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Decent Proposal

an adult short story

from the Warming Stories collections


Lindsay Debout

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Fashions in Human Resource management come and go. Like all fashions they start with a bright idea which spreads like wildfire, then gets worked to death.

Just like team building exercises. Run the right way for the right reasons and with the right group of people, they achieve real results. Run simply because a senior manager has read about them and is convinced they are the solution to all corporate ills, they’re a waste of everyone’s time and money.

On the other hand, they’re also an excuse to have an all-expenses-paid week away at some obscure place out in the wilds. Far away from the office. And the family.

In Kim’s case, they also kept her employed. For as long as the execs thought fashion could take the place of real management and – Heaven forbid – real leadership, she had a full-time job organising what they chose to call ‘seminars’. The pay was more than enough to compensate for the downsides. Such as having to be on hand during the week to deal with the inevitable dramas. And having to show up for the ‘do’ on the final evening.

Kim stopped on the last stair and took a deep breath. After lessons learned the hard way early on, the teams being ‘built’ were always single-sex. This week’s team was all male, pumped by four days in the Scottish countryside. As a result, a hotel lounge swimming in testosterone awaited her. Apart from the bar staff, she’d be the only woman there. Sometimes she was up for that sort of challenge. Not tonight – not after a long, tiring day at the end of a long, tiring, lonely week.

Her status as organiser gave her some protection, but there were always a few delegates who treated her either as homework or as a personal challenge. She’d tried the fake wedding ring technique once or twice, with little success. If anything it had prompted more men than usual to try their luck - married ones in particular. It didn’t help that she was younger that most of the delegates.

Her dress was carefully conservative to the point of being dowdy. A business suit would have helped with the professional persona, but this was the last night ‘do’. Company tradition expected her to glam it up – by her standards, anyway.

There might not have been double ranks of Russian cannon awaiting her, but she felt as if she was about to charge into battle. Another deep breath, a practised smile and she galloped into the valley.

Physically she strolled into the room. Mentally the cannons roared at her approach.

The first salvo whistled her way. Dave – some lower-middle manager – always trying to score a hit. Reggie – sorry, Reginald – a more senior manager assuming his suave manner and expensive cufflinks would blow her away. Adam – a corporal in the Territorial Army treating her as an objective to be achieved. Probably egged on by his mates. Hopeless in social situations.

They, and the other front-rankers, kept her busy for the first half-hour. She skirted around the subtle hints, jinked past the not-so-subtle ones, avoided the wandering hands and generally kept them all amused as a group without showing the slightest hint of interest in any one of them.

The second rank was populated by the young, the gays, the geeks and the bored. Hardly any of them ever tried their luck. Mostly they just stood back and stared with tongues metaphorically hanging out – apart from the confirmed gays, of course. Annoying, but they could be held at arms’ length with a nod, a smile and a carefully chosen word or two.

Dotted around the room were the few who Kim actually found interesting. There was Eoin, barely out of his teens, gazing at her like a lovesick hamster. For some reason he brought out the Mother Hen in her, but she fought the impulse down. She didn’t want to encourage a potential stalker.

Charles was the oldest delegate on the course. A real gentleman. Courteous. Respectful. Full of fascinating stories. Whether or not they were true, he told them very entertainingly. A widower who didn’t seem interested in finding a new partner. A blessed non-combatant in tonight’s battle.

And then there was Patrick. Mid-forties. Very married, with a family he so obviously adored given the amount of time he spent Skyping them. Efficient on the course, disinterested off it. Right now he was sat at a table for two, reading a book. Opposite him was the last empty chair. Sanctuary.

She approached his table. “May I sit down? My feet are killing me. I’m not used to high heels.”

He looked up and smiled. “Of course.” As Kim sat down gratefully, he slipped a bookmark into place and closed the book.

Kim beckoned him forward. Their heads came close across the table. “Please don’t think I’m being rude, but I wasn’t really interested in having a chat. I just wanted an excuse to get away from everyone else and have a few moments’ peace and quiet.”

He chuckled. “Understood. I’m not one for parties anyway.” He sat back, opening his book.

Kim was intrigued. “So why did you come down at all? You could have stayed in your room.”

Patrick leaned towards her again. “Same reason you did,” he murmured. “Office politics. It’s a good idea to be seen at the last night booze-up.”

