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Miguel, the pirate

of the Spanish Main

A sexy adventure

story of long, long ago

by Frank Medina

Published by Smashwords

copyright 2019 Philippines

About the author: Frank Medina is an imaginary person. He about twenty years old, and a very handsome Filipino. His other two e-books are Captured! and The Confessions of a Call Boy in the Future. Frank would like to hear from you, or for you to review the book. He can be contacted through

Authors note: All the characters depicted in this work of

fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The boy is captured

Chapter 2 Migs is given a haircut

Chapter 3 He meets the captain

Chapter 4 Drinking with pirates

Chapter 5 Encounter with a frigate

Chapter 6 Intimate with the captain

Chapter 7 The wrestling match

Chapter 8 The pirates entertain women on deck

Chapter 9 A ship is captured

Chapter 10 Migs confesses his abilities

Chapter 11 The pirates tell their stories

Chapter 12 An intimate encounter interrupted

Chapter 13 Migs directs the battle

Chapter 14 The captain has a birthday party

Chapter 15 A galleon won, a love lost

Chapter 16 Migs leads, the loot divided up

Chapter 17 The pirates go ashore to party


Chapter 1 The Boy is Captured

The boy slowly opened his eyes. Someone was saying something, and he could not make out what it was.

“Hey, he’s alive!”

There were three of them standing in front of him. And what was the language they were speaking? Where I am? he thought. Oh no, a pirate ship!

“Boy, can you speak, say something?”

“But maybe the boy don’t know English! Maybe he only knows Spanish. Maybe we should get someone here who knows his tongue.”

“Where am I?” asked the boy.

“What do you know, he speaks, and its English!”

“He looks confused, it must be the lump on the head.”

“Where am I?” asked the boy again.

“You are with pirates boy!”

“Oh shit!” replied the boy.

“Your ship is sunk, with all her crew,” said the man with the shirt on. The other two were just dressed in shorts.

“And why did your ship sink there, boy? There was a big explosion, and then, it started taking on water.”

“Oh no. Crap. It was the stupid captain did it sir. He must have. That was his plan at least.”

“Now that was stupid, wasn’t it!”

“Did I get knocked out?”

“When we fired our cannon, the boom must have hit your head. When us two got you, your head was under the boom. And the ship was sinking!”

“Then thanks for saving me! But you guys were the ones who shot us!”

“But your ship fired back. We yelled out surrender or die!”

“We told the captain not to shoot, just surrender. But he was pissed off at pirates.”

“Hey, how come you know English so well?”

“I was a cabin boy to an English captain, before this ship.”

“And where were you coming from, and what were you carrying?”

“Agave liquor, some silks, and just a little bit of silver.”

“Shit, we could have used that,” replied one of the bare-chested men.

“Hey, please mister pirate, that’s not my fault! I was just the cabin boy. The captain did what he wanted to.”

The man with the shirt on said that it was ok but asked him to stand up. The boy slowly rose up, although he was a bit dizzy from the bump on his head. He was also wary, for pirates were known to torture their prisoners.

“So, what’s your name boy?” asked the man with the shirt.

“Miguel, sir. Or Migs.”

“Well Migs I am Christian,” and pointing to the two shirtless man, “and this is George and Frank. Can you stand up ok?”

“I can manage sir.”

“I get his shirt. You Frank can get his pants.”

“Take off your clothes Migs. These men saved your life, and you owe them something.”

Migs took off his shirt. It was a nice one too, a white, double breasted on with a big collar, and handed it to George. He then took off his shorts, and gave them to Frank, who carefully went through the pockets and lining.

“Hey, those are nice undershorts too. Hand them over!”

“Hey, my mom made this for me, and I got nothing else!”

George held out a knife, pointing it at Migs’ chest. “What will it be boy?”

Migs looked down at the deck, and then calmly unbuttoned and dropped his shorts, and handed it to George.

“Hey, these are nice shorts, and still clean too! And look, a hidden pocket. Ahh, shit, just a note, no money.” He dropped the note on the deck and it skittered away on the wind.

“Hey, that’s from my mom!” cried Migs, moving to pick it up.

“Not so fast there boy!” warned George, nearly pricking Migs with the knife.

“But it’s mine, its mine!” Migs cried out, still moving towards the note tossed by the wind.

Christian put his hand in front of Migs’ face. “Stop!” He pulled down George’s knife hand slowly, and then went over and picked up the note. “See, its going in my pocket, safe. Calm down now. And you two, the captain ordered me to deliver the boy safe to him.’

“Hey, it’s ok Christian. We were just playing with him, that’s all. But look now, the boy is starting to cry!”

It was true, the naked Migs did looked dejected. Christian lifted up the boy’s chin, and yes, there were tears starting in his eyes.

“I think he misses his mom, that’s the problem. Just like a five- year old!

“Look George, put yourself in his shoes, you would be frightened too,” declared Christian.

“No, because he doesn’t even have shoes! Aha! He’s just hasn’t got anything left, except his dick! It’s pitiful!”

“Ok, ok, enough you two. Just a second. I will try to find cord for his wrists. Wait.”

So off Christian went, leaving Migs with the two sailors.

“Turn around boy, let’s see your backside.” So Migs turned around, since they were still holding out their knives.

“I think the captain is going to like you! He likes boys with little body hair, and with a big bum!”


“A butt, and you got one that’s nice and rounded.”

“What does he care about my butt?”

“Oh, you will see! After he’s done satisfying himself with your bum, he likes to feed his captives to the sharks. He puts a long rope around your neck, makes a slice on your leg and throws you overboard. The sharks can smell the blood. You become shark bait! Aha!”

“Yes, it’s entertaining. We put bets on how long you stay kicking!” added Frank.

George added, “And Migs, why is your dick head showing like that? Was it cut or something?”

“Yeah, when I was a kid, there was an infection.” Which wasn’t true, but the story would do for these two idiots, thought Migs.

“It’s kind of ugly, just sticking out there like that! It should be covered!” added George.

