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A Damon & Pete: Playing with Fire tale

For Valentine’s Day

K.C. Wells writing as Tantalus


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Pete’s Treat

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Damon & Pete: Playing with Fire – the series


Pete and his hunky bear of a neighbor, Damon, are always competing about something. So when Damon makes a bet on the outcome of their next poker game, Pete is up for it, even if the terms are a little…unusual.

If Damon wins, he gets to do Whatever. He. Wants.

Only thing is, Pete has no idea that Damon has a dark side…


Damon hasn’t had many curveballs thrown his way, and when life manages this, he can usually dodge them.

But not this one.

This one bites him – right in the rear end.


Pete knew there’d be payback and he’s ready to take his punishment.

But what Damon comes up with is so not what he expected...


Pete finally gets to go to the Folsom Street Fair.
It’s a weekend for exploring his limits.
But ultimately, it's Damon’s limits that are challenged...


Pete doesn’t know where he stands when Damon’s ex, Michael, turns up out of the blue.

Talk about bad timing.

Damon had thought his wounds long since healed. Yeah, right.

So where do they go from here?

Table of contents

The Way Things Are

Ulterior Motives

Coffee and Catchup

The Day

Well, Fuck Me


Keeping Everyone Happy

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The Way Things Are



It had to be my favorite view. Pete, on all fours, his long, lean back stretched out, his ass in the air, and my fat dick sliding into it, splitting those cheeks and sending shudders through Pete every time I went deep.

Then I smiled to myself. Who am I kidding? I loved it when Pete was on his back, mouth and eyes wide as I drove my cock home. When Pete sat on my shaft, his fingers digging into my shoulders as he rolled those slim hips, his belly taut, his nipples begging to be sucked and teased and pulled on. When I pinned Pete to the bed with my weight, rocking my hips as I fucked the cum out of him, my hand clamped to Pete’s mouth, muting his cries.

I loved Pete any which way I could.

I covered him with my body, nuzzling the back of his neck. “That feel good, boy?” I spread him wide with my legs, moving only my hips while I enjoyed every inch of that tight body wrapped around my shaft.

Like you have to ask,” Pete groaned. He shivered as I slowly pulled out of him, only to drive my dick all the way home with one hard thrust. “Fuck, I missed this.”

I pumped into him, short, fast strokes that had him moaning almost instantly. “Yeah, right. You’ve got a nightstand full of toys. I bet your ass is worn out after riding that dragon dildo while I’ve been gone.” Two nights I’d been away, for a conference, and they’d been the longest two nights ever. Not that I’d done without. The first night I’d called him from the hotel to indulge in a little late-night dirty talk.

Pete’s moans as he shot his load were all I’d needed to get me off to sleep.

Haven’t… played with it… once. Was waiting for… the real thing.” He arched his back, tilting his ass higher. “Oh fuck, yeah. That real thing, right there.” I grabbed his hips, pulled him up onto his knees, and mounted him, spearing my cock deep into that hot, tight furnace, anchoring myself to his shoulders. “Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me.”

Later that night, there’d be loving, and tenderness, and words whispered in the dark as I made sure Pete knew how much I loved him. Right then, a hot quick fuck was just what the doctor ordered to cure all my ills.

Two nights of no Pete in my bed, in my arms.

Two days of not seeing him, making him laugh, sharing his day.

Fuck, what happened? One minute I’d been a self-reliant guy, not needing anyone, and the next? I needed him like he was air.

And I wouldn’t go back to how I was. Not for a second.

~ 0 ~

Max poured us another coffee, then settled back into his chair. Beyond his office door, the kitchen was quiet: the lunchtime rush was over, and preparations were being made for dinner.

He’d obviously timed our meeting for coffee with precision.

“So, how’s the boy toy?” Max’s eyes twinkled.

I pushed out a growl. “Don’t call him that. And he’s twenty-nine soon. Not exactly a boy, is he?” Not that I hadn’t expected this. Little brothers were supposed to be a pain in the neck, and Max was only living up to expectations.

Max snorted. “In comparison to your forty years, he sure is. What was wrong with finding a guy your own age?”

I put down my coffee cup. “I wasn’t looking for a guy. He sort of snuck up on me.” And wasn’t that the truth?

And you still haven’t answered my question. How is he? Is he driving you crazy yet? Because after all these years of living alone, having someone else around the place must be a… challenge.” He grinned. “To put it mildly.”

You’d be surprised.” Because I certainly was. Pete had slotted into my home and my life like he’d always belonged there. Sure, there’d been disagreements in the early days, but we’d adjusted fairly quickly to a routine that suited us. Those days when my appointments finished early, I was the one to make dinner. When he worked from home, designing gardens, Pete was in charge. And as for chores, we divided them equally. The dishwasher was our friend, and the toilet our enemy, but at least we both had good aim where the latter was concerned. I liked order and neatness, and Pete was a fast learner.

And on those occasions when he wasn’t, there was always my paddle…

Mama thinks the world of him, that’s for damn sure.” Max chuckled. “Her face when you brought him for Thanksgiving… I don’t think she stopped smiling all day. You earned yourself a shitload of points that day.”

All I did was bring him along.” Pete had been nervous at first, but I’d reminded him how well Mama’s birthday evening had gone. He calmed down after that.

Yeah, but she’d just about given up on you ever bringing a boyfriend to a family gathering, and he makes it to a second one.” Max scrunched up his eyebrows. “Except ‘boyfriend’ sounds wrong. Kinda out of place. Partner, maybe?”

I said nothing. I preferred my word. Boy. Not that I called Pete my boy all the time. That was mostly for when we were engaged in intimate pursuits. An image rose in my mind. Pete’s head on a cushion on the floor, his weight on his shoulders, while I stood above him, spread his legs like a wishbone and did a pile driver number on his hole. Me gazing down at him, feeling his body squeezing my cock, demanding to know if he was my boy.

Those eyes, locked on mine, hotter than hell as he nodded. ‘Your boy. Yours.’