She sighed. “Too true. At least you’re a delegate – you could pretend to be sick or working or something. I don’t have any choice.”

He chuckled again and went back to his reading. Kim browsed her smartphone. Still nothing from her boyfriend. Usually Chris called or texted the moment he got up, then at intervals throughout the day. Today, nothing since breakfast time. She was beginning to get seriously worried.

A figure in trousers appeared in the corner of her eye and stood impolitely close to her chair. With a sigh she adjusted her smile and looked up. With a squeal she leapt to her feet.

Chris!” She flung her arms around the new arrival. “What are you doing here?” She didn’t notice the noise level in the room drop, then rise again with overtones of Huh! What does she see in him?

“I came to see you!” He looked around the crowded room. “Is there a spare chair anywhere?”

“Have this one.” Patrick stood up. “I’m off to my room anyway. One last call home for the night.”

“That’s very kind of you. Thank you,” said Chris, taking his seat.

Kim reached across the table and took hold of her boyfriend’s hands, partly to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. “What are you doing here?” she repeated.

“I told you, I came to see you. I’ve missed you so much, I had to see you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” she replied. “But it’s the other end of the country! It must have taken you hours. And cost a fortune.”

He smiled. “I took the day off and got the cheapest ticket I could find. It means I have to leave again in an hour or so, unfortunately.”

You came all this way to see me just for an hour?

He squeezed her hands. “I keep telling you, I missed you.”

She gazed happily at him. There wasn’t any doubt about their feelings for each other. Marriage hadn’t been mentioned yet but whenever she pictured herself in twenty years’ time, Chris was always there by her side. He seemed to feel the same way, but she’d been afraid to talk about their future in case it put him off and drove him away.

He looked around the room. “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, it’s just the party on the last evening of the course. It’s not really a party as such, more an excuse to get plastered.” She giggled. “And it’s their last chance to get me into bed!”

Chris scowled. “I hope no-one’s succeeded?”

She giggled again. “You haven’t, so you can be sure no-one else stands a chance!”

He relaxed. “I hope you’re careful about your drinks. You hear about girls in bars and clubs having them spiked.”

Kim stopped giggling. It wasn’t a laughing matter. “Don’t worry, I’m very careful. I did have a close call a couple of years ago. A delegate at another one of our seminars tried to slip something into my glass. Luckily the barman spotted him and called the police before I drank any of it.”

Chris glared around at the delegates. “He’s not here, is he?”

“Good Grief, no. He was fired the same day he was convicted. Everyone in the company got a very blunt letter about it from HR. It’s never happened again so far as I know. Still, it pays to be careful.”

They gazed at each other in warm, comfortable silence for a while longer. Chris squeezed her hands again. “I love you so much,” he said softly.

“I love you too,” she whispered back, then leaned across and kissed him. Only an hour! It might be an hour more than she had expected, but it was still nowhere near enough time to be with him. But what could she do about it? It wasn’t her decision to make.

None of them ever were. Kim spent her whole life dealing with the fallout from other people’s decisions, good and bad. She could stand up for herself when she had to, but couldn’t seem to be, what was the corporate buzzword, proactive.

Secretly it worried her. In the sleepless small hours of the morning she knew it was why she was still living with her parents – setting up home on her own was one big proactive decision that would inevitably lead on to a whole lot more. She’d make that decision next month. Definitely next year.

Same with Chris. They’d only been going out a few weeks before Kim knew she’d found her perfect match, but she couldn’t seem to make the decision to take things further. If she didn’t, he might get bored and drift away. If she did, life would get very complicated very fast.

She knew she couldn’t duck her responsibilities forever. Sooner or later she was going to have to start making real, meaningful, proactive decisions about her life. So why not today? Why not now?

Another big, proactive decision that had been hovering in the back of Kim’s mind for months, finally got made. She stood up suddenly, making Chris jump. “Wait here. I won’t be long.”

Out in Reception, the hotel owner herself was on desk duty. Kim felt herself shaking with nerves. “Um, do you have a room for tonight?”

The owner looked at her oddly. “You’ve been here all week, haven’t you? Aren’t you already booked in for the night?”