“Well, you’re saying your penis is good looking, is that what you mean?” countered Migs.

“Aha, he got you there, friend!” noted Frank.

“Well, you know what I mean, captive! Besides, you got a small dick, with dark eggs. Why, they are nearly black!”

“And your eggs, I bet they are pinkish, just like a pig!”

“Oh no, we are going below the belt, you two! Maybe we should have an organ beauty contest. George, do you think you would win?”

“Oh, who side are you on anyway! Some dark captive or on my side?, complained Frank.

Migs just smiled, since it was just a stupid conversation with two stupids. Migs was light brown colored Spanish, and this was fine with him. Migs ignored them and looked around the boat. It was a single masted, sloop, about 100 feet long, and about twenty feet across. It was a lateen rigged ship, with a large triangular sail, with a short square topsail above. Built for speed, maybe able to go ten knots or above. The sloop had no forecastle, but there was a short quarterdeck in the aft, probably above where the officers slept. The ship didn’t even have a wheel for steering, but instead had a rudder. Fast, shallow draft, able to easily go into the wind, a perfect ship for pirates thought Migs. If they don’t get caught unawares, that is.

Christian came back with the cord and apologized for tying him up. “Sorry Migs, but this is captain’s orders. Put your hands behind your back.”

“Can’t you just tie it up in the front?”

“No, because the captain was nervous about you doing something stupid. So I gotta do it with your hands in the back.” To Frank and George he said, “Look, I can take him from here. You men take down the cannons. Migs and me are going to find something to eat.”

At least I’m not the only one naked here, thought Migs as they moved away from Frank and George. On one side of the ship, there was the lifeboat with naked sailors’ swimming for remnants of Migs’ ship. There was quite a bit of wood, and barrels floating around. A couple more swimmers were using the ship to jump into the water. Migs recognized some of the floating junk. It was from his ship.

“Christian, do you like tobacco?”

“Of course, why not?”

“You see that box, about ten feet away from the ship, straight out from the mast? It’s got tobacco inside.”

“And it’s not wet?”

“No, it’s my, or was my captain’s private stock. It was airtight, supposedly. He loved that box. Anyway, you can get it.”

“Ah, I will get someone whose already wet. Hey Pumpkin!”

One of the males was climbing up the side on the ship. He was about 18, about the same age as Migs, but with a broader chest. It was easy to see why he was called Pumpkin, because his hair was pumpkin orange. And what was surprising for Migs was that his pubic hair too was orange! So strange!

Christian directed Pumpkin towards the box floating on the water. “Pumpkin, if you get it, you get half the stuff. Migs here says it has good tobacco inside.”

“Ok, we will see!” With that, Pumpkin did a graceful dive in the sea, and popped up right beside the box. He pushed it towards the ship, and Christian went down the rope ladder to help him lift the box out of the water. It wasn’t that big of a box, being about rectangle, about 2 by 3 feet, but it was tricky getting it up the side. Migs couldn’t help of course, since he had his hands tied behind his back.

The two pirates tried opening the box, but it had gotten swollen in the salt water. Christian went looking for a chisel to pry open the box.

Miguel tried making conversation. Hopefully this guy was nicer than the two stupids. “Hey Pumpkin, you swim good!”

“Thanks. What’s your name boy?”

“Miguel, or Migs for short.”

“Ok. Yeah, we get a lot of practice here. The captain makes everyone swim twice a week.”

“Why? Doesn’t that slow down the trip?”

“Think about it, we have no trip. We’re pirates. We wait, and hunt for merchant ships, So we don’t have to be anyplace at particular any time.”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that.”

“And we live aboard this ship. So, we stop for fresh food, and get exercise, and try to live a normal life. With as little hardships as possible!”

“That sounds great. Because we Spanish sailors must put up with a lot of shit from the captains, with little pay too.”

“Yeah, we have some Spanish sailors aboard this ship too, and that’s what they say.”

“But one thing Pumpkin. Can I say, I hope you don’t get too sunburned. You’re getting red!”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to stop swimming soon.”

“I think, if you don’t stop soon, guys are going to call you tomato. Because your butt is turning red.”

“Is it? Shit. Yeah,. We usually swim in the twilight, and now it’s near noon.”

“Maybe you have that plant juice on board? Aloe vera is it?”

“Yes, the doc’s got it. I’ll get some later.”

“Sir, is this ship the Blossom? Did I read it right?

“Yes you did Migs, the Blossom.

“Kind of a girly name!”

“I don’t think it’s a girly name. More like a horse’s name really!’

After they chuckled, Migs asked, “Pumpkin, do you like alcohol?”

“What, you’re asking if a pirate likes alcohol! Of course!”

“Well, you see the small barrels, they got this alcohol from the agave plant. It’s like a cactus, and the liquor is called tequila.”

“I heard of that. It’s the stuff with a worm in it?”

“Yep, that’s the stuff. It’s kinda strong, but it is good with lemon and salt.”

“I wanna try that out.”

“Well, I think I see four or five little barrels out there.”

“Ok! I think we got some lemons on board too! We can have a party tonight!”

“Hopefully, the salt water hasn’t found its way inside yet.”

“It shouldn’t, after all, it’s a watertight barrel.”

Back came Christian with the necessary instruments. Since it had not been in the water for too long, the box soon was open, and indeed, it was good tobacco. Christian and Pumpkin agreed to light up after dinner.

“Thanks Migs! This is great stuff. And thanks too about telling me about the tukalla.”

“Tequila. The Mexican Indians like it a lot. You might too.”

So off Pumpkin dived into the water again, looking like he was born in the ocean.

“Ok, I’m hungry. Most of the crew ate after your ship sank, but I was busy with you. But first, I see the doctor. I think he should look at your head. Wait a second.”

The doctor came over, but he looked drunk. He couldn’t even walk straight.

“Doc, could you look at this captive’s head? He got hit by a boom.”