Yeah. There were some things Max really didn’t need to know.

Hey, now here’s a thought. Valentine’s Day is coming up.” Max let out a wry chuckle. “Who knows what might be waiting for you when you get home from a hard day’s doing whatever it is you do.” His lips twitched. “You might find him stark naked on a bed of rose petals, with a big red bow tied around his dick.”

I arched my eyebrows. “Do you think a lot about stuff like that? Naked guys on beds of petals? Is there something you want to tell me?”

Max rolled his eyes. “Yeah, right. That stuff doesn’t bother me. Hell, I’ve seen worse in those magazines you kept under your mattress.” I gaped at him, and he nodded. “You think I didn’t know what you were hiding under there? Fifteen years old, and I was exposed to photos of naked men fucking. Scarred me for life.” He smirked. “Actually, it helped me decide one thing. I was definitely straight, because hell, they did nothing for me.”

I guffawed. “Then you owe me.” I helped myself to more coffee. “And it’s funny you should mention Valentine’s. Pete has been trying—in a not-so-subtle way—to work out what to get me for a gift. He’s been talking about music, books, clothes… The thing is? I have everything I need. I certainly don’t need more stuff.”

And what about his gift?

I smiled. “Oh, I had that worked out weeks ago. It’s all planned.”

Max stared at me for a second, then his mouth fell open. “Oh. My. God.”


He shook his head. “You’re gonna do it, aren’t ya?”

Do what?” He’d truly lost me.

“Propose to him. That’s it, isn’t it? You got the ring already?” He appeared absurdly happy about the prospect.

“Pro—” I burst out laughing. “God, no.”

It’s not that hilarious a suggestion, is it?” Max frowned. “I mean, you must love him. You live together.”

There was no way I was about to explain to Max that Pete’s collar was as close as we got—or wanted to get—to being married. “We’re both happy with things the way they are,” I said quietly. “Neither of us want marriage, so why rock the boat? We don’t need a piece of paper to show we’re committed.”

No. We had that heavy chain around Pete’s neck, that told anyone who needed to know, exactly what the situation was.

Max nodded slowly. “I guess I got carried away at the idea of standing with you. You know, in a church, with Mama crying her eyes out in the row behind?”

I was touched. “Well, if we ever change our minds, I’ll know who to ask.” Not that there was much chance of that. Pete was perfectly content with our life.

Maybe once upon a time, I’d had that dream too, but after so many years of being alone, now that I’d found my corner of Happiness, I was going to make sure I didn’t screw it up.

Max glanced at the clock. “Want to share some pasta before you go? Donny made this sage tortellini in a butter sauce that’s to die for.”

I was about to refuse, but the lure of sage and butter was too much to ignore. “Just a little. I don’t want to ruin my appetite.”

Besides, if I wasn’t all that hungry when I got through the front door, I could always compensate by taking Pete down to the basement for an appetizer.

A good, hard fuck always made me ravenous.

Ulterior Motives


“Well? What do you think?”

I wasn’t sure where to start. Okay, so it was a well-maintained yard, but there wasn’t that much scope for doing something ‘adventurous’, which was why she’d asked me to take a look at it. “Mrs. Ramos, I—” Her heavy sigh stopped me dead in mid-sentence.

She gazed at me sadly. “When do you think you might get around to calling me Mama? After all, you’re living with my son. Mrs. Ramos makes it sound like it’s not… permanent.”

“Oh. I was just being polite, that’s all.” The last thing I wanted was to offend her.

I know you were. You’re a polite young man.”

And I was going to try to work up to it, honest. It’s just that Damon and I, we’ve only been together a relatively short time. It felt… wrong to leap right in and call you Mama.” I’d assumed that was a word for when we’d gotten used to the situation. And I had no idea when that would be. It still felt like a dream to me. But I knew what she meant about the whole ‘not feeling permanent’ thing.

I just wasn’t sure what to do about it.

She gestured to the couch by the window, and we sat. “I have a confession,” she said quietly. Her manner was so unlike the feisty woman I’d come to know, that I was instantly intrigued. “I… got you here under false pretenses.”

I snickered. “That’s okay. I didn’t really come here to discuss your yard either.”

Mrs. Ramos blinked. “You’re kidding. Okay—you go first.”

I settled back against the cushions. “I need your help. It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and I want to get Damon a gift he’ll remember. The only problem is, I have no clue. I’ve tried being subtle, but he’s just not biting. So, I figured you might have an idea or two.

“I guess saying it with flowers is not going to work? Or chocolate?” Her expression was hopeful.

I chuckled. “You tell me. Can you see Damon being impressed by flowers or chocolate?

She bit her lip. “Maybe not.” Then her eyes lit up. “What about chocolate flowers? Just kidding.” Mrs. Ramos mirrored my body language and leaned back. “It was hell coming up with birthday and Christmas presents when he was a child. I always took the easy way out.”

And what was that?” My brain perked up at that. There’s an easy way?

Books. Never failed. Of course, I couldn’t pick out the books. Lord, no. I had to give him a gift card and let him choose his own.” She locked gazes with me. “I hate to say it, but the gift Damon values the most? Is the gift where it means something to both of you. There’s something personal about it, or it has special meaning to you…” She patted my knee. “I never learned the trick. Maybe you can.

I’d have to think long and hard about that.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Why am I really here?” If it wasn’t the yard, then I had no clue. If Mrs. Ramos wanted things doing around her home, she had plenty of kids who’d be there in a heartbeat. And apart from my green thumb, I wasn’t the practical type.

She fell silent for so long that the skin on my arms erupted in a carpet of goosebumps. “I guess you hit on it with the whole ‘Mrs. Ramos’ thing.” She sighed. “It’s nothing you’ve done, Pete. It’s just… I want to see Damon settled down.”

Relief flooded through me. “I sold my house and moved in with him. How much more settled do you want him to be?”

Her eyes sparkled. “How settled? I’ll tell ya. Enough to see my baby married.”