It took a moment for Kim’s ears to adjust to the woman’s accent, then she blushed. “Yes, but… this is for… someone else. He only arrived this evening. He’s going back home again tomorrow.”

Owner raised an eyebrow. “Is he now?” Briefly she typed on the keyboard. “Sorry, it looks like we’re fully booked until Monday.”

Kim didn’t believe a word of it, but she was too embarrassed to argue. She was about to turn away disappointed when another voice cut through the frost in the air.

“He can have my room if he doesn’t mind using my towel.” Patrick came up alongside Kim. “I’m here to check out. I’ve decided to pull a sickie tomorrow. I’d only be missing the wrap-up session and it means I can go home to my family tonight.”

Owner glared at him, obviously trying to decide between keeping up appearances and missing out on an extra night’s room rental. “If you’ve used your room since checkout time this morning, I can’t refund today’s rental.”

“Wouldn’t dream of asking for it,” replied Patrick cheerfully, winking at Kim. She smiled back.

“All right then,” growled the woman at her. “Get your… ‘new arrival’ to come and check in.”

Kim went back to her boyfriend. “I’ve found you a room here for the night. The owner wasn’t happy but Patrick – the man who gave you his chair – is leaving early and offered you his room. You’ll need to check in.”

Chris gaped at her, then his face fell and he shook his head. “I can’t stay. I have to get the train back tonight or I’ll lose the ticket. And if I do stay I won’t get to work in time tomorrow.”

“I’ll pay for the room and your ticket home. Tell your boss you missed the last train, which will be true enough. Come on, which would you prefer? Trying to sleep on a train, or sleeping in a real bed and having breakfast with me in the morning?”

He smiled slowly. “Since you put it like that…”

The owner was tight-lipped the whole time. Kim hung back, but the way the older woman kept glaring at her made her feelings known clear across the hallway. “Do you want any help with your luggage?” she asked Chris pointedly.

“I don’t have any,” he replied calmly. Only Kim could see the fingers he crossed behind his back. “I was going to catch the sleeper train tonight but I’ve decided to stay for the final session tomorrow.” He paused, then turned to Kim. “Would you mind getting me a drink, please? I’m parched.”

Surprised, Kim returned to the bar. Several of the delegates tried to waylay her, no doubt to interrogate her about the new arrival, but she brushed them off in her best diplomatic style and bought diet colas for Chris and herself. When she rushed back to Reception, she was even more surprised to see Chris whispering with the owner.

They broke off their mysterious conversation when Kim reappeared. “Thank you,” said Chris, taking his drink from Kim. “I’ve checked in so let’s go back to the lounge.” He led the way back inside. Their table had been usurped so they stood in a quiet corner.

“What were you saying to the old b- battleaxe?” asked Kim.

“I pointed out that so long as she gets paid, it’s none of her business who rents her rooms and why.”

Kim didn’t believe a word of that either. She knew Chris too well. He was kind, polite, courteous, decent, honourable… Everything she loved. He would never dream of saying such a thing.

She gazed up at her soulmate. She felt nervous, excited, bubbly, wobbly… all sorts of things ending in –ly. Having made her decision, she couldn’t wait to go through with it. Unfortunately, there was a problem. She urgently needed some advice, some help, and not from Chris. Peering through the doorway facing Reception, she could see the owner still guarding the front desk. No help there.

A figure moved across the doorway – someone carrying a case. Patrick, on his way out. Kim pushed her drink at Chris. “Hold that a minute, will you?” She half-ran out of the room.

Patrick was already closing the main door behind him. A taxi waited on the driveway. Kim forced the heavy door – heavy enough to withstand northern gales – back open. “Just a minute!”

He stopped halfway to the taxi and waited while she caught him up.

“I wanted to ask you something.” She gathered her breath and her nerve. “I should ask the owner but I didn’t like to.”

He half-smiled. “I wonder why? What can I do for you?”

“Um…” She blushed, sidled closer and lowered her voice. “I wondered… I mean… is there a machine? In the gents’ toilet downstairs?”

Patrick looked baffled. “A machine? What sort of machine?” Light dawned, thanks to the glow from Kim’s face. “Ah, I see. No, there isn’t. Are you surprised, given the owner’s… opinions?”

Her face fell, along with her hopes. “No, I suppose not. Thanks anyway. Sorry to bother you.”

