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Doctor Adventures


Written by Shonali Saxena

© 2018 Shonali Saxena

All rights reserved.

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So this is a story about me and my doctor Sneha.

Sneha was the most recommended dermatologist in my city.

She was soft spoken, well-mannered and loved by the society for her happy nature. People often visited her with their problems. She was beautiful and talented. Some guys I know used to visit her just so that her hand touches their body. Her hands were very delicate and soft. She never insulted anybody regardless of their intention and always maintained her calm composure.

I used to visit her for skin treatment due to a rash on my hand. The first few interactions were normal as they should be but later on things started to take different turn.

I sensed that the doctor is in desperate need of sex. When I sat on the checkup table she used to separate my thighs apart and stand in the middle of them. She many a times pulled me closer in that position such that my penis touched her stomach. My mouth sometimes stroked against her breast because she stood too close. But even after that she did not move and kept feeling my lips on her breasts.

Sometimes she used to tell me lie flat on the table with my shirt removed and used to stare at my abs as if she wanted to suck on them. She placed her left hand on the scar and acted as if she was checking it while the right hand was kept on either my penis or my upper thigh. She used to act as if she is concentrated on the rash rather than caressing my thighs and testicles through the jeans.

She was married to another doctor but she did not look happy at all. In fact she was always over interested in me. We used to meet at social gatherings and she forced me to come to many of them. Her intention was different and I had started to like it.

Sneha was a petite woman. Her breasts were warm, soft and perky. But I loved the size of them. They were cute, round and tender. Her hair was black and silky. Her eyes were small but cute. Her lips were soft pink and smooth. Her neck long and elegant. Sometimes when she checked me I used to lean on her and smell her entire neck and her hair. The scent she used went straight up to my head.

She had a proper thigh gap and it was one of her features. That thigh gap was going to kill me one day if I was not able to have her. Her thighs were toned as she used to gym and run at marathons. I remember once I saw her running in marathon with those bulging thighs and her breasts dancing left and right. Her breasts even though small made sure to everybody that day that they are present, wild and can bounce like hell. She wore shorts that day and her thighs were completely visible.

I didn’t say anything to her that day but I wanted to lick her entire thigh off along with the sweat. Lick her from the thigh gap and reach straight to her pussy. She was so think I was sure her vagina is going to be tight regardless of how many times her husband had her. I wondered even if he had because he was always busy and she used to tell me about it. She was recently married and not having the sex. This was a clean signal to me.

When I used to visit her clinic once a week she and I used to play games of touching. Both pretended as if it’s just for fun but we knew what was going on. A sex arrow was shot and eventually it was going to take both of us down.

Sometimes I use to lie to her that my leg hurt so that she will bend down and check my leg. I used to sit on the table. It gave me the complete view of her breasts. Her breasts were not huge enough to stay hidden under the dress. Many a times when she bent her dress used to come forward and her round petite small breasts received my entire view. Her nipple I saw many times was erected because of me. I wanted to suck the milk out of them. She was older than me by at least six years and also would have fulfilled my breastfeeding fantasy.

I did not know whether she lactated or not but I wanted to lie on her lap and drink milk from her boobies while she moves her hand from my hair. I wanted to do this on the operation table. I wanted her to breastfeed me and move her hand over my penis as if I was a helpless peasant in front of me and she was giving me the energy through her nipples.

Her soft, tender and pink nipples always had my attention. I also used to imagine about how her pubes must be. I never had a sight of them even with her thigh gap. I sometimes used to feel that I should touch her pussy from that thigh gap it was so appealing. I mean what’s the worst that would have happened? She was into me either way.

So keeping all these things in my mind I again went today for my appointment. There was a patient inside with her and I was the last patient. A guy did come after me but the receptionist told him that mam is leaving soon and you will have to come today. That hinted to me that she has kept the entire time just for me. Her receptionist was not a less pervert person. What the doctor left she used to eat up. Whenever I went to the counter she always used to stare me up and down, up and down. Many a times I caught her staring directly at my penis while sitting in the waiting room. She used put her hand on the desk as a cover and stare directly at my penis.

Whenever I used to approach the counter she purposefully bent down more to show her boob cleavage. She used to stare at me while I looked at her boobs. She wore a low neck dress many times just so she could bend forward and display her breast line. I never paid much attention towards her Sneha was much more attractive and unflowered in different terms.

After waiting for few minutes the door finally opened and a young bouncy boobed girl came out. It was another regular patient of hers. She was a college girl around 20 year old. I loved to stare at her bossoms. She wore tight t-shirt on her fat body to entice men. I did not pay attention towards her as well. Today I had planned a few things for Sneha and wanted to try it on her only.

I had made up my mind that today before leaving I will either touch her upper thigh or accidentally bruise against her soft breasts and laugh it up with her. God knows she wanted it too.


Instead of me going to her she came out that day. She told the receptionist to go home for the day. After the receptionist was gone she locked the door and closed the reception area and turned the lights off. She then told me to follow her. We went inside the cabin and she locked this door as well.

"Oh my purse" she said. It was already on the floor and she acted as if it had fallen down. She bent directly in front of me to pick it up. While picking she purposefully dropped more items from the purse so she could keep bending down in front of me. She was wearing a short thin white dress that day. It was a one piece. She bent down so much that her white panties started to show. Her pussy shape was clearly visible from that. She was waving her ass in front of me as if she wanted me to pounce on it.

I was standing just a few inches behind her. There was nobody around and I decided to take advantage of the situation. I bumped my penis against her ass and kept it there. Her ass was touching my penis and I did not move at all. She picked up all the items one by one very slowly and kept pushing her ass on my dick. I loved that feeling. I felt up her entire ass.

