.

Suddenly the naked boy turned around and Chastity was eyeball to boner. Ohhhh goodie…it would be a tight fit. It was the first time she got an eyeful of his balls; those plump hairless jewels hung low in their sack. She was a sucker for low hangers. Chastity was just beginning to reach for them when she felt him lean over her back and grab the hem of her jacket and tee. Mesmerized by the sturdy shaft that seemed to mock her, she unconsciously lifted her arms as he whipped the clothing off her body. It landed at the base of the stairs on top of his. Tentatively, she reached for his balls again.

Jack thrust his hands into her arm pits and lifted her to her feet. Then with his hands flat against her shoulders, pushed her into the wall. It was his first opportunity to look over his bitch-in-heat soon-to-be fuck partner. Just as he thought: strong, built shoulders, just as he liked them. Actual muscle and sinew lined her strong arms. Her abs were sleek and…she must have been watching his eyes…she crunched them into hard sexy knots. You don’t see that every day on a girl. Nice! Breasts high on her slinky chest. Decorated with desire swollen nipples and pink blotches of arousal. And, surprisingly, bruises. Lots of bruises. She was breathing harshly, watching him look her over. That downturned mocking smile returned to her lips. God, she was sexy.

“Like what you see?” she smirked, knowing full well he did.

“Do I!” Jack grinned, that smile going right to her pussy. She reached out to hug his naked body to her naked chest. Her nips were so hard and throbbed with such longing she was sure she could pierce his skin with them. Well, he had other ideas.

“Let’s see what we got here,” he said, sounding officious, treating her like an object. Before her hands got halfway the dirty boy spun her around and with a hand in the middle of her chest, pulled her against him. She squealed; the delicious sensation of his solid boner settling in her denim covered ass was only trumped by his long fingers roughly digging into her boobs. Did that feel good!

“Nice tits,” Jack pronounced. “Firm. Suckable.” Seconds later those same fingers squeezed those swollen nipples hard. She snorted as flashes of heat lightning telegraphed from her nips to her burgeoning clit.

“Love your nipples,” he added, his tongue running into her ear. “Do they like to play rough?”

“They like it any way they can…Uuuunngh!” Chastity croaked, bending at the waist when both of his big hands plunged into the front of her low risers.

“Yyyuuuunnnng,“ she snorted as those busy fingers played an impromptu piano concerto with her naughty bits. “Fuck! Shit! FUCK!!” Chastity gasped as three wiggling fingers invaded her dripping hole and three more teased her clitoris out from under to see if it wanted to play tackle or tag.

“Hmmmmm,” Jack smirked as he nipped her dainty lobe. He knew how to drive her insane just as she with him. “Anything down there I missed?” he asked salaciously.

“Oh you…” she complained weakly, making an unenthusiastic attempt to pull his hands out of her pants.

“Looks like you’re ready to me,” Jack observed dryly as the lean athlete squirmed against him. Before she could react Jack pulled his hands out of her jeans, popped the button on the front and with a thumb at each hip, pulled them down to her ankles. In one fluid movement he rose back up stopping only to kiss a bruise on her firm left glute. Still rising, he grasped her by the waist and effortlessly lifted her off her feet.

“What are…” she began, unsure as to where this was heading. Forcing his upright rod of tungsten in the gap between her thighs and sliding it out the front, Jack settled her worked up camel toe and all of the squishy naughty bits it contained onto the wine bottle thick fork his cock made with his body. Setting her down, Chastity gasped, her feet well off the riser.

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