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Candy’s First Shoot

Episode 1 of the Money Shot Series

By Kimberlee Madison

Copyright 2018 © by Kimberlee Madison. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, businesses, events, or locales is purely coincidental.

Reproduction in whole or part of this publication without express written consent is strictly prohibited.

WARNING: This book contains explicit adult content! Everyone in this story is 18 or older!

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It started out innocently enough, just a couple of guys who wanted to make a porno. It was something Nick and I had talked about even before college, when we were still wet behind the ears, just a couple of kids in high school trying to convince girls to sleep with us. In those days we had it all going for us and didn’t even know it. I think back about those times and how easy it would have been to get more pussy—to conquer the pussy—and all I can do is shake my head. The thing is, sometimes you just don’t know how good you’ve got it, how vibrant you are . . . don’t have a clue about your own vitality, or how easy high school girls really are.

I guess it was a confidence thing. I suppose it always is. Then there’s the matter of you just don’t know what you just don’t know. Kind of like this whole porno business thing. Sometimes you just don’t know where it’s gonna go. Don’t have a clue how big the whole fuckin’ thing can be . . . or how big it’s gonna get.

Nick was one of those guys. A dreamer. Somebody who was always thinking big. A lot of us think we’re thinking big, but not like Nick, that fuckin’ guy was the real deal.

I’ll never forget the first time he brought up the idea. We were sitting in his mom’s basement smoking weed and choking-up on some douche-bag opening boxes of baseball cards on YouTube. It wasn’t the fact that he was “unboxing” the cards . . . it was just that he was a real douche-bag about doing it, pretending like he knew what the fuck he was talking about, like he was on QVC or some shit. But those were the early days of that whole fuckin’ scene, people trying anything to tap into their fifteen minutes of fame. And that guy unboxing those cards was no different.

Anyway, I’m clearing a full chamber on a four-foot bong and out of nowhere Nick just blurts out something about how fun it would be to get into the porn business. I lost it, went into a five-minute coughing fit over how nonchalantly that motherfucker said it, as if the thought had just come outta of the blue, but at the same time had been something he’d contemplated since grade school.

“Dude, you gotta have a major fuckin’ weapon if your gonna fight in that war,” I said.

“My dick’s big enough.”

“Big enough aint big enough,” I said. We both laughed at that.

“Look, I aint talking about being a star in the industry.”

“No shit,” I said. “I’ve seen some of the fuckin’ stars in that industry.” I motioned like I was slinging a thick hose between my legs.

“I wanna produce,” he said.

Thinking back now, we were just kids. A couple of jerk-offs. Both of us only seventeen. I didn’t even have a clue about what that word meant. Produce? What the hell was that? Produce what? More jizz than the next guy?

But Nick had it all figured out. He understood completely what it meant to be a producer. He had a vision. It was like some gift that the universe opened up and dropped in his lap . . . some guys are gifted at unboxing baseball cards, Nick was gifted at knowing what it meant to produce a fuckin’ skin-flick.

We spent the rest of our high school days working out the details of that vision . . . and the rest our college days perfecting it.

Now looking back, I wish somebody had told me how it would all go, just like I wish I’d known about all that high school pussy I coulda fucked. Things got crazy along the way, sure enough. But I suppose that’s just the story I gotta tell. In the end, we were just two guys who wanted to make a porno. How can anyone hold that against us? I don’t think they can.


Mona is the girl who lives next door. Five-five, blonde, perky titties. She always, and I mean always, wears the tightest tee-shirts and shortest shorts she owns. She’s barely eighteen and lives alone with her mother. I’m convinced she has a hard-on for me. Every time we meet in the hallway of our apartment complex she goes all sweet, flutters her eyelashes and shit like that. I’ve wanted to fuck her since day one. Since the first minute I laid eyes on her, back in August when Nick and I first moved in. Right now she’s standing in my doorway wondering if I would mind coming over to examine her desktop. She says it’s been buggy for a while. I tell her to give me five and I’ll be over. Her nipples are poking through the front of her white tank-top . . . so fucking hard.