Before I could say a word, she held up her hand. “I know, I know, I’m being a typical pushy mother. Most people your age aren’t getting married. They’re living together, just like you two. And I know a scrap of paper and a ring wouldn’t change a thing between you… it’s just the way I was brought up. That if you love someone, you marry them.”

Fuck. How in hell could I reply to that?

“I do love him, y’know,” I said softly. “Never loved anyone the way I love Damon.”

The affection in her expression was so obvious, it set off a fresh round of goosebumps. “I know, sweetie. I can see that every time you look at each other. And it doesn’t really matter what an old lady thinks. It’s your life, after all. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I covered her hand with mine. “You carry on saying whatever you want,” I said firmly. “And please, don’t worry about Damon. He has everything he wants, believe me.”

Mrs. Ramos snorted. “Now that, I can believe.” She cleared her throat. “So… my yard. Any suggestions?”

Pave it over and fill it with pots?” I grinned, knowing exactly how she’d take it. She cackled, and hit me on the arm. Then it was down to the real business of sketching out what she could have out there—if she really wanted to be bold.

It wasn’t until I was driving away that I got to thinking. And what could I have, if I was to be bold? Because sure, Damon had everything he wanted.

Did I?

I thought I had.

I had Damon, in my life, 24/7. I had his collar. I was his boy.

Then I reasoned that I was only thinking this way because she’d come out and mentioned marriage. Would I have even considered the idea before that? And who said Damon even wanted to get married? He hadn’t said a word.

Damon wasn’t the kind of man to keep quiet when he wanted something. Ever.

By the time I got home, I’d pushed the thought out of my mind. Why was I even wasting time on this? We didn’t need a piece of paper. We were solid.

Except the damage was done. Several times that afternoon, my attention wandered from my task of designing a Japanese garden, and there I was, questioning my feelings. Analyzing our relationship.

Wondering what the hell Damon would say if I just came right out and asked if he’d ever thought of us getting married.

Part of me didn’t want to consider how I’d feel if he stared at me incredulously, with that ‘What the fuck?’ look in his eyes.

I didn’t think I could stand that.

Coffee and Catchup


February 5th

It’s good to see you.” I had to admit, marriage certainly suited them. Brayden had put on a little weight since the wedding a year ago, but that was no bad thing. He looked happier that I could ever recall seeing him, and that was saying a lot, considering how many years we went back. Tim was as laid-back as ever, his arm around Brayden’s shoulders, glancing now and again at his husband, their gazes meeting for just a second. Then it was back to the conversation.

Brayden took a drink of his latte. “I’m glad you could fit us in. I know you’re busy these days.” His eyes sparkled. “What’s this I hear about a new man?”

I groaned. “And which little bird told you that?” It wasn’t as if we moved in the same circles anymore. They had their life in Sacramento, and had been blissfully loved-up since they got married. Not to mention enjoying their fill of Sacramento’s gay bars and clubs.

Tim smirked. “Well, seeing as we had dinner last night at Max’s place… who do you think?”

I think I’m gonna kill my brother.” They laughed. “So yeah, there’s someone. And I’m sure Max has told you all about him.”

Surprisingly, no. That’s why we couldn’t wait to meet up for coffee. We wanna hear everything.” Brayden grinned. “Like, where did you meet, what’s he like… and does he share the same… proclivities?”

I speared him with a look. “I keep telling you, don’t go using those big words on me.”

“That means yes,” Brayden said with a smug air.

I’d met Brayden in college, and we’d remained friends. Our tastes did not run in the same vein, as I’d discovered when I took him with me to visit a certain store. Not that I’d wanted anything outrageous from Mr. S Leather—I was just checking the place out—but my God, Brayden’s expression when he saw some of the ‘toys’. His eyes were out on stalks.

As for me? I was in Heaven.

I sighed heavily. “Okay. Yes. Happy now?”

I think we’re more interested in knowing if you are,” Tim said with a smile.

That was easy. “Yeah, I am. He’s younger than me, but the age gap doesn’t worry me. What matters most is that he fits, better than I ever expected any guy to do.

Thank God for that.” Brayden expelled a long breath. “If you knew how long I’ve waited to see that look on your face again.”

“What look?”

He grinned. “The ‘I’m stupid in love’ face. Been a damn long time coming.” Tim nudged him, and he gave a start. “Yeah. Right. Anyhow, we wanted to invite you and….”

“Pete,” I supplied, smirking.

Yeah, Pete—to our anniversary party. We’re a little late in asking, because someone didn’t get his finger out of his ass quick enough, and the venue we wanted got booked up. So we had to arrange an alternative.”

Tim rolled his eyes. “You’re not gonna let me forget that, are ya?”

Nope.” Brayden’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

When’s the party?” I got out my phone to check. Seeing as the only non-family parties I’d taken Pete to had been sex parties, a little slice of normality would be good. That was assuming everyone kept their clothes on.

February 14th.” Brayden took hold of Tim’s hand. “We thought it would be kind of… romantic. And great for our single friends who always feel left out on Singles Awareness Day.” He smirked. “AKA Valentine’s Day.”

Ah.” Bummer. “Sorry, guys, but we have plans for that night. Very important plans.”

Do tell. That’s if you feel you can,” Brayden added.

I hesitated, and he opened his eyes wide. “Aha. You have…” He leaned forward and lowered his voice. “Something kinky in mind.”

Tim straightened. “Really? What?”

It’s not a big deal. I’ve been to hundreds of these.” Then I reconsidered. “Except that’s not strictly true. It is a big deal—to Pete. It’s something he’s thought about, talked about, and fantasized about, so I figured it was time for me to make it a reality.”

Now you’ve really intrigued me.” Brayden leaned forward again. “What is it?” he whispered.

I took a deep breath. “A gangbang. I’ve invited three friends to come over. We’ve spent the last week exchanging emails, sharing our latest test results.”