“Oh no, the boom went boom! Let’s see where it hurts.” Carefully he moved his hands on Migs’ head. “Yes, there is a lump, but fortunately no bleeding. Let’s look at your eyes. No sign of concussion. You got knocked out when this happened?”

“Yes sir doctor.”

“Follow my index finger at it moves around. Good boy! Are you dizzy now?” Migs shook his head. “Does the bump hurt bad?”

“I have a headache sir.”

“If you didn’t have a headache, something would be wrong. Let me check the rest of you out. The captain will ask me to do this, so I might as well now. Open your mouth and pull your head back into the sun. Hmmmm. Amazing, good teeth! All set there. Never had teeth pulled have you?”

“No sir.”

“Ok, now let me sit on this bench, and look at your organ. The captain will ask about this. Why did you get circumcised? Religious, or infection or something?”

“I got it when I was 12 years old. An infection. My erections were painful, it would not go all the way out.”

“Ahh, I see. It operates fine now?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Its normal. It might be a little small though.”

The doctor squatted down, and lifted up Migs” penis, and looked underneath it, and then gently rubbed each testicle. Then the doctor asked Migs to cough and felt behind each egg.

“No, not so small son, just fine. It’s just unusual to see because it was circumcised that’s all.”

The doctor then asked the boy to breathe deeply. He listened to the captive’s chest with a bottom of the glass he’d been drinking rum from. He put it next to his ear. Finally he felt the neck and under arms of Migs.

“Seems like a healthy boy to me. Now let’s see your anus. Lean over and try to put your butt up into the sky. Head on that bunch of rope there. That’s it,” The doctor spread apart the cheeks of his butt with his thumbs. “This looks fine too. When was the first time you had sex boy?”

“Never sir!”

“Never, come on boy! You are a sailor, are you not?”

“Really never sir!”

“Either with another boy, or with a girl, with anyone?”

“Really none, not even with a prostitute!”

“Not even a sheep or cow?”

“A sheep! Sir, my god!”

“Are your trying to get into the priesthood or something?”

“No sir! I wanted to do it, but it seems like that sometimes, because just when me and the girl are ready, something happens, and I can’t mount her. There is an interruption, like that!”

“You ever let another man use your anus?”

“No never sir, I’m not maricon. I’m a boy.”

“You never had sex with another boy?”

“No, I mean I am a sailor, so of course we have we often jerk off together at night.”

“But maybe you went into another boy’s butt or something?’

“No sir!” Migs got a little bit defensive. “And no one has touched my butt, and I haven’t touched the butt of any other sailor either.”

“Never had a blister, or a rash on your penis, or inside your butt?”

“How many times do I have to say no?”

“Ok, ok. I will get you some medicine for your headache. It comes from tree bark and works well.”

“Good” said Christian. He sounded impatient, Migs guessed he was hungry. “We will be getting something to eat. Me and the boy are hungry.”

The doctor went down below. “Does the doctor know his stuff Christian?” asked Migs.

“Yes, he is a drunkard, you can tell. But he knows his stuff.”

“Good. Why does he want to see my organ and anus? And all those questions!”

“There are many reasons, Migs. But primarily, if you had a sex disease, you would not be allowed to stay on the ship. You might infect others.”

“Why does he care?”

“Oh the captain cares! Look Migs, look around you! Does this look like a clean ship?”

“Yes, actually considering it’s a pirate ship, it’s good.”

“And the pirates, do they look healthy?”

“Yes, and your guys” teeth look good. I don’t see unhealthy people.”

“Well, there you go. This is the captain’s orders. He is a bit of a nut, really. About germs, about sickness, that sort of thing. But you will not find a healthier ship in the whole Caribbean. So, if the captain does like you, and you plan to stay around here, you are going to have to follow the rules here, even if they seem strange.”

“Alright sir.”

“It’s very different than the ship you were just on. Especially for cleanliness, food, and exercise.”

“I am flexible.”

“Good. He is strict. See, even the deck is painted white, so the dirt can be easily seen. That’s the captain!”

“And you elected him? That’s what I heard pirates do?”

“Yes, again and again. Because he keeps us healthy and happy. Anyway, you sit here at the table. I will get the food.”

At least Christian seemed nice, although a bit too strict, thought Migs. He seemed to be an officer, in a nice shirt and shorts, although he was only very early twenties. He was a bit aloof, but then again, he had to establish authority.


Chapter 2 Migs is given a haircut

Miguel looked around the ship. All the sails were down. The mast was at a racked angle, not straight up and down. And such a long bowsprit for maybe two jib sails. He stood up a bit and saw rope webbing at the bow and guessed that is where they take a dump. Usually, the merchant ships he sailed on were bigger, meant to carry cargo across the Atlantic. His ships had less men on board, with a bigger area. This was like a warship, in that way. Lots of men, not much space. Even the deck was blocked up with eight cannon, four on each side, which meant it was cramped. And to think, that’s not much cannon either.

Christian came back with some dried marinated beef, rice, coffee and a mango.

“What is this! This isn’t ships food!” exclaimed Migs. “This is your regular food?”

“Depends really. We like fresh food. It’s hard sometimes though to get supplies, so we get furnished by natives, or friendly settlements, or of course, by Spanish ships!”

“I’m impressed. But Christian, you have got to untie me! How am I going to eat!”

“Just like you ate when you were a baby! I am going to feed you!”

“No, this is just too much. It’s embarrassing!”

“Well, at least you won’t be dying of starvation. Open your mouth!”

“Christian, really! You are not my mom! At least tie my hands in the front, then I can do it myself.”

“Migs, stop it.” Christian could be stern, thought Migs.

“Yes sir.” As a sailor, he knew when to stop complaining. Migs too had to order sailors around, and he didn’t like back talk.

Despite being fed, Migs ate well. He too had missed breakfast, and it had been a long night on the Spanish ship too. And he really liked the coffee. The medicine that the doctor had given him for his headache seemed to be working too. But he did need to take a dump. That was going to be a trick though: how to maneuver on the webbed roping without getting stuck?