It’s our second year at CSU. I’m majoring in business and Nick’s majoring in film. We think we got it all figured out. He’s the guy who can make things happen, and I’m the guy who can keep the numbers straight. We’re working on starting our own production company. Mostly adult stuff, but Nick says he wouldn’t mind expanding into the mainstream eventually, maybe produce something Oscar-worthy.

I grab my phone and head for the door.

Mona’s apartment is a mirror of ours, just a lot tidier, homier . . . has that feminine touch. No posters on the walls, just pictures of Mona when she was younger. Her dishes aren’t piled in the sink like ours. And the place smells sweet, like roses. The first thing I notice when I get in is that her mom is gone. Mona says she’s at work and won’t be back till five. It’s ten in the morning.

The next thing I realize is that Mona changed her clothes. She’s wearing a short spring-dress with a flower pattern, lots of pink and yellow. The window’s open and her dress is fluttering in the breeze.

“It’s over here,” she says, guiding me to the corner of the room where they have a makeshift office set up. Again, I’m amazed by how tidy it is. No messy papers. No dust. Just a monitor on a desk. The tower is on the floor. I sit down and wiggle the mouse.

“So, what’s the symptoms?” I ask.

“It’s running really slow,” she says, nervously pulling at her dress. She’s standing above me with a smile.

“How long have you had it?” I ask.

“Couple of years,” she says. “It’s only started getting bogged down recently . . . especially when I’m on the internet.”

I run a scan and immediately it comes back with a bunch of infections, mainly just minor stuff. I clean it and hit full-scan.

“This might take a minute,” I say.

She smiles. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure,” I shrug.

She bounces over to the kitchen and retrieves a pitcher of lemonade from the fridge. She pours two glasses. The whole time I’m just watching her move. Her legs look so soft. She’s got a perfect round ass. I can feel my cock shifting around.

“Would you like me to spice it up a bit?” she asks, motioning at the glasses. “We have bourbon.”

Fuck, I think to myself. This is it. This is my chance. I see the whole scene playing out in my head: I could fuck her all over this apartment. Fuck her on the living room floor. Fuck her on the kitchen table. I could even fuck her on her mom’s bed. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do, fuck her on her mom’s bed. Squirt jizz all over the sheets!

I shake my head yes and watch as she retrieves a bottle of JB from the cupboard. She moves back to the glasses and smiles as she pours a shot into each one. She leaves the bottle open on the counter and walks toward the couch carrying the lemonade. She motions for me to join her. I try to act calm as I pop up and walk her way. Take it easy, I think. Whatever happens, happens. Just don’t rush it.

She places the glasses on the coffee table and takes a seat in the recliner, motions for me to sit on the couch. Suddenly our relative positions seem out of sync . . . for this rendezvous to move in the direction I’m expecting, we both need to be on the couch.

I take a breath, smile, and sit down.

Last year was my freshman year, and except for a one-nighter at a Halloween party—one I hardly remember nonetheless—it was a pretty dry year for pussy. I made a deal with myself this year to turn it up a notch, to spend more energy working the circuit. Fucking Mona right now would be a terrific way to start off sophomore year.

“This is good,” I say, taking another sip of the lemonade. She smiles.

“So how are you liking the apartment?” she asks, takes a gulp of the lemonade. She places her glass on the table, leaning just enough for me to notice she probably aint wearing no bra.

“Uh,” I stutter, “it’s turning out to be a real nice neighborhood.”

“We’ve lived here for three years,” she says.

“Are you enrolled?” I ask, referring to CSU.

“Not this year,” she says. “I’m taking a gap . . . just to get a break. I wanna work and save money.”

“Great idea,” I say, sipping the lemonade.

“So, what’s your major?” she asks.

“Business,” I say.

She smiles. “I like business,” she says. “I thought about doing something like that myself, but I’m not really sure.”

Right then I get a text from Nick: call me asap! Fuck, I think to myself. I don’t wanna call him. I down the lemonade. Nick texts again: $$$$$.

“Uh . . . I gotta make a quick call . . . do you mind?” I say to Mona. She shakes her head and I pop up from the couch. I walk into the bathroom and hit Nick’s number.

“Dude!” he shouts into the phone. “You gotta meet me . . . now!”