Tim coughed, hastily mopping up coffee. “You’re giving him a gangbang… for Valentine’s Day?” He gave a furtive look around the coffee shop, as if checking that no one was listening in to our conversation.

You don’t think he’ll appreciate the thought?” For the first time, I wavered. Had I got this all wrong?

Brayden guffawed. “Oh sure. I mean, nothing says ‘I love you’ like ‘Come in here where I have three friends waiting to fuck you bareback’.”

Before I could react, Tim regarded Brayden with a plaintive expression. “Oooh… can I have one of those for my birthday?” Then he jerked his head toward me. “A raw gangbang?”

I nodded. “They’re on PrEP, and have all undergone testing to make sure they don’t have so much as a fungal nail infection. And Pete and I haven’t used condoms since Christmas. I got our latest clean bill of health two days ago.”

Brayden regarded me closely. “You’ve obviously put a good deal of thought into this, if you’re vetting everyone.”

Oh yeah. I know he wants this. And I want him to be happy.” That brief flare of panic had subsided. We’d discussed his limits enough times, and I’d hinted at bringing in more guys after his fisting. If he hadn’t mentioned it again after that, I’d have let it drop.

Only, he did. More than once. That was what had convinced me I was on the right track, in the end.

I was going to blow his mind.

I suppose video would be out of the question,” Tim said innocently. When Brayden gasped, he shrugged. “What? I think it sounds phenomenally hot. Totally jealous here.”

Brayden aimed an accusatory glance in my direction. Now look what you’ve started.” Then he started laughing. “Well, this has been a most educational coffee break.”

“Educational?” I frowned.

He snickered. “Oh yes. I’m only now discovering what a kinky guy I married. He’s managed to keep this quiet for years, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag.” He took Tim’s hand.

“Think of all the fun you’ll have.” I grinned. “So many things to see and do.”

I was thinking Folsom might be a good place to start,” Tim said in a matter-of-fact tone. When both Brayden and I gaped at him, he frowned. “What?”

“Don’t run before you can walk,” I advised him. Tim reminded me of Pete.

In which case, Brayden was going to have his hands full. One look at his smirk, and I couldn’t resist. “And I don’t know what you’re looking so pleased about. You’ve got some catching up to do, because apparently, vanilla isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

That wiped the smug expression from his face. Not that I was thinking about what lay in store for them.

I was already anticipating Valentine’s Day.

The Day


February 14th

Damon took one look at me and shook his head. “I swear, you’re vibrating.”

I’m buzzing! I’ve been like this ever since breakfast. And, can I just say, that was mean. Telling me this morning that I had a surprise coming, but I’d have to wait for it until the evening?” I hadn’t stopped thinking about it all day. Wondering. Fantasizing.

I was a mess. Work? Forget work. I couldn’t concentrate for long enough. There wasn’t just my surprise to contemplate. There was also the one I had planned for Damon.

The one that was giving me heart palpitations.

I wanted to build your excitement.” Damon grinned. “Did it work?”

I aimed a look at him that hopefully promised retribution when the day was over. “Can’t you give me a hint?”

Damon stroked his chin, then smiled. “Yes. You’ll love it.”

I resisted the urge to whine. “Something a little more concrete than that?” He peered up toward the ceiling, and I let out a growl. “I’m pretty sure the answer’s not up there.”

Okay,” he said slowly, appearing to relent. He left me and walked into our bedroom, returning with—

An enema kit. Hoo boy.

Well, that told me one thing. Whatever was happening, my ass was in for a surprise. And just like that, a switch flipped.

Whatever was happening was new. I felt it, from balls to bones.

When do you want me ready?” I kept my voice low and even, doing my best to control the excitement bubbling inside me.

Damon’s eyes shone with approval. “Eight o’clock. There’s soup for dinner. Once we’ve eaten, you’re to go prepare yourself.”

“And… how do you want me? I mean, is there anything you’d like me to wear?”

Another warm, approving glance. “Just that jock I bought for you. The one you wore for the Folsom after-party.” He grinned. “The one that barely contains your cock.”

This was getting better and better. “Are we… going somewhere?”

Yes, but not far.” His lips twitched. “Just make sure you’re ready for eight.” Then he leaned over and kissed me. “I’m gonna make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.” He paused, and I knew exactly what was going through his mind. He’d gotten the cute card from me that morning, a red background with two guys’ heads silhouetted against it, with a pair of hearts and a thought bubble containing the words, ‘I can’t even think straight.’ And I knew he was looking around, waiting for his gift.

That didn’t materialize.

Well, if he could tease me….

“I have a surprise for you too,” I said quietly. “But that’s for later.”

He laughed. “I see. Then I guess I’ll have to wait too. Do I need to clean out my ass for your surprise?” he said jokingly.

I couldn’t waste an opening like that. I leaned in close, until our lips were almost touching, then whispered, “Only if you’re gonna let me fuck you again.”

Damon’s breathing hitched. He wound his fingers through my hair, and held on tight as he kissed me, with none of the tenderness of before. This was a brutal, fierce claiming, and I fucking loved it. When he released me, I chuckled.

“See? I knew you loved it.”

It was all bluff, and we both knew it. Topping Damon when he was tied up was one thing. I’d done it to make sure he knew I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I wanted him. Now that I had him? I had no inclination to repeat the experience.

Except if he asked me to.

Damon reached down and squeezed my butt cheeks. “Just make sure you’re so squeaky clean, I could use your ass as my dinner plate. And you might wanna put in a butt plug once you’re done.” His gaze met mine, and he grinned. “Well, you said you wanted hints. But that’s all you’re getting.”

Whatever he had planned, one thing was obvious.

My ass was in for an unforgettable evening.

~ 0 ~


I opened the bedroom door and stood there in my boots and a leather jock, my collar around my neck as usual. I did my best not to tremble, but fuck, I was nervous. He’d instructed me not to come out of our room for the last half hour.

Damon looked me up and down, nodding. “Perfect.” He fingered the collar and smiled. “My boy.”