“Hold up. If you mean what I think you do, I might be able to help.” Patrick unzipped his case and rummaged inside it. “Since I’m on my way home, I won’t need my emergency supplies.” He extricated a small carton and handed it to Kim. “I think you’re going to need these before I will.”

She gaped at the box of condoms, face redder than a tomato. “I thought you were happily married!”

“I am, with two wonderful children. Emphasis on the word two. We’ve no intention of having any more so I always keep a spare box in every suitcase we own. Have a good time!”

He winked and went on to the taxi. Kim hurriedly stuffed the box up a sleeve, waved to her Good Samaritan and went back inside.

“What was all that about?” asked Chris, handing her back her drink.

“I, ah, wanted to give Patrick a summary of tomorrow’s session. What’s your room number?”

He pulled out the little paper wallet with the door key. “Uh – 43.”

“Okay.” She leaned closer. “Drink up and go to your room,” she murmured. “I have to do a goodnight tour here then I’ll be off to my own room. I’m in room seventeen.” She leaned back again and spoke louder. “Have a good night and I’ll see you down at breakfast tomorrow. The last session starts at 9.30.”

Chris looked bewildered, heavily laced with disappointment. “But I came all this way to see you!” he hissed. “We would have had an hour before I left for the train. So far we’ve only had ten minutes even though I’m staying here the night. Do I have to wait until tomorrow before I see you again?”

She raised her eyebrows and held his gaze in silence until he shrugged, downed his drink and stomped out of the room.

Heart pounding, Kim circulated among the delegates one more time. A smile, a nod, a cheerful goodnight, a futile reminder not to be up too late. Repeated dozens of times, with minor variations.

After several aeons, she made it out into the hallway. The crowd got one final, general-purpose goodnight while the owner got a quieter, personal one. The woman still looked chilly, but not as sour as she had done earlier. Maybe Chris had set her straight.

It wasn’t a large building, but it seemed to take forever for Kim to reach her room at a nonchalant stroll. As one of the few female guests, she rated a slightly better-quality single room. It had a shower as well as a WC and washbasin, and an armchair as well as an office desk and chair combo.

Giggling breathlessly, she retrieved the contraband from her sleeve and opened the carton. Inside were three foil packets and a leaflet. She dropped the packets into the drawer of her bedside table and the debris into the bin. Then she fished the debris out of the bin and stuffed it into her suitcase instead. No point leaving evidence for the owner to tut over.

Trembling, she picked up the phone and dialled Chris’s room.


“It’s me. I’m back in my room.”

Silence, then, “Yes?

Kim wanted to reach through the phone and give him a pinch. She sighed loudly instead. “I want you to come and visit me in my room. Clear?”

The line went dead.

Kim shook all over. Excitement. Anticipation. Stage fright. With no time for another shower, she brushed her teeth while she waited. Her heart leapt when a soft knock on the door announced Chris’s arrival.

She checked through the spyhole, opened the door quickly and dragged Chris inside. Carefully she relocked the door and put on the chain, then turned and pulled him into a full-on kiss.

Several minutes later they ran out of air. Kim buried her head in his shoulder. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too,” gasped Chris. “Oh God you’re so beautiful!”

“So are you,” she replied softly. They kissed until they ran out of air again.

“I need to wash my hands,” Chris panted. “I didn’t fancy using whatshisname’s towel.”

While she waited, Kim sat on the bed and quickly scanned the leaflet. She’d seen condoms before, but rolling one over a banana in PSHE lessons at school wasn’t much preparation for the real thing. For one thing, there was no risk of pregnancy from badly-wrapped fruit.

When Chris reappeared she hurriedly tucked the leaflet under her pillow and stood up. Thankfully Chris hadn’t noticed. “Do you think I dare ask the dragon for a clean towel for the morning?” he wondered. “It’s bad enough using a stranger’s towel to wipe my hands, let alone the rest of me.”

Kim swallowed hard. This was it. Her first major, proactive life decision. Her mouth was dry, her heart hammering. All her bridges and boats were piled high. With a deep breath, she doused them with petrol and struck a match. “Don’t worry about it. You’re not going back there anyway.”

He looked blankly at her. “Where else am I going to sleep? It’s too late to get the train back.”