I try to whisper. “I can’t,” I say.

“Whadya mean you can’t?” he shouts.

“I’m in Mona’s apartment,” I whisper.

“You’re in your own apartment?” he says, confused.

“Mona,” I say. “I’m in her apartment. . . Mona’s apartment.”

“Ohhhh . . . Mona’s apartment. What the fuck are you doing there?”

I look over my shoulder; she’s still on the recliner. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hear me. “What the fuck do you think I’m doing here?”

“I don’t know,” says Nick. “Is her mom around? I hope her mom’s around . . . cause she’s really hot.”

“No,” I whisper—Nick has a thing for MILFS. “That’s the beauty of it,” I say. “We’re alone.

“Fuck that,” says Nick.

“Whadya mean, fuck that? I’m really close to a breakthrough, here.”

“We got work to do.”


“The deal is made,” he laughs. “They’re gonna meet us at the Little Inn.”

The Little Inn is a motel about twenty-five miles outside of town. It’s not until I hear Nick say its name that I remember he’s been working on finalizing the deal for our first shoot.

“You gotta bring the equipment,” he says. “We gotta get set-up.”

“Okay . . . okay,” I stutter. It’s the only thing more exciting than fucking Mona right now . . . the idea that we might film our first flick. “What time?” I ask.

“They’ll meet us at 11:30,” he says.

“Okay,” I say. “I’ll be there.”

Nick hangs up and immediately it hits me that I gotta leave and I’m not gonna get to fuck Mona all over her apartment. It’s already 10:30 and it’ll take me an hour to get ready, stop by the storage unit across town where we store the equipment, and then drive the twenty-five miles to the Little Inn.

I walk back out into the living room and tell her I gotta go.

She says: “But whatabout my computer?”

But what I hear is: “But whatabout my pussy?”

“I’m sorry,” I say. “Keep it moist . . .”

“Huh?” she says.

“I mean . . . the computer . . . try it out for a little while. If it’s still running slow, let me know . . . I’ll stop by later.”

I watch her expression deflate. “Okay,” she says. “Maybe later, then.” She walks over and gives me a hug. Her titties feel real nice against my chest. She’s definitely not wearing a bra.


As I’m headed down Route 2 to the Little Inn, the only thing I can think about is Mona. She’s so fuckin’ hot I can barely stand it. I’ve got a boner the size of a telephone pole thinking about the possibility of fluttering my tongue on her little nipples. When I get back to the apartment I think I might invite her over, show her a little action on my kitchen counter.

I pull into the Little Inn parking lot and immediately find Nick standing by his car. He’s gotta huge grin on his face.

“This is it!” he says and grabs me by the shoulders.

“Who’s the girl?” I ask, eager to know more—we’ve known the guy for a while. His name is Brett. Nick found him on Craig’s List. It was finding a girl to participate that had been the hold up.

“You’re gonna love this,” he says, hopping around excitedly. “Her name’s Jessica . . . she’s in my sociology class.” He bounces around more intensely. “But don’t call her Jessica. Call her Candy.”

“Candy?” I say.

“Her stage name,” he says with a laugh. “Look, we’re in 201,” he says, motioning toward the hotel. “Brett’s up there . . . why don’t you go set up. I’ll wait for Jessica . . . I mean Candy.”

I collect the equipment from the trunk and make my way to the room. When I walk in Brett’s sitting in a recliner smoking a cigarette. He’s older, early thirties. Not a bad looking guy, pretty fit. His hairline is receding, but he still looks good. He’s wearing tight jeans and a yellow tank-top. White, low-top sneakers.

“Hi, Brett,” I say, setting the equipment to the side. He stands, and we shake hands. He’s probably six-two . . . six-three. Broad shoulders. “You getting excited?” I ask.

He shakes his head yes and says, “Man, I hope she’s hot.”

“I’m sure she will be . . . you lucky bastard.”

Brett laughs, and it hits me what Nick said in the parking lot: the girl is from his sociology class.

All of a sudden, I have all kinds of questions. How in the fuck did he manage this? My mind runs through all the classes I’ve ever had with all the hot girls that there ever were, and I can’t think for the life of me how I could convince any of them to do something like this. But here we are, waiting for a girl who Nick has somehow convinced to show up and shoot a porn scene.