Yours,” I whispered. I took advantage of his perusal to take in what he was wearing. Damon with a black leather harness snug across his chest was a magnificent sight, but my attention was drawn to the leather shorts that were barely more than briefs, his dick straining the pouch. My fingers itched to touch that solid length, but I knew better. I kept my hands to my sides and waited as he crossed the room, went to the dresser, opened a drawer, then returned to me, something black and soft in his hands.

You’ll wear this at first,” he said as he tied the blindfold at the back of my head.

At first came as a relief. So at some point this evening I’d get to see what was going on. “Yes, sir. Will…. Will I need a coat or something to cover me?” I had visions of him leading me out to the car, all the neighbors gawking at me.

I thought you liked the idea of exhibitionism,” Damon said with a snicker. “And the answer is no. Now, here’s my arm. I’m going to lead you through the house.”

Wait. There’s a bag on the bed. It’s got a towel and stuff in it. You know, after care.” My heart hammered. I had to take that bag.

A moment later, Damon said. “Okay. I’ve got it. Though I’m pretty sure I can take care of all that.”

I took his arm and walked slowly and carefully toward the rear of the house, but rather than head for the back door, Damon took a turn. Mentally, I tried to envisage our surroundings.

We were at the door to the basement.

Relief flooded through me. “You weren’t kidding when you said we weren’t going far.”

Damon laughed, close beside me. “Okay, you know what the stairs look like. Put your hand to the wall as you go down.”

I obeyed, feeling my way down the stairs into the cooler temperature of the basement. Except… it was warmer down there than usual. I could feel it. When I reached the bottom, I stood still, unsure of what was around me. Damon took my hand and guided me further into the space.

Very nice, Damon.” The voice was deep and gruff—and familiar. I froze, frantically replaying that voice in my head. Tate. The guy who’d fingered my ass while I’d been on my knees, sucking Damon’s cock in the middle of Folsom Street.

Oh fuck. He’s organized a threeway.

Damon had hinted at it often enough, and I’d thought about it ever since he first brought up the idea. And now that it was really going to happen?

I was surprised I didn’t come on the spot.

“Fuck, look at that dick. He’s already like a rock.”

Okay, that wasn’t Tate. That was…. An image came to mind. A bear of a guy, so similar to Damon in build, with big hands. Come to think of it, one of those hands was usually deep inside Ray’s rectum. That’s Jake. Okay, not a threeway then.

Well, Damon had asked me if three guys was a hard limit.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun.”

Who the hell is that?

I stood still, rooted to the spot. Warm air brushed my neck, and I shuddered. “That’s it. That’s all of them.” Damon’s voice, low and comforting. Then his chuckle tickled my ear. “Well, I did wonder how many we could squeeze into here.”

Holy fuck. His words. The Christmas party. How many guys he could squeeze into his basement for

My first gangbang.

I swallowed, then went with humor. “Aw, for me? You shouldn’t have.” Laughter erupted around us.

Damon’s lips met mine. Like I didn’t know his kiss.

“On your knees, boy.”

Well, Fuck Me


I lowered myself to the floor, which was covered in some kind of fabric, not the vinyl tiles I remembered. My arms were still at my sides, my back straight. This might be my surprise, but there was no way I would let Damon down.

I’d show them his boy knew how to behave.

Things to share before we start.” Damon’s voice. “I know these guys. I trust them. And we’ve all seen each other’s paperwork. We’ve all been tested recently. Full medical check.”

Before I could react, Damon surged ahead.

And the reason for sharing this? No condoms here tonight, boy.”

Whoa. It was exhilarating that he’d organized a gangbang for me, but a bareback gangbang?

Damon didn’t do things by halves, and I was one lucky boy.

Two of these guys are on PrEP. The other is HIV positive, but he’s on meds and is undetectable. None of them have little nasties lurking anywhere.” Fingers stroked my hair. “So by the end of this, you will be wearing their cum, or pushing it out of your hole.” His breath tickled my ear. “Not to mention eating it.”


Your thoughts, please.

He expects me to think after delivering that?

I swallowed. “You must think I’m safe to let this go ahead. I trust you, sir.”

“Good boy.” His tone was warm, and I knew I’d said the right thing.

“Ever had someone breed your ass, boy?” That unknown voice.

Only Damon, sir.” And that was new enough that it still gave me a thrill to feel his cock throb inside me.

“Can we stop jawing now?” Tate complained. “Because I for one want that sweet mouth wrapped around my cock.”

Damon’s hand hadn’t moved from my head. “Now’s the time to back out, if you want to. Your safeword is red, remember.”

Like I was going to back out now.

I held my head high. “Where’s that dick?”

Damon laughed. He shoved my head back and kissed me, hard and long. Then he let go. “You can get him warmed up, Tate.”

Without warning, a warm cock pushed against my lips, demanding entrance, and suddenly my mouth was full of hard dick. Tate’s hands cupped the back of my head as he pumped into me, my nostrils filled with the smell of leather. The sound of quickened breathing increased on all sides, and I knew they stood around me. The slap of dick against palm told me what was coming.

Fucking bring it on. Sucking cock had to be my favorite.

Music started up, a good steady beat with a rhythm that got my pulse racing. He’s thought of everything. Above it, Tate’s groan filled my ears. “Fuck, Damon. It looked amazing… when he was sucking you off at Folsom… The reality is even better that I thought.” A warm, calloused hand caressed my cheek. “Beautiful, Pete. Just beautiful.”

My chest swelled, and I sucked all the harder, pulling another heartfelt groan from him.

Enough of that. My turn.” That unknown voice. Before I could ask whose dick I had the pleasure of sucking, my mouth was taken in a fierce kiss, and I responded eagerly. Seconds later, I was swallowing another hot meaty cock, only now, one of them slapped their dick against my neck. I bobbed furiously, taking in as much as I could, thankful as ever for no gag reflex.