Exasperation drowned her embarrassment. Kim rolled her eyes, went up to him and put her arms around his neck. “You’re not going anywhere,” she said softly. “You’re staying here. We’ve never had any real privacy before. Now we do. I want to make the most of it while it lasts.”

He goggled at her. “Are you suggesting that we… you know…sleep together?”

She smiled serenely up at him. “Yes. After we’ve had sex.” She kissed him again. “I’m making you an indecent proposal. Is that clear?”

She could feel him begin to shake as much as she was. He eased back and took her by the shoulders. “You have no idea how much I want that, but do you really think it’s a good idea? I mean, if I spend the night in your room, everyone here’s bound to find out. Doesn’t that bother you?”

It was her turn to look blank. “No. Why should it? I’m pretty sure everyone assumes I pick a partner for the week from among the delegates. The only thing I care about is what you think.”

He pulled her back into his arms. “What I think is that I’m the luckiest man alive. But what about protection? I didn’t like to carry any condoms around with me in case you thought I was taking you for granted. Are you on the Pill?”

“No but don’t worry, I have a few condoms. That’s why I ran out on you this evening – I wanted to ask Patrick where I could get some. He very kindly gave me his own emergency supply.”

Chris frowned. “You seem to be on very good terms with Patrick. When and how did you meet?”

Kim rolled her eyes again. “He was on the course this week and I spoke to him for the first time just before you arrived. He’s a kind man who’s happily married so you can forget about him, all right?” She started pulling up Chris’s polo shirt.

He didn’t fight but he didn’t help either. “Are you sure you don’t want to just… fool around?”

Kim finally dragged the shirt over his head and threw it into a corner. She was faced with a torso every bit as beautiful as her most erotic fantasies had ever imagined. Except this one was real. And all hers. She ran her hands over his chest, tracing her fingers across the ripples of his muscles.

“A quick fumble is fun, but I want more. We’ve never had the chance before. We do now.”

She leaned in and slowly kissed every exposed inch of skin, lingering over the little peaks of his nipples. Straightening up again, she undid his belt. “And it means I finally get to see what I’ve been fondling all these months.”

Kneeling, she quickly worked down his chinos and then his underpants. She sighed when his erection came into view. “Oh, that’s so lovely!” The head was in her mouth before either of them had time to think about it. It was just… natural. Obvious. Inevitable.

She knew instinctively to keep her teeth away from the delicate skin. She knew instinctively to run her tongue over it. One hand took hold of the base of his erection, the other cupped his balls.

Chris gently pushed her away. “Please don’t do that.”

Bewildered, Kim stared up at him. “What’s the matter? Am I doing it wrong? Am I hurting you?”

He pulled her to her feet and put his arms around her. “It felt wonderful, but I didn’t like you kneeling at my feet like some sort of slave. Like you’re being forced to do it. I hate that idea.”

Kim smiled in relief, took his hand and led him over to the armchair. She pushed him gently into it. “Now we’ll be at the same level, so you can stop worrying. No-one’s forcing me to do anything.”

She took a moment simply to look at him. Naked, he was fuel for a thousand fantasies. But he wasn’t a fantasy. He was really there, sat in front of her. Really waiting for her. For her.

Kim knelt between his legs and took hold of his erection again. She had never used her mouth on a man before – never had any sexual contact with anyone else before – and yet she knew what to do to make him feel good.

It wasn’t the taste that sent shivers of arousal through her. It wasn’t the shape or the texture. It was the knowledge that she was giving Chris such intense physical pleasure. His hips began to arch, instinctively thrusting himself into her. She let him slide between her lips and across her tongue.

After a very few minutes, Chris tried to push her head away. “You’d better stop or I’ll come.”

Kim took hold of his hands and pressed them down firmly into the chair. She bobbed her head slowly, forcing him to slide into her mouth. Her tongue pressed and slithered against him. He tried to pull his hands out of hers but she gripped them tightly. His body arched and he let out a cry. She felt his erection swell and pulse. Hot liquid exploded into her mouth. Her tongue pressed and slithered, slithered, slithered…

Many seconds later, Chris slumped back into the chair. His whole body twitched whenever Kim’s tongue touched the head of his softening penis. Keeping her lips sealed around him, Kim pulled him gently out of her mouth, got up and went into the bathroom. Not having tasted cum before, she hadn’t known whether or not she’d like it. Now she knew. She spat out her mouthful, rinsed her mouth and brushed her teeth to take away the taste.