Part of me is skeptical. I don’t think she’ll show up. Then the other part of me wonders if she’s really from his Soc class. Who knows with Nick.

I don’t have long to wait and find out, though. I peek out the window to see a car pull into the parking lot and a tall brunette get out and bounce over to Nick. They embrace, and he motions for her to follow him to 201. From what I can tell so far, Brett is in for a lot of fun.

When they get to the room, Brett pops out of the recliner fast. I watch as a smile stretches across his face.

Jessica is an absolute knock out. She’s maybe 110lb with long dark hair—down to her waist. She’s wearing a formfitting black dress that accentuates her curves, with black pumps. Her titties are small.

Nick grabs one of her hands and spins her before us. She arches her back as she goes around.

“Brett, allow me to introduce you to Miss Candy Sunshine,” Nick says.

“Holy fuck,” exclaims Brett. “It is a fucking pleasure to meet you, Miss Sunshine.” He takes her hand and pulls it to his lips. I watch as Jessica smiles.

“Alright, so why don’t we spend a few moments getting to know one another, and then we’ll try and get some work done. Everybody okay with that?” asks Nick.

Nick closes the door while I finish setting up the lighting. The Little Inn is a mom-and-pop motel that’s been around probably since the late sixties, early seventies. The décor hasn’t changed much, everything you’d expect from a roadside motel. The wall paper is out of date and ragged in places. The carpet’s plenty worn. But the place is clean, and it looks like they’ve updated the bed and other fixtures.

Brett and Jessica sit on the couch and Nick sits on the edge of the bed. I watch as Brett slides an arm around Jessica’s shoulders.

“So . . . how ‘bout a drink to lighten things up,” Nick says with a clap.

Brett and Candy are smiling as Nick presents a bottle. He pours everyone a Dixie cup and passes them around. I watch as Candy chugs the whisky and asks for more. Nick pours.

“Okay,” Nick says. “We’re not doing anything fancy, today. The layout is simple . . . a casting couch scene.”

“Casting couch scene?” Candy asks.

“Yeah, you know. You sit there on the couch, we’ll ask a few questions, and then after a few minutes Brett will come into the scene.”

“Oh.” She let’s out a nervous chuckle. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” she adds.

“Don’t worry . . . just follow mine and Brett’s lead,” says Nick.

“Don’t worry baby,” Brett offers, rubbing her thigh.

“I wanna try and get this in one take . . . so just improvise. If you get hung up on something, don’t worry, I can edit it out later. Just keep rolling. Okay?”

Brett and Candy nod.

“Okay Candy, just relax, answer the questions, and we’ll see where this goes,” says Nick.

Brett smiles at Candy and she gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Could I talk with you for a second before we get started,” Candy says to Nick.

“Sure,” he says. They walk into the bathroom. I look at Brett. He shrugs. I’m hoping she’s not getting cold feet.

When Nick comes back, he tells us that we’re only shooting a blowjob scene, today.

“Whadya mean?” asks Brett.

“She’s nervous about going all the way . . . says she’ll suck you all day long . . . but she doesn’t want penetration . . . nothing against you, Brett.”

Brett shrugs. “Works for me,” he says.

“Not what I had hoped for,” says Nick. “But we can make it work.”

After a few moments, Candy walks back into the room and takes her place on the couch.

“Remember, don’t look into the camera. Just watch me,” Nick directs. He rubs Candy’s cheek. “This is gonna be fun,” he whispers and walks back out of the scene. “Just let us know when you’re ready, Candy,” he says.

Brett is watching from the bathroom doorway with a huge grin.

Candy gives the signal, and I roll the camera. There’s a short pause before Nick begins:

“So, what’s your name?” he asks.

Candy smiles shyly at him. “Candy Sunshine,” she says.

“That’s a great name,” Nick says. “So why are you here, today?” he asks.

“Ummm . . . I wanna be a porn star,” she says. “I really enjoy acting.”

Nick gives her the thumbs up. “So, this is your first time?”

She giggles. “It’s my first time doing something like this,” she says.