I had but to turn my head a little to encounter fresh dick, and that was it, the pattern was set. I took it in turns to move from cock to cock, sucking along thick shafts, taking one to the root, before my hair was roughly pulled and I was filled with another. Wet sounds accompanied my endeavors, and I knew the four men were sharing kisses, while palming slick shafts, awaiting their turn. I could feel the heat from their bodies as they pressed in around me, murmuring words of encouragement.

“That’s it, take it. Take that dick.”

All the way in, boy. Swallow it.”

One hand on my throat. “Fuck, feel it when he takes it deep.”

“You’re a born cocksucker, aren’t ya?”

My mouth was full of dick while another slapped me in the face.

Make him take two.” That was Tate. And then there were two cock heads pushing at my mouth, while I licked and sucked first one, then the other. “Both of ’em,” Tate growled, and my lips were stretched as two hard, smooth heads fought to gain entrance.

Gimme that mouth.” That was Damon, and I was robbed of breath when he claimed my mouth in a wet, long kiss, before another mouth claimed possession.

Time to let him see what he’s playing with,” said the unknown guy, and I blinked as the blindfold was pulled from my eyes. The speaker wore a pair of pale worn jeans and a harness, and I recognized him. RD, the guy whose party we’d attended after Folsom. His fly was open to reveal a long, thick shaft and full-looking balls, resting against the denim. What I couldn’t miss was the heavy ring through the end of his cock. Snug around the root and balls was a black cock ring. Next to him on my right was Jake, who was naked from the waist down, apart from a pair of boots, and who wore a black vinyl shirt, the flaps open. To my left was Tate, wearing a pair of backless shorts and a snug leather vest. Two more cock rings in evidence.

Damon stood to my left, gazing at me and grinning. “Having fun yet?”

Then they turned up the heat, and my mouth was never empty.

RD held my head firm while Tate thrust into my mouth, until his dick was bumping the back of my throat. Then it was Tate holding Damon’s cock steady while Jake pushed me to take it deeper. All change. Jake smacked his dick against my tongue, before Damon put both hands around my throat, his thumbs on my cheeks as Jake fucked my mouth, until long strings of saliva fell from his glistening shaft as he pulled it free.

My own cock ached, and I yearned to take it out. “Please,” I gasped out between dicks, rubbing my crotch.

Tate reached down to unzip the pouch. “Play with it,” he commanded.

Like I needed to be told a second time. I curled my fingers around my hot shaft and rocked, forcing it through the tunnel of my palm. Jake trickled lube over my fingers, and fuck, that was heaven.

They towered above me, their arms around one another’s shoulders as I moved from dick to dick, accompanied by the constant entreaties that fell from their lips, to suck it, lick it, take it deep, take that fucking cock

It was glorious. The kisses were sloppy and fucking perfect, all tongues and teeth. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they all stopped as if by some silent agreement. RD pointed to the right. “On there, hands and knees.”

There turned out to be a low bench.

Finally, I was about to get a dick in my ass. Several dicks. My hole tightened at the thought.

I got up, my knees aching slightly, and hurried to get up onto the padded surface. Tate was at my head in an instant, proffering his cock, and I took him into my mouth. The others were behind me, out of my line of sight.

Tate stroked my hair as I rocked back and forth on his girth, keeping up a constant litany of how fucking good it felt, and how he was going to feed me his hot load.

Oh, nice. Look at this.” Jake’s tone held appreciation. Seconds later, I groaned around Tate’s dick as someone pulled on my butt plug, before my body sucked it back into my hole. Then the plug was gone, and a slick cock pressed against the loosened ring. “Fuck, this is going to feel so good,” Jake moaned.

Here.” Tate shoved a small brown bottle under my nose, and I helped myself to a hit. It didn’t take long to feel the effects, and I shuddered as Jake drove his bare dick into me without preamble. Not that I could say a word, as another bare cock filled my mouth. Stuffed at both ends by raw dick. That was a first right there. Then all such thoughts vanished as Jake proceeded to fuck me, slamming his body against my ass.

Oh my God, the way it fucking slides right in.” He grabbed hold of my jock and held on as he thrust into me, while Tate held onto my head and pumped his dick down my throat. They got into a rhythm, aided by the thump of the music, and I rocked between them, loving the sensations.

Damon knelt beside me, his hand on my shaft, stroking it gently, working it. “That feel good?” His eyes were focused on me.

I couldn’t reply. My mouth was full. Instead I moaned enthusiastically, and tried to nod my head. Damon grinned. “Me next.” He got to his feet, pumping his meaty dick.

Oh no you don’t,” RD called out. One moment I was full to the hilt with Jake’s cock, the next, RD was plowing into me, his fingers digging into my hips. “Oh my fucking God. You get to fuck this ass all the time? When did you sell your soul, Damon? Boy’s got a hole that was made to be fucked.” He drove his shaft all the way home, and I cried out with sheer fucking joy. Oh my fucking God, that Prince Albert It was like being rubbed on the inside in just the right way.

Jake was at my head, gently pushing Tate aside before he brushed his dick against my lips. “Wanna taste of your ass?” Then he pushed deep, and there were no more cries as I was filled again and again.

“Say you want it harder,” RD demanded, thrusting into me.

“Harder, sir,” I gasped out, as Jake freed my mouth.

“Didn’t quite catch that.”

Harder, sir!” Then his hands were on my shoulders, and he was yanking me back onto that thick cock, over and over, as Jake bent down to kiss me, his tongue doing deep, while the music pumped through the air, the floor, our bodies, pushing us on with a relentless pulse.

One cock began to blur into another, as they all took turns impaling me. I moaned when Damon sank all the way into me, his hands on my waist as he filled me with his meaty shaft. “That’s it, boy. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

I pushed back hard, rocking onto it, loving the way he slid into me in one long glide, before spearing me with a series of short, quick thrusts. When he stopped, I moaned in frustration, until a hot tongue lapped over my hole. “Oh, fuck, yeah.” I straddled the bench, spreading my legs as wide as I could, thankful for the respite.