Bent over the sink, toothbrush in mouth, she jumped when hands came around from behind and slid over her breasts. Chris’s body moulded itself against her back.

“You’re right. This is so much better than a quick grope.”

Cleaning her teeth seemed to take Kim a lot longer than usual, but finally she had to stop or wear them out. Standing up brought her head within reach of Chris’s lips. He kissed behind her ear and sucked the lobe. Shivers of pleasure rippled down to meet the waves flowing from her breasts.

He drew down the zip of her dress, revealing the full length of her back to him. At first he simply ran his hands over the bare skin, then bent kissed every exposed inch down to the small of her back.

Kim shrugged the top of the dress down off her arms. Her bra followed. She was now naked to the waist, heart pounding with excitement and nerves. Her proactive decision to spend the night with Chris meant she got to see him naked and do all sorts of naughty things to him. She’d forgotten that it also meant Chris got to see her naked. What if he laughed at her body? What if he sneered?

Chris took hold of her hips and gently turned her around to face him. The world held its breath. Kim stared at the floor but as the silence went on, she flickered a glance up at him. Then she stared wide-eyed. Chris’s eyes were glittering.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, voice catching. “I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

He reached up and ran his hands over her bare breasts. Kim’s eyes closed as the pleasure coursed through her. Hands not her own were exploring her body. How often had she fantasised about this? Now it was happening for real.

Her eyes were still closed when she felt Chris start to ease down her dress, already bunched over her hips. She put a hand on his head to steady herself as she helped him work it down and off her feet. Bemused, she watched as he picked it up, carefully shook out the creases and went into the bedroom to hang it up in the wardrobe. Bemused, but not surprised. It was exactly the sort of thoughtful consideration she had come to expect from him. That had made her fall in love with him.

Kim waited breathlessly, wearing only her knickers. After seconds that felt like hours, he came back and knelt at her feet again. Almost reverentially he stripped her of her last piece of clothing. Now she was naked in front of him. Nervousness made her shiver.

The silence stretched while Chris studied her. Her nerve broke. “It’s all right, isn’t it? I mean…”

Chris chuckled hoarsely. “Don’t ever worry about that. I still can’t believe my luck!” He stood and took her hand, leading her over to the armchair. In silence he helped her settle into it. In silence he gently parted her legs and knelt between them. She was fully exposed to him. Her heart hammered.

He studied her for an age while his hands softly stroked the insides of her thighs. The feathery sensations matched the fluttering in her belly. When he reached forward and delicately parted her feminine lips, she knew he could now see everything. Every inch of her body was flushed. She wanted to cover herself. She wanted to expose herself. She wanted… things she for which she couldn’t find the words.

“You look so much better than all the drawings in all the books and magazines,” he breathed.

“What about the Internet?”

He snorted. “Doesn’t count. Porn has its place, but it’s not love.”

Kim glowed, and not just with arousal. Even now he was talking about love.

Without warning, he leaned forward and for the first time in her life – as opposed to her fantasies – Kim felt a man’s mouth pressing against her. Any embarrassment was soon washed away by the sensations flooding through her.

Chris’s tongue explored every millimetre of her sex, tracing along the lips, invading her as far as it could and retreating again. Then it swirled its way up to her clitoris.

As soon as his tongue began to move over the hard little nugget, Kim’s hands went down to his head and urged it harder against her body. They crossed with his hands moving up to her breasts, where his fingers began to play with her nipples. Bolts of pleasure shot between her breasts and her groin. Her hips began to arch, pressing her body even harder against his mouth. Flashes of arousal tugged at her muscles, making her gasp.

Several centuries later, her arousal crested its peak and she was enveloped in ecstasy. She grunted as the first contraction forced the air from her lungs, then her body shook out of control. Chris’s mouth kept pace with her writhing, mercilessly lapping yet more pleasure into her.

Kim’s orgasm was more intense and long-lasting than any she had ever given herself. Whatever embarrassment she might have felt at losing control in front of Chris was drowned out.

“That was so wonderful,” she panted when she could speak again.