“Do you like to fuck?” asks Nick.

She giggles again. “I love to get fucked,” she says. “But even more than that, I like to suck big cock.”

Immediately I realize Candy’s gonna be a hit. She starts rubbing her little titties through her dress.

“Really?” says Nick. “Have you sucked a lot of big cock?” He gives Brett the ready signal.

“I love to meet random guys . . . maybe at a party . . . or at the bar . . . and get them all worked up. Then I take them somewhere and gobble their dicks.”

“That’s really fuckin’ hot,” says Nick. “What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever gobbled?” he asks.

I watch thru the viewfinder as she stretches her hands about seven or eight inches.

“Nice,” says Nick. “We’ll . . . we have something over here for you,” he says, motioning for Brett to enter the action.

Candy smiles and Brett comes into the scene. There’s a bulge in his jeans and Candy immediately starts rubbing it. “Ohhh . . . nice,” she says. She’s smiling up at Brett.

“Whadya think you can do with that?” asks Nick.

I watch as she unbuttons Brett’s jeans. “Maybe I should show you,” she says.

“That would be nice,” says Nick. “This is your audition,” he says. She smiles and unzips Brett’s jeans. “Your introduction into the porn industry,” adds Nick.

“Yes,” she says.

She finishes unzipping and pulls Brett’s pants down to his thighs. His cock flops out. It’s massive . . . even though it’s still soft, six or seven inches half-flaccid. She instinctively grabs his head and starts to stroke, the same time rubbing her titties through her dress.

I watch as she strokes faster, as Brett’s cock grows. His eyes are closed and he’s already moaning.

She moves in slowly and rubs the tip of her tongue on the bottom of his head. Brett gives a little jerk when she makes contact with his pre-cum.

Candy spends a lot of time on his head, licking his thick cock like a lollipop. Up and down the bottom of his shaft. She’s rubbing her titties harder. Her eyes are closed. Then suddenly she gulps his head, takes the whole thing in her little mouth. Brett’s huge, probably close to nine and half inches. I watch as she stretches her mouth around it. She can only take about a quarter of his length. His girth stretches her mouth. She slobbers on his head, up and down . . . up and down. I watch as she cups his huge balls.

Brett moans. “Lick those nuts,” he demands.

Candy moves her mouth to his sack, hungrily runs her tongue up and down for a few minutes, slurps his ball-skin into her mouth.

Nick motions for Brett to take off Candy’s dress. Bret smiles.

I watch as Candy continues to stroke Brett, his cock seeming to grow harder. It might be a ten-incher, I think. The biggest I’ve ever seen. He reaches down and grabs the hem of her dress with both hands. Candy lifts off the couch enough for Brett to pull her dress up and over her head. He tosses the dress onto the bed. Candy sits in her purple panties, eyes closed, sucking the head of Brett’s dick.

Her body is beautiful. She has a perfect tan. I can’t even detect a tan line. Her belly is flat and soft, her titties small, mostly little brown nipples jutting out hard. I watch as her free hand finds her nipples, as she rubs across her chest, the whole time devouring the head of Brett’s cock. Every once and while Brett gives out a slight moan.

She sucks him for a long time, stays committed to a steady stroke. After a while Brett guides her off the couch and over to the bed. He lays her on her back and positions himself on his knees at the head of the bed. I can see the outline of her pussy lips thru her panties. I can tell she’s shaved. Brett strokes his cock and rubs his head across her thick lips. She gobbles the head again, still rubbing her titties.

Brett lets her go at, working the head of his cock like she’s starving for it. After a few moments he pulls it out of her mouth and rubs his huge member in her face, on her nose, across her eyes. His cock is gigantic. He smacks her gently in the face with it; she tries to grab it with her lips, but Brett won’t let her, just keeps teasing her with it, slapping and rubbing it on her lips and chin.

Suddenly I hear Nick call out: “That’s right . . . just like that . . . work it like that,” he directs. “Slap her with it,” Nick says. “Slap her in the teeth with your jimmy,” he calls out.