“You like that?” RD asked. “Tate’s tongue in your ass?”

Damon chuckled. “That’s one thing you’ll never hear—Pete complaining about getting rimmed. He’d have me eat his ass all day if he could.”

I didn’t laugh. I was too busy relishing Tate’s talented tongue. “That feels… amazing.” Hands spread my cheeks, giving him more access.

You should see it from our viewpoint,” Jake said with a snicker. “Tate on his back, his face pressed into your crack, Damon spreading you, stretching you wide for Tate’s tongue…”

“Ready for my cock again,” RD announced. “Tate, you stay put.”

Seconds later I arched my back and groaned as RD thrust into me, slick and hot. I could still feel Tate’s tongue, lapping over my balls and taint. That wasn’t all he was doing.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s it. Lick my shaft before I stick it inside him,” RD moaned. “God, yeah, keep doing that.” The dual assault on my sac and hole felt exquisite.

Damon was at my side, gripping the back of my neck as Jake thrust his cock into my mouth, all the way to the root.

The combination of sounds, smells and sensations was too much. I knew I wasn’t that far from coming. When Jake pulled free of me, I shuddered out one word. “Close!”

To my horror, everything stopped, and the men stepped away from me.

Damon helped me to my feet. “Oh no. You’re not to cum. We’re not done with you yet. We haven’t even gotten to the finale.”

I gaped at him.

There’s a finale?



I lay on my back on the bench, holding my dick around the base. “Climb aboard,” I said with a grin. Tate threw me the bottle of lube, and I applied a liberal coating. Pete gazed down at me, obviously perplexed. “You’ll find all the answers you seek when you sit on this cock,” I assured him, trying to keep my face straight. God, that was corny.

Pete apparently felt the same way. He laughed and straddled me, reaching back to guide me into his hole. He sank down with a satisfied groan, until I was balls deep inside him. No sooner was my dick buried to the hilt, than I began fucking up into him, loving the shudders that coursed through him, the way he grabbed hold of my pecs and squeezed.

That’s it. You love riding this dick, don’t you?”

The look on his face was answer enough. “I can never get tired… of this dick…” He leaned back, his hands on my thighs, shuddering as I drove into him.

Too far away.

Come here,” I said softly, pausing, and Pete bent over to kiss me, his hands on my face, my neck, my chest. Then he sat upright, rocking back and forth, his own cock rigid and pointing up into the air, slick with pre-cum.

I gave Jake the nod, and he stepped forward to pour yet more lube down Pete’s crease, making sure it coated my shaft too. Pete rolled his hips, his eyes closed, looking as gorgeous as he always did when he let go and just… felt. RD straddled my head and held out his cock.

“Eyes open, boy, and take what I give you.”

Pete obeyed instantly, his head bobbing as he worshiped RD’s cock, appreciative noises falling from his lips. He licked around the piercing, flicking it with his tongue, and RD’s groans echoed around the basement.

I met Tate’s gaze, and he nodded, stepping between my legs. I grabbed onto Pete’s waist. “Get ready,” I ground out, stilling as I waited for Tate to get into position.

Pete pulled free of RD’s dick and stared at me. “Ready for—Jesus fucking Christ!” He hunched over, his eyes huge, and Jake was there with the bottle again, holding it out for Pete. He took a hit from it, then shivered. “Oh fuck. Two dicks.”

I reached up and caressed his cheek. “You said you wanted to try it. I didn’t forget.” Fuck, the effort it took not to move, but I lay there, letting Tate do all the work as he slowly pushed into Pete’s body, Tate’s dick sliding against mine. “You okay?”

God, his eyes were enormous. “Feels… full. God, it’s…”

“Breathe. And as soon as you give the word, he’s out. Okay?”

Pete drew in a deep breath. “Tate?”

Tate’s hand was on Pete’s shoulder, rubbing gently. “Yeah?”

“You can move now.”

Tate grinned at me over Pete’s shoulder. “Have I mentioned, I really like this boy?” Then he started to move, leisurely at first, a gentle rolling of his hips, but each slight thrust forced a groan from Pete’s lips. “You still okay?”

Pete nodded.

Like that would be enough for me. “Words, Pete. Tell me how it feels.”

His face was inches from mine. “Oh fuck. The feeling is… huge… and I don’t just mean the dicks.” He shuddered again. “It’s like… being caught up… in some giant wave… one minute it’s so fucking good… the next…” His eyes never left mine. “Don’t think it’ll be much longer now.” He gazed down at me and mouthed, I love you. Thank you.

That nearly undid me right there. “I think you just gave me my gift, boy,” I said softly, stroking his cheek. Pete closed his eyes, and I knew he was focusing on the sensations. “Does it feel good, having two dicks inside you?”

Feels… stretched. Like they shouldn’t fit.” Pete panted. “Oh fuck, but they feel so good.” Then his face tightened, and I knew he’d reached his limit.

“Not so good now? Want to stop?”

“Yes, sir.”

Tate eased out of him, and Pete stood, my dick sliding out of his hot hole. I got to my feet, helped him onto his back on the bench, then grinned at the others. “Time for Pete to wear his new coat of cum.”

They laughed, and soon there were four of us, pumping our dicks, standing over him while he jerked his own cock faster and faster.

RD signaled to Jake. “Grab his ankles.” Jake did as instructed, and RD pushed down with his hands on Pete’s thighs, before driving his cock into Pete’s body. “Gotta love a hot, slick hole,” he said with a groan.

“That’s one long dick.” Pete rolled his eyes back. “Fuck, you’re deep.”

RD grinned. “Which is where my load is going. Any… second… now.” He froze, his thighs shaking as he cried out. Then he pulled out, wiping the last drops of cum over Pete’s taint. He straightened, slowly pumping his cock. “Let’s see if I can find you a bit more.”

Sounds a bit ambitious, if you ask me,” Jake said with a cackle.

Pete’s gaze met mine. “Come inside me, sir?”