Christian offered to help. The good thing was, the ship was not moving at all. They were still trying to collect the floating cargo. So Christian set up Migs with his butt over the lip of the railing. To make sure Migs would not tip over, Christian put his hand on the back of Migs” neck. Christian looked away quietly, trying to give some privacy. Migs was quick, and Christian cleaned off his butt with a piece of cloth that had been lying in the ocean water.

As Migs stood up, Christian noticed Migs stomach. “Hey Migs, your stomach seems to have shrunk. It goes inside now!”

“That’s what happens when I shit.”

“Your stomach was flat when you got picked up, and then after eating it filled out, and now it’s caved in! Amazing. Now you sit down on this stool. Migs, I am going to give you a bath, but first a haircut. This wavy hair of yours is too much, and the captain won’t like it.”

“Just a second Christian. I like my hair the way it is.. I like it long, And I took a bath last week, and probably that was going to be my last bath until I reached Havana. So what is the problem? Why do you care?”

“Stop it. You follow my orders,” Christian said in a slow, even voice. “I am trying to get you on this ship as part of the crew Miguel. Can’t you just trust me?”

“Yeah, I trust you, but what has my hair got to do with the ship?”

“It’s because of the captain. If the captain likes you, you stay. If he doesn’t like you, off you go to die. It’s simple.”

“But something is strange. Why did George make remarks about the captain liking my butt? And then the doctor was interested in my anus?”

“Because you have a nice rounded butt with narrow hips.”

“Ha-ha. Tell me the truth Christian.”

“I am trying to! The captain is a bit strange, just like I said. He likes young men. He likes to enter young men. In the rear! That’s his style!”

“So you are setting me up for him? So I will be some kind of sex boy for him, is that it?”

“My, you catch on fast!”

“And what if I refuse?”

“That I really don’t know. But I don’t want to chance it. He might feel insulted or something.”

“And what if he doesn’t like me, that I am not to his taste?”

“Look Migs, I don’t know. I am not the captain. I am only guessing what he will like. Yes, he might not like you! He might throw you overboard right away! But I do know he does like his men with short hair and bathed. We take baths twice a week. And if you want to live, my advice is to try to survive.”

“And I am not a maricon either!”

“Maricon, that’s Spanish right? A boy likes other boys to mount him?”

“Yes, exactly. That is not me. No one has ever touched my butt hole.”

Christian breathed deeply “Ok, it’s not you. You are not a maricon. You seem to be a boy. But to survive, at least for the next few months, you are going to have to adjust to the captain’s taste. Can you do that?”

“So you want me to be the captain’s maricon?”

Christian was losing patience. “You do what you want to. I am only helping you live, tonight and tomorrow. I am only making a guess what the captain wants. It all depends on the captain. And you too. So, what do you want?”

“Well, it depends.”

“Migs! Stop it. Look you are being stubborn, and I am trying to help you.”

“Ok, tell me what you want me to do.”

“Sit there while I give you a haircut, and then wash you down. Then you talk to the captain. Simple!”

“Ok. Thanks for helping me Christian.”

“Good, now we are getting someplace!”

“I’m sorry Christian, it’s just a big change to get used to.”

“Well, get used to it now. Because I am trying to keep you alive. I’ll get the scissors.”

Migs looked out at the water. Most of the barrels had been picked up already, and the men were inspecting the smaller barrels for the liquor. He wondered where the bodies of his shipmates were. Probably what happened was that they were dragged away someplace else, because bleeding bodies would attract sharks. The pirate swimmers would want to stay clear of them. Pedro? His best friend, now dead, getting picked apart by fish. So sad!

His situation was difficult. He had to think out things fast. For one, if they found out he was Moslem, they might kick him off the ship. And of course, that would mean death, slow or fast. Certainly they would if this was a Spanish ship. He was used to lying about his religion to his countrymen. But with these, it might not matter so much. After all, pirates probably were going to hell no matter what they did, so why bother with religion? Well, he wasn’t going to confess to these English infidels anyway. And he was going to have to continue to eat pork or whatever and say his prayers quietly to himself. He prayed to Allah to forgive him.

The second problem was more serious. These pirates might just kill him if they knew what he did aboard the Spanish ship. These pirates might seem nice and reasonable, but that could turn nasty quick if they decided that he knew more than he did. Lucky for him, he was the only one alive from the ship. And he was young, so they would think he was just a dumb kid. So he’d just say that this was his first voyage in the Caribbean, and now returning to Spain. He was going to be just a simple cabin boy who didn’t know anything. Anything to avoid torture!

And then there was this maricon thing! A faggot! He Migs! Never! Before, one of his shipmates, Rafael, was a maricon, and Migs and him were friends. Other sailors aboard would talk shit behind Rafael’s back, sometimes to his face, but not Migs. Migs just tried to ignore the maricon part of Rafael, which was hard to do when he was getting mounted right there on the floor. Rafael and his boyfriend would do it right in the same crew room when Migs was trying to sleep. Rafael would even groan! Migs tried to ignore it, but sometimes he’d get excited. But that was normal, getting hard at the sound of sex.

So, thinking it over in his head, Migs thought that he would keep an open mind on it. After all, he didn’t know anybody here, and if he was having sex with the captain, the captain might protect him. And live! He hoped anyway. So if the captain was nice, ok, but if he was a monster, well, Migs would just say no. And hope he wasn’t killed.

There was a falconet cannon on the port side. This gun was about eight feet long, but narrow, only shooting three inch shot. Migs figured it was good for harassing a ship out ahead. But it couldn’t do much damage. And there was an oven or stove behind him at the bow, under a sheet of canvas.

He was sitting in the bathroom area. It was at the bow of the ship beside the chain going out to the anchor. Two large holes for peeing were carved out at the bow, made of ceramic. The place to take a dump was out on the rope webbing that was strung out over the bowsprit. Unlike a Spanish ship, it wasn’t smelly here, because everything just went right out into the water. One of the naked pirates came up to Migs.