I watch as Brett picks up the momentum, as he slaps her harder with his cock, and then as Candy shows a smile, her teeth closed. Brett bounces his cock off her pearly whites, lets his meat lie across them for a second, and then bounces his dick off her mouth again. He’s doing exactly what Nick told him, slapping her in the teeth with his jimmy.

After a few moments, Candy devours his thick head, starts jacking him at the same time. I watch as Brett gives a few short thrusts, gags her for a moment, and then pulls his dick free. Candy takes a breath and immediately goes back for his fat head.

She licks the length of his shaft and then swallows his head. Brett pulls his cock free and dangles his balls over her mouth. I watch as she licks his sack, long and slow. After a few moments Brett pulls back and slaps her with his cock again, forces his head into her mouth. Candy doesn’t miss a beat, just goes on sucking as much of his shaft as she can.

I watch as Brett reaches a hand to Candy’s purple panties, as he slowly touches her slit through the cloth. She widens her knees and he finds her hole, rubs it slowly through her panties as she continues to suck the head of his dick. Soon she’s going faster, more furiously as Brett rubs her pussy.

He slides her panties over, and for the first time I see her slick, wet lips. He uses two fingers to spread her hole. Her pussy is like a rose in full bloom. She pulls away from his cock and releases a long, low moan as he inserts the tip of his middle finger. She goes back to his cock, sucks him more determinedly. I watch as he pumps his finger into her, her wetness glistening on his finger. I can see his cock getting harder as she sucks, the muscles in his back tightening as she strokes him.

Soon he’s rubbing the length of her slit with his middle finger, massaging her little clit as she continues to suck him. Again she pulls back to release an intense moan, then strokes and sucks him faster. He plunges his finger in and out of her pinkness. She begins to writhe against his hand. She jacks him faster and faster. Pumps her pussy against his hand as he pounds his finger into her. Then suddenly she pulls her mouth away and starts to scream, pushes her hips up as he plunges his finger as deeply as he can. She thrusts her pussy vigorously.

“I’m cooooooooommminnnggggg,” she screams, still pumping against his hand.

I watch as Brett grabs his fat cock and jerks it, his finger still in her pussy. It doesn’t take long. He gives his dick three or four long strokes, still pushing his finger into her, down to the knuckle, and then releases a long, thick stream of cum into her face. She instinctively takes her mouth to the head of his meat and gobbles his cum. He pumps his dick into her mouth, releases a loud series of grunts as she milks his shaft.

When its over, I watch the two lie side by side breathing heavily. Brett kisses her on her cheek and massages her pussy slowly through her panties.

Nick looks over at me: “Did you get that?” he asks. “Did you get the money shot?”

I nod my head yes, and for the first time realize my cock is as hard as a bowling ball.


On the drive home, I’m in a complete daze. I can’t help but think how beautiful Candy was, how amazing it was to watch her cum with Brett rubbing her soft, tight pussy. The amazing thing is we have it all on tape, and I can hardly wait to watch the whole scene again. Nick says it’ll take a couple of days before he can get it edited and uploaded . . . although he says there won’t be much editing to it. He says he’s already got a title . . . he’s calling it, slap her in the teeth with your jimmy . . . starring Candy Sunshine. I laugh when he tells me the title.

When I get back to the apartment, I walk by Mona’s door and think about knocking. It’s six o’clock, so I’m sure her mom’s home. I put the key in my door and listen as the lock unlatches. Then I hear Mona’s door open. It’s her mom. She’s standing in the doorway with a smile.

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi,” I say back.

“Look, do you mind if I come over for a few minutes?” she asks. “Would it be a bad time to talk?”

I look up and down the hallway. Nick won’t be back tonight. I got nothing going on. “Where’s Mona?” I ask.

“Out with a friend,” her mom says.

Suddenly I feel a surge through my dick. I think back about the scene I just watched and how much relief I need right now. “Sure,” I say. “Why don’t you give me five minutes and then come on over.”

She smiles, and I watch as she starts to close her door. She pauses. “You sure it’s not a problem?” she asks.

“No problem at all,” I say.

She closes her door, and I head into my apartment. I go right to the bathroom to clean-up, the whole time my cock throbbing in my pants.

I feel a smile stretch across my face. What are the chances? I think to myself. Who knows, but I’m about to find out.

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