Like I could refuse that. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders, rolling his ass up off the bench, and slid home. Pete moaned with pleasure, his hand a blur on his dick, and the others sped up their movements. It was a race to the finish as to who would be the first to shoot their load.

Jake groaned as his cum spattered across Pete’s face and neck. He shook as he squeezed out the last drop. RD scooped some up with his fingers and fed it to Pete, thrusting them between his lips.

Tate was next, his body jolting as ropes of creamy white decorated Pete’s abs. The last drops he saved for Pete’s mouth, coating his lips with them. Then he dragged his fingers through the cum and held them out to Pete, who cleaned them with his tongue.

RD stood beside me, his breathing rapid as he worked his shaft. “I’m not done yet.”

When he stiffened, I pulled nearly all the way out of Pete. “There. Cover my cock with it.”

RD moaned as drops of cum landed on my dick and Pete’s sac, and I slid into Pete with ease, balls tingling as my own orgasm hit. I thrust deep into him, stilling as my cock throbbed inside him, filling him with my load.

Pete squeezed his shaft, cum pulsing out of him, filling his navel and pooling beneath the head of his dick. He closed his eyes and lay there, the odd tremor rippling through him as the remnants of his climax ebbed away.

I eased out of him, my dick still half-hard and glistening. “Now, boy. Show me that cum.”

Pete grabbed hold of his legs, displaying his hole, from which a clear fluid pulsed out of him in a slow trickle. I gently pushed my middle finger inside him, releasing another rush of cum, his hole red and gaping before it shrank back to a tight pucker. “Beautiful,” I said in a whisper, before scooping up the remnants and feeding it to Pete. “Here, boy.”

Pete licked my fingers cleaned, sucking on them, his gaze locked on mine. Then he let go of his legs, his eyes closing, a soft sigh escaping him.

I laughed. “I think, gentlemen, we’ve fucked all the words right out of the boy.” The others chuckled. When Pete opened his eyes, I grinned. “Got nothing to say?”

Pete slowly sat up, glancing down at his cum-covered torso and wiping his face free of its traces. “Only one thing, really.” He lifted his chin and looked me in the eye. “Marry me?”

The world just… stopped.

I stared at him, my mind a blank. He asked me… to marry him.

Jake broke the awkward silence first. “I get it. It’s a joke, right? There was that porn studio recently, where they were filming a group scene. And at the end of it, one of the guys proposed. Remember?”

Pete smiled and reached for his bag that I’d deposited on the floor.

It’s not a joke,” I whispered, as Pete removed a small black velvet box from beneath his towel. I watched, transfixed, as he got up from the bench, came over to where I stood, and knelt before me.

No, it’s not.” Pete didn’t break eye contact. “I know we’ve only been together a short while, but… well… when you know, you know. I’m your boy, and nothing will ever change that… but it suddenly occurred to me that, while that may be enough for you… it’s not for me. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is what I want. To be your husband. For you to be mine. And fuck, this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, because you could just look me in the eye and say—”

Yes,” I said simply.

“See? That’s what I was—what did you say?”

I said yes.” I tilted my head to one side. “Did all that cum affect your hearing?” I smirked.

“But… you never mentioned wanting to get married.” Pete was still staring at me.

You never asked me.” I said with a shrug. “And I never mentioned it before because I thought you were perfectly content with our life the way it was. Well… obviously you’re not, so we have to do something about that. And if this is what you want… then this is what we’ll do.” It all made perfect sense to me.

But not if it’s something you don’t want,” Pete protested. “You can’t just go along with it because it’s what I want. We both have to want this.

I was conscious of the guys, watching us, so quiet.

I took a breath, and bared my soul. “There was a time, yes, when I wanted to get married. I really did. But… it was not to be. And I decided the best way not to screw anything up was… not to talk about it.”

Forgive me if I sound like a mindless idiot,” Jake said suddenly. “But if Pete wants this, and deep down, it seems like you really want this too… then what is the problem? He asked, you said yes… you’re getting hitched. End of.”

Pete blinked. “When you put it like that…” A moment later, I had my arms full of cum-covered male. “I love you,” he said quietly.

I kissed him on the lips. “I love you too. But now I think we all need to go upstairs and get cleaned up.”

“Don’t you want to see your engagement ring?” RD asked with a frown. Pete snickered.

Fair point. “Yes, please.”

Pete opened the box to reveal a chunky yellow gold band, simple and elegant. “Do you like it?”

How could I not? It was perfect for me. “I love it.” Then I chuckled. “But I am not putting it on until after we’ve had a shower.”

I suppose a group shower is out of the question,” Tate asked innocently.

I pointed toward the yard. “If you three want to go have a cold shower, you’re more than welcome to use the one outside by the back porch. I prefer a hot shower myself.” I followed Pete to the stairs.

We’re coming too!” Tate called out.

I smiled as Pete climbed the stairs in front of me, that tight bare ass jiggling. “Fine,” I yelled back. “You get the bathroom after we’re done with it.

And as for what my boy—fiancé—and I might get up to in the shower, that was no one’s business but ours.

Keeping Everyone Happy



“I’ve never seen you in a suit,” I mused, staring at Pete’s reflection in the full-length mirror.

He paused in mid-adjustment of his tie and met my gaze, his eyes bright. “Liar. You saw me in this suit, the day we went to try them on. In fact, you saw me in several suits.” He went back to getting his tie knotted perfectly.

Yes, but that wasn’t the same thing.”

Pete turned around and walked over to where I sat on the bed. “I know what you mean,” he said quietly. “Now it feels… real.” He glanced down. “Will I do?”

I think you look amazing.” When he reached up to touch the tie yet again, I knew there was a problem. “What’s the matter?”

For a moment he said nothing. Then he sighed. “Look, I’m glad we’re having two celebrations. One for your family and our friends, and another at the Eagle, but… it feels weird not to be wearing my collar. I know I’ll be wearing it tonight. And I know I don’t wear it every day, but—”

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