“Do you mind if I take a dump out there?”

“No, of course, be my guest!” replied Migs.

“And you must be the captive!” said the sailor.

“Migs, at your service.”

Hablas Español?”

Por supuesto señor!”

“Bueno! But we should keep it to English on board. I don’t want them to think we are doing anything bad!”

“Ok, I might get killed. Your name sir?”


“That’s funny, I was just thinking about my friend Rafael. He’s with his partner in Vera Cruz.”

“And you are. . .?”

“Sorry! Migs Alcoreza sir!”

“A pleasure to meet you. Let me go over to the netting. How is Vera Cruz doing these days?”

“Just fine, growing rich in silver. There is much silver in Mexico, and most of it gets shipped out to Spain.”

“So everything is fine, as long as the King gets rich!”

Some guys like privacy when they dump, but evidently not Rafael, so Migs kept talking.

“That’s exactly how it always is. While the poor Spanish guys like us stay poor!”

“Some things never change, do they campesino!”

“And they still have loyal followers!”

“Yes, they do. A moment. Hmmmmm. Ahhh. Much better now. The captain likes you?”

“What do you mean by that? I haven’t even seen the captain yet!”

“But the captain saw you. He was carefully looking you over while you were knocked out.”

“Was he?”

“And now, Christian is giving you a haircut and bath?”

“Yes, and so?”

“Aha! Just wondering!” With that, Rafael laughed, and climbed back onto the deck. “Just wondering!”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Hey, its ok. No one will disrespect you here. All is well. Ah, here is Christian.”

With that, Rafael nodded to Christian and left the bow of the ship.

“Christian, is it that obvious?” asked Migs.

“What obvious? You sit down on this stool.”

As Migs sat down, he continued his questioning. “I mean, does the rest of the sailors know that the captain is interested in me? Or might be interested in me?”

“Yeah, maybe. So?”

“As in, interested in me for sex?”

“Yeah, probably. Not all sailors here, but many would. Why?”

“Just wondering, that’s all. Rafael said the captain was looking me over when I was carried aboard.”

Christian put down the scissors. “That doesn’t mean shit Migs. He would look over all captives, and then decide what to do with them. And the captain did not say he liked you. No. Just for me to feed you, and because you smelled bad, give him a bath, and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid, so keep him tied up. And to present him when he, the captain wakes up. Does this sound strange to you?”

“No, well maybe the bath part does. Do I smell?”

“Yes, a bit.”

“But it could turn into a sexual offer or something?”

“Maybe, and maybe not. You can ask the captain. Maybe the captain won’t like you anyway. You are so stubborn and so full of questions, he might just throw you overboard on the spot. I’m not part of it. Ok? Ready for the haircut?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“But it is true, these sailors think along the lines of sex. Nearly all the time, some with each other, but nearly everybody wants a woman. So that happens too.”

“You have sex in port?”

“Yeah, usually with prostitutes and bar girls. But also we get women on board the ship!”

“At port?”

“Oh no, we go look for native girls, Black girls, Spanish girls, and invite them aboard.”

“My goodness! Pirates are so bad!”

“Yes, we are! But now I’m going to cut your hair short. I’ll be careful of your bump. I hope you don’t have lice or things like that!”

“Hey, I don’t have lice! And do be careful of that bump.”

“You must have a hard head, because there is no blood or anything. Just a bump, the size of a coconut!”

“It’s not that big! I think it’s going down too.”

They went ahead with the haircut. Soon Migs’s wavy black hair was on the deck. It had reached down past his ears, but now Christian only left about a half inch of hair. Migs stood up while Christian brushed off the hair.

“Now, the longest hair on your body is above your organ!

“I’ve never had such short hair!”

“And it’s so wiry, your pubic hair sticks straight out!”

“And let’s keep it that way! No cutting down there! Do you have a mirror?”

“Oh yeah, here. Handsome now?”

“I think I was more handsome before! Now I look more like a slave!”

“No, it’s good. It’s manlier this way. Now, its bath time! This barrel is salt water, this barrel fresh. When you take a bath here, you bath in the salt water, and rinse off with the fresh. Be frugal with the fresh.”

“Christian, can’t you untie me for this? I don’t want to get a bath by you. It looks ridiculous.”

“No, I already told you the captains orders. And don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.”

Migs was worried that if Christian touched his private parts with soap and hands, he might get an erection. Not because he liked Christian, but just touching it. Christian seemed to understand this, so he was quiet and businesslike with the bathing. Migs was relieved and did not get hard. But they were interrupted by a boy about 16 years old. He was browner than Migs, with almond shaped eyes, had a similar frame to Migs. Handsome, tall and lanky, but a little bit thinner with not such wide shoulders as Migs. Every rib showed.

“Hey Christian. Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a piss!” And with that he pulled on his loincloth and started to pee down the hole. When he was done, he turned around and adjusted his loincloth in front of them. He looked at Migs and Christian.

“Am I next?” he asked.

Christian replied, “No, of course not Rolando. You have to be special, like this boy, to get a deluxe bath.”

“Hey, but I want one too! What’s so special about him?”

“Well, for one thing, he’s tied up, and you are not!”

“So tie me up! Then I can get a deluxe bath.”

“But if I tied you up, your special bath would be in the ocean, and you would be shark snack!”

“Christian, you are so rude!”

“I can’t help it Rolando, when I’m around you, I just feel rude!”

“Hey mister captive, you have to watch Christian. He is mean. And he might just start rubbing you the wrong way when he starts washing your organ!”

“Don’t you worry, I am watching him carefully. You are?”

“I am Rolando, at your service sir! Number 1 powder boy on the Blossom sir!”

“That is nice to know. I will remember you when I need powder sir,” replied Migs.

“Hey look, someone else who is cut in the penis. Look, see my cock was circumcised too!” And with that, he showed off his organ to Migs and Christian.

“Hey, you are Arab or something?” asked Migs.