"Oopsie" she said after picking up all the items. Her dress had gone up to her upper thighs and her panties were visible from the front as well.

I got up on the table and removed my shirt and told her I have a new rash on the stomach. There was no rash. She checked and told the same. I said it must have gone and it was right there around the nipple. I took her hand and moved it around my nipple. She giggled and looked away. I forced her hand again and this time directly touched my nipple with her hand.

"Oh a rash was here? around the nippular area?" she asked and I nodded. "Umm Let me check" she said in a sexy voice. She told me to lie down on the table and then came to me. She started moving hand around both of my nipples and pinching them. She also bit her lips and was saying "is it here?" and I kept saying nope. She then caressed me stomach and nipples with her hands and rolled her tongue on the lips. I knew it was going to down now.

She directly jumped up on me, her thighs were around my face. Her white panties could be seen clearly now as they were extremely close. She lifted her dress entirely and stripped it off. She forced my head into her pussy and asked me again "is it here?" and I nodded.

She then lied on top of me and the kissing session started. Man she was wild! It looked like she had not been taken for an year or so. She was kissing wildly and unhooked my jean button at the same time. While giving the smooch of the decade she slipped her hand directly inside my pant and grabbed my dick and started stroking it.

We kissed ravishingly for the first five minutes and then she started with the tongue. She penetrated my mouth with her long and gentle tongue. I showed the same respect with mine. The tongues crossed and played their dance with each other. Our eyes were open and locked onto each other. She was burning with passion and desire for sex.

After the tongue was over she completely ripped my clothes off and started sucking penis. It was long enough for her. She first licked the tip of my penis and kept at it to entice me. She slapped the penis once and gave me an evil smile. She grabbed the balls until I screamed and then let them go. She was in a wild mood today.

She now bent down on the table and took the entire dick in mouth in a single go. I was surprised at this skill of hers! She then tongued my penis while inside the mouth and then removed it. Man this girl really had some skills. If those won’t be used frequently anyone would be sad. She now sucked half my dick, her lips and tongue were stuck to my dick as if it was going to run away somewhere. She kept rolling her tongue on it. She took it out and again licked the tip multiple times.

She then skid down a little and took my testicles in her mouth. It was a big table enough for both of us. Her tongue grabbed my testicle and she chugged hard on my left nut. After a while she did the same to the right one. She kept my dick away with her hand kept sucking my right testicle for a while. What an awesome moment it was! My very own favorite Sneha sucking on my testicles and penis!

Later she stripped her bra and panties off by getting off the table and took me to the couch. Her breasts were a heavenly sight. Her pussy was the best. She had a pubic forest down there just as I liked it. I sat on the sofa and she sat on top of me. She inserted my dick in her small pussy lips and screamed as it went inside her. Her pussy was very tight as if she had not been taken for a while. Her pussy lips were warm and soft pink. They opened slowly and allowed the penis to be inserted inside her wet and warm vagina.

"Aahhh...Ahh hold me" she screamed while the penis was going in. It was huge for her size. It was causing her immense pain and pleasure at the same time. "Umhhhhh" she finally moaned as it went inside her to the full extent. She now opened her eyes as the pain had stopped. She now looked me in the eyes and the kissing session started again with my dick inside the doctor.

She was moving her body up-down and sideways to ride my dick in multiple directions. Our lips kissed and broke off m ultiple times. She bit my lips and the threw her head backwards. She grabbed my head and made me suck on her nipples. Her soft and pink nipples were staring at me. She banged my head on them. I started sucking the right nipple first. It was milky breast and I could taste the sweet and warm milk. She was lactating for me. I kept sucking as if I was a small boy and she my mommy. I sucked and let her have all my control.

She moved her hand through my hair as I fed on her right nipple. After a while I switched to the left one and sucked it entirely. I kept fondling her right breast with that. She was moaning in pleasure and the dick ride. The dick was big for her pussy and it was causing her immense pleasure.

I finally got up and kept her on the dick and took her to the wall. She got down from my dick and then I banged her against the wall and got on the knees. I separated her legs and kept them apart. I licked her pubes once and then went direct for her vagina. Her pussy lips were warm and moist. I sucked them and she was screaming against the wall. I did not stop. Her pussy tasted as if it was a warm drink for me and a sweet one at that. She tried to take my head away but I locked her hands with mine. I forced my tongue inside her vagina and it was an experience of a life time. She was now properly wet.

I got up and turned her around. Spanked her ass for a few times. I separated her ass cheeks and looked at her ass hole. It was very small so I just fingered it was once or twice.

After that I kept her pressed against the wall and took my penis in hand. I found her thigh gap and put me penis there. She adjusted it and took it inside her vagina. She was now against the wall and bent down for my penis ride. I pushed it inside her entirely and she screamed. I then removed it and did it again. Did this for at least ten times until she got friendly with my dick size.

I then started ramming her hard. I kept my hand on her breasts and fondled them as per my wish. I also pinched and grabbed her nipples very hard until she screamed. All this while ramming her hard from the behind. She was moaning wildly now. After a few minutes I exploded inside her vagina. My cum had wet her whole pussy. It was warm inside her and I kept thrusting it inside even when I was done.

After a few minutes I stopped and then she removed the penis from her vagina. She was exhausted by the looks on her face. She just hugged me and gave me one tight kiss. We then hugged for a few minutes and lied on the sofa naked. I was below and she on top of me. I kept moving my hand on her back and her butt. I loved grabbing her cute little butt. I sometimes used to finger her asshole and she loved it.

It was the best time of my life. Sneha lying naked on top of me and my finger in her ass. We spoke for some time and then fell asleep in each other’s arms until the next adventure arrives.......

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