“No, not me. I’m Catholic sir.”

“Then why was it cut?”

“It’s our custom sir, in my country the Philippines. All males get it done when they are about 12.”

“Ahh, Filipino. Yes, I’ve seen some Filipino guys in Vera Cruz. I didn’t realize though they got cut. But not Moslem?” Migs thought, it would be nice to have a fellow Moslem on board.

“No, not Moslem. But we have some of those in the south. Getting circumcised is our custom.”

“Ah, ok. Well now, my penis won’t feel so alone anymore!”

Christian interrupted. “But right now, Rolando, we are busy washing him down. Don’t you have something to do instead of looking at us?”

“Oh, you want me to leave? Ok, ok, I do have some things to do. I was just trying to be friendly. I can leave now.”

“Nice meeting you Rolando!” said Migs.

“Adios you gentlemen!”

So Rolando walked away towards the stern. Christian warned Migs, “You have to watch out for guys like that. They are always horny!”

“Yes, so I noticed the way he was looking at me while he slowly adjusted his penis.”

“Yes, so young, and so horny. He’s the type that is looking to get sex, no matter which hole, no matter if it is male or female. Just as long as he can get a release!”

“Yes, and there are many sailors like him on Spanish ships. You have to watch them, otherwise they try to mount you, even when sleeping!”

“Yep, and that is Rolando, at just 16! But he’s ok, he’s intelligent, and quick. Just a horny sailor!”

As Christian was rinsing the captive off, he said “It’s good that you were cut at your penis. This way I didn’t have to clean the head.”

“Yeah, that is one big advantage. And my penis doesn’t smell like other sailors’ dicks do.”

“And it’s good that you are not ticklish. Now, let’s rinse off this hair into the sea. Then I’ll go to see if the captain is awake yet. You stay here.”

Migs looked at himself in the pocket mirror. Bye bye long hair! Now he was like a prisoner on a Spanish galley, naked, with short hair. But at least the pirates seemed nice. But it could turn ugly in a hurry, especially with a rapist captain after my butt, Migs thought. And it was a beautiful ship and would be nice to see sailing.

Christian came back saying that the captain was still asleep. Migs thought that was a good idea too, and if he could take a nap. Christian led him down to below deck, down the bow steps. Migs was surprised. Usually below decks smelled like throw up, shit, piss and sweat. But this place had no smell and was well ventilated. Strange!

Of course, Migs could not sleep with his hands behind his back. So, Christian got more twine, and released Migs’ arms in the back, and tied his hands loose to the hammock.. The captive could now sleep with his hands over his chest, which was more comfortable.

It was relatively quiet below decks. A few sailors were sleeping, while most were above decks finishing up salvaging the wreck of the Spanish ship. The hammock was comfortable, and Migs fell into a deep sleep.

Migs awoke to find a naked Black guy gently slapping his erection!

“Ahhhhhh! Ayuda!” For a second he didn’t even know where he was. Migs pulled up his legs, and tried to cover his erection with his hands, but the rope was too short. “Help!”

Everyone broke out in laughter. By now, there were about eight men down there, some dressed, some without clothes. The Black man was beside himself with laughter.

“You thought you were getting raped! That’s funny!” He gently slapped the erection again. “Ding dong, ding dong!”

“Hey, stop it sir!”

“You thought you were about to get gang banged!”

“You just shocked me that’s all.”

“You must have been having one sexy dream!”

“I can’t remember. But I guess so!”

The Black man came by and covered up Migs’ organ with a small towel..

“Thanks sir.”

Christian came in and said that the captain was now awake.

“Hey Christian, your boy is one horny boy!”

“Migs! Control yourself!” Christian called, in an angry voice.

“I was asleep, that’s all!”

While Migs was being untied, he slipped down from the hammock, then his hands were once again tied in the back. The problem though was that his erection would not go down, in fact it just got harder. And it throb in time with his heartbeat. The crew members were teasing him. One guy pinched the tip, making it bounce upwards. Migs backed up, bumping into Christian.

“Migs, stop it!”

“I think this boy served in the military. Stand at attention sir!”

“And look, it’s got such a big pink head to it. I think it must be intelligent!”

One of the sailors put the piece of cloth over Migs’ erection and used it as a towel rack.

“Gentlemen, hey, calm down!” said Christian. With that, he put the cloth on, so it covered his erection. But then the problem only got worse, because the cloth was moving in time with the pulsing of the boy’s erection.

“Hey Christian, you better not bring that boy to the captain looking like that! He will get raped on the spot!”

“Time out!” Christian guided Migs away from the group, and asked “Do you want to masturbate that thing? I can untie one hand. Or will it just go down by itself?”

Migs was grinning with embarrassment. If he had some privacy, he probably would have stroked it until it was satisfied, but he certainly wasn’t going to do it there in front of them. That would be stupid.

“Look, let me sit down over there for a few minutes. I think it will go down on its own.”

“Ok, you just go there, away from the men, and sit on that box.” And then turning to the men he announced: “The captain just woke up. He said that anybody that didn’t go diving, must swim before dinner, twice around the ship, and bathe. For dinner, it will be the three pigs from the sunken ship, and three different alcohols afterwards.”

The men cheered and started to strip off their clothes for swimming. Fortunately Migs’ erection was forgotten about as the sailors pushed their way up the stairs. Christian looked out a small porthole, and finally asked, “Do you still need to masturbate? I can untie you if you wanted to relieve yourself.”

“No, not necessary, it’s gone back to normal. But thanks though. Maybe it doesn’t like being the center of attention.”

“Ok, are you ready now to meet the captain?”

“Yes sir!”

“Now, if you want my advice, when the captain asks you questions, you just answer in “Yes sir, I can!”

“Will do! Thank you Christian for everything.”


Chapter 3 He meets the captain

Migs had napped in the crew’s quarters, near the bow of the ship. They walked towards the stern, down a hall that had side by side rooms. These were storage rooms, Christian explained, and Gilbert the quartermaster oversaw this. Food supplies, powder room, replacement supplies, and treasure room were here. All were locked, and Gilbert had the key. Below this deck, there were the barrels of water stored, and a few barrels containing flour, and rice, with the ballast on the bottom.

At the end of the narrow hallway was a half flight of stairs going up to the officer’s hallway. Another short flight of stairs went up to the deck. This was the officer’s hall. The doors were not full doors, instead had space at the floor, and at the top, evidently for ventilation. The center was the captain’s room. Christian knocked and entered, with Migs leading. The Spanish captive expected somehow the room to be larger and more elegant than it was. It was about eight by ten feet, with one window at facing the stern, and a small one six inch strip of skylight that crossed the room. Migs could hear some voices on the quarterdeck above.

The one nice feature was a booth like table, seating for six or seven. Near the end of the table was a pole that rose from the floor into the ceiling. That, Migs figured, was the rudder post. Inlaid cabinets with drawers and small doors covered the walls. The only piece of furniture was a leather bound chair, where the captain was sitting..

The captain himself was only in shorts, and like the rest of the crew, without shoes or socks. He had a wide chest, with some hair on it, and trim body. The captain had a scar down his left cheek, and another, longer scar on his stomach. He had dark brown eyes, and brown hair, and an easy smile.

“So this is the captive! Untie him, there is no need for that! That’s it. Now, tell me your name and rank sir!”

“Miguel Alcoreza sir. Cabin boy, no class! At your service sir!”

“Why is it that you seem to be a young man, maybe 18, and you still are a cabin boy?

“Oh, this was my first trip sir. Well second ship since I got here from Spain. I am a beginner. But I can mop floors, pump the bilge, fix the ropes, and have good eyesight for the crow’s nest. As well be a cabin boy sir.”

“Honestly, I do most of the cabin boy duties by myself. So you can do additional tasks?”

“Yes sir! I will not complain!”

“How come you know English so well Miguel?”

“My first captain, and Englishman, Captain Puget, sailed for the Spanish flag merchant fleet. I was his cabin boy for six months. He taught me sir.”

“You speak it well. Are you a Moslem sir?”

“No sir, I just got my penis skin cut because of an infection.”

“Where was your ship headed to, the one we just sunk?”

“We came from Vera Cruz, loaded with some silver, agave liquor, foodstuffs, and heading to Havana sir.”

“Why, well what’s agave liquor?”

“It’s fermented juice from a small cactus. It has a strong taste, and every barrel has a small worm inside! You drink it with lemon and salt. The Mexican natives like it.”

“A cactus. My goodness, Mexicans make liquor out of anything!”

Christian butted in, “Captain, Migs here spotted the barrels, and Pumpkin got them aboard. There might be eight maybe 3 gallon barrels.”

“And we have lemons! We might have a party!”

“So you don’t know the other tasks aboard a ship?”

“Well, I can do the ones I just said. Plus I am can help do whatever you direct me to do sir.”

“Do you have any family back in Spain?”

“No, my mom died I heard while in Vera Cruz. My father hasn’t been seen for some time now.”

“Brothers and sisters?”

“Died of the plague, and the fighting during the Reconquista.”

“All by yourself?”

“Pretty much sir.”

“Would it bother you being a pirate, and going against the Spanish flag?”

“No sir. Spain has not been good to my family.”

“Why exactly?”

“That’s a long story sir. And of course, there are a lot of nice sailors out there that are Spanish. Hopefully, I will not have to harm them.”

“Look, I am angry with what happened with your stupid captain. We would have taken the cargo and left the crew with enough supplies for you to reach Havana. Instead, your stupid captain made a group suicide.”

“I am sorry sir. My shipmates died too.”

“Yes. A tragedy. But let’s ask another question, maybe Christian already talked about this. If you were my cabin boy, would you mind if I used you like a boy uses a girl? If I entered you?”

“If it is necessary, yes sir.”

“Necessary, what do you mean?”

“Well, you might throw me overboard if I did not?”

“Well, I wouldn’t like it. I’m not sure about throwing you overboard.”

“I am a male sir.”

“I can see this. But would you agree on board this ship, I used you?’

“It’s ok sir. Go ahead.”

“Come here Migs. Let me see you closely. Migs moved closer to the captain who was still sitting down. He put his hand on the captain’s shoulder and spread his legs a little bit. The captain rubbed his testicles, pulled out the skin on his penis, felt his neck, had the captive open his mouth, just like the doctor had done.

“Captain, I forgot to say that doctor had already inspected him and found him healthy.”

“Did he? Migs here does look healthy. No disease from sex sir?”

“I have never had sex yet sir.”

“Well, we will have to fix that, won’t we!” And with that, the captain started to rub the tip of Migs’ penis head to make it hard.

Migs frowned, pulled back his pelvis, away from the captain. He looked back at Christian, shaking his head. He didn’t want to do sex in front of others.

“He easily gets hard, captain. Especially if he is waking up.”

“You saw this?”

“He was sleeping in the crew’s quarters. Everyone saw it.”

“Ahh, to be 18 again, always ready.”

Migs butted in. “But captain, can I ask. If I service you, I don’t have to service others? Yes?”

“Oh, of course. You are mine, and mine alone. If you had sex with a girl though, maybe that would be ok.”

“That sounds good sir.”

“Now, Christian, you can leave us. I will show our new boy around the cabin. We will be up shortly for dinner. And thank you. He smells good, looks good, nice haircut.”

“Yes, thanks Christian for your help. Captain, he was nice to me even if I was sometimes hard headed.” added Migs.

“Migs you were just fine. I’ll go but by the way, Migs, what about this note from your mom? Here, you keep it.”

“Oh, great! It’s still safe!” With that, Christian left.

The captain got out a bottle of white wine, and had Migs open it, and they drank together. With that, the captain gave a tour of the cabin. The ships papers, maps, and journals were priceless. Migs understood this already. But the captain, outside of that, had little demands, and not many clothes either. He did have a food cupboard, and a cabinet of wine, but he seemed not to be interested in sophisticated living. He did though have an encyclopedia set, as well as other books.

The bed was an ingenious affair. The table was the base of the bed, and additional planks were used to cover the seating area, to make a wider bed. The mattress was stored under one of the booth benches. Migs was directed to make the bed ready.

As Migs was reaching down to grab the mattress, the captain put his hand on his butt, and lightly massaged it.

“Captain, please! I’m trying to get the mattress out!”

“But your butt looks so nice!”

“Captain, anyone could come right now, and see us!”

“Ahh, but you are not worried about me, you are worried about them seeing you!”

“Exactly! I’m missing my clothes! I must have clothes on sir!”

“But your butt looks so nice! Spare me a little touch.”

“Captain, one step at a time, I beg you! I am new at this!”

“But you really have a nice one, nice and round, like a fresh apple!”

“But my butt is brown, not red or green!”

“And beautiful nonetheless sir!” The captain massaged it again.

“You don’t realize, this is my first time doing something like this. I like girls! I may not have been with one yet, but that is what I like!”

“Yes, obviously, but you will cooperate won’t you! I won’t abuse you, be mean, treat you with disrespect, nor will I hurt you. I promise Migs.”

“I believe you sir. It’s just happening so quickly, that’s all.”

“Ok, I will slow down. Let’s just hug for a second.” With this, the boy and the captain embraced, and the Migs was able to relax. The day had been quite stressful, and the captain seemed like he could be a gentleman.

“You have a nice chest captain. Not fat! Fit!”

He moved the boy’s hands to his own nipples. Migs rubbed them with the back of his fingers, back and forth. Then gave them a light squeeze. The captain’s nipples had some hair, in a circle. The nipples got hard as Migs continued to rub them.

“Is it ok sir?”

“You are a professional Migs! Very good boy!”

“Thank you sir.”

“You are ok with your assignment?”

“Yes, its ok. It’s kind of strange though.”

“Yes, it is strange. But you can take care of me, like a woman would do her husband?”

“Yes. Ok, but I think a wife gets clothed by her husband!”

“Ahhhhh! Give me some time sir, just a couple of days. And don’t worry, the crew swims together, wrestles together, and are used to seeing each other naked.”

“Oh yes, I saw this, I’m just saying!”

“Ok, ok. Just get adjusted to your new life. New ideas, new habits. I just don’t want to hear a lot of complaints.”

They continued to embrace each other for another minute, just standing there together. Migs stayed soft, although the captain was half hard. But the captive ignored it. Migs put his head on the captain’s shoulder and close his eyes and remembered. Migs got easily emotional. Tears came back to his eyes, thinking of the fellow sailors who died, and his family tragedy. Silently, the captain pulled Migs’ head back a couple of inches, saw the tears, and let his head fall back on the shoulder. He rubbed the boy’s back up and down in a soothing way.

“I bet it’s been a long day for you, huh! Many changes?”

“Yes, I woke up on my own bunk, with all my stuff around me, with my captain and favorite mates, and now, no ship, no mates, no stuff, no clothes and no way to get back to Spain.”

“Be patient. It’s not so bad a life anyway. Have another glass of wine. The cheese is good too.”

“Well, there wasn’t much waiting for me in Spain anyway. No parents, house like that. But at least there was a base. Now no more.”

“That is, if you join us. But as pirates, we can’t go back either. Well we could, but if the navy found out, we would be hanged, that’s for sure. But if you wanted, we can leave you at a port where you could get a ride back. We can. Do not worry.”

“It was a lot to happen in one day. It was so sudden!”

“Thank your stupid captain! He is the one who sank your ship!”

“Oh, ok. Yes the captain might have been stupid. But at least he stopped for a ship in distress! Your ship! Pirates! It looked to the crew like it was a trap, but the stupid captain, the too trusting of a captain, wanted to find out if he could help. And then look what happened. A good deed goes punished!”

“Yes, sorry. We fooled your captain but did not want to kill anyone. Honestly. And I am sorry for your friends on board.”

“It’s ok sir.”

“Ok. I will behave myself for now. We can sit and talk if you like. Some cheese and wine perhaps?”

“That will be fine sir. I can get them out. In the food cupboard?”

“Yes, that’s fine. And then we will have dinner.”

Migs thought that he needed to be more charming. He also had some basic questions too about his man.

“Captain, can I ask a personal question?”

“Go ahead sir. I will be honest with you.”

“Ok, How did you get to like boys like me? Why don’t you like girls?

“I don’t really know. But even as a kid, just getting a moustache, I liked looking at the bodies of my classmates. I think even earlier, I enjoyed touching my friends. It was normal for me.”

“Like you were born with the desire or something?”

“Well, Migs, I could ask the same question of you. When did you start liking girls?”

“Ever since I can remember. I remember one summer day, me and my friends swam along the river, and there were naked neighborhood girls. We swam underneath the water, and surprised them, and grabbed their legs!”

“I hope you didn’t rape them or something!”

“Oh of course not. I was never that way! But I did touch their butt!”

“I bet they were screaming!”

“Oh yeah they were! At first they yelled Serpriente! They thought we were a snake!

“And then they yelled maniac!”

“Correct! But they settled down and looked us all over as they chased us away!”

“It was like Adam and Eve?”

“Yes. If I had been alone, I think I could have had the one girl! Because she even touched my erection! But her partner was bent on pushing us away.”

“Did you see her the next day?”

“No, that was it. The next day I took off to sea.”

“So sad! So there was no other opportunity?”

“Yes, in Vera Cruz, I was lying in bed with the prostitute that captain had chosen for me. She was ready to go, and so was I, but then in the room next door, our first mate was stabbed dead, which interrupted things.”

“Yes, that would! Did you catch the killer?”

“Oh yes, he was a Mexican guy that wanted revenge or something. We got him in the hall, and then had to run.”

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