He chuckled, leaning back so he could inspect her more comfortably. “I wanted to make you feel as good as you did me. You smell and taste so lovely. If I could bottle it, I’d make a fortune!”

Kim wriggled with pleasure at the compliment. And at herself. A small part of her had wondered if she was doing the right thing or whether she would regret it in the morning. The rest of her had answered loud and clear. Whatever the morning brought, it wouldn’t be regret. “Let’s get into bed.”

The bed was a small double, roomy for one but snug for two. ‘Snug’ was fine with Kim. It meant she had to cuddle up close to Chris when they stretched out on the bed together. What a shame…

They spent a long time kissing while their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Until tonight their explorations had been restricted to quick fumbles in the car or the cinema – exciting but frustrating. Now they had free access to each other, and made the most of it.

Kim’s whole body burned with arousal. She knew Chris could feel how slippery she was. His busy fingers had brought her close to climax several times. Her own hands had been busy as well. When she felt Chris’s hips arching reflexively, sliding his erection through her fist, she knew it was time. “Have you ever put on a condom?” she murmured.

“No,” he confessed. “I read the instructions once but I’ve never actually done it.”

She retrieved the leaflet and they studied it together. Between them they managed to enrobe Chris’s erection without damaging either Chris or the condom.

This was it. The moment Kim had dreamed – and worried – about all her adult life. She was going to share her body with a real man instead of a toy. She was going to share it with Chris. Love took away all the doubts, all the fears.

“Whenever I imagined our first time, I assumed we’d do it side by side. As equals,” said Chris.

She stroked his face. “That’s very thoughtful of you. I always imagined you on top.” She lay back. Chris knelt between her legs and stretched out on top of her, taking his weight on knees and elbows.

Reaching down Kim guided him to the right place and put his arms around his neck. She pulled him down into a kiss as she felt his erection press against her. It slid into her body. She broke their kiss and gasped. “Slowly! Slowly. Oh. Oh. That’s so good. Slowly.” She felt stretched. Full. Shared.

At last Chris’s erection was completely inside her. They lay still, mentally exploring the sensations.

“Oh God you feel so good,” mumbled Chris. “So snug and warm and soft.”

“You feel big and hot and hard,” breathed Kim. “Do it. Slowly and gently at first.”

Chris pulled slowly out of her and slid back in. He did it again. And again. Again. He felt just like her dildo, yet totally different. His movements were out of her control. Unpredictable. Alive.

Chris’s fingers had kept Kim on the edge of orgasm for many minutes. It didn’t take long for his movements to tip her over the edge. She moaned and bit his shoulder as her body twisted under him. She barely noticed him also groaning and shuddering as he ejaculated inside her.

Sometime afterward, Chris rolled off. They held hands while they got their breath back.

“That was so wonderful,” said Kim quietly. “It was everything I hoped my first time would be.”

“Me too,” replied Chris, just as quietly. They lay together contentedly until Chris stirred. “I’d better clean up before I leak all over the place. I don’t imagine the Dragon Lady would be too pleased!”

Kim lay with her hands behind her head, listening to her boyfriend – her lover – have a quick wash. Maybe she’d been lucky. All the women’s magazines seem to be filled with horror stories about the ‘first time’. Hers hadn’t been like that at all. If only all girls’ first times could be as good as hers.

Silence made her turn her head. Chris was stood in the bathroom doorway, studying her. She felt a momentary urge to cover herself, but easily fought it down. Instead she stretched like a starfish, showing off everything. “I’ll sleep well tonight!”

“So will I,” chuckled Chris, coming closer and sitting on the edge of the bed by her hips. “Usually it’s several hours before I can come again. You made me come twice in an hour. It’s all your fault! Your beautiful body makes me want to do things to it!”

Kim blushed and smiled. “It’s what your beautiful body makes me want to do!”

Chris reached out and began to fondle one of her breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed, then blinked them open again when she felt his mouth close around her other nipple. That was yet another new sensation. It wasn’t long before he relit the fire of her arousal.

His fingers and tongue were doing wonderful things to her breasts, but he showed no sign of moving lower down. Kim mentally shrugged and slipped her own hand between her thighs. She’d already burned her metaphorical boats and bridges this evening – she might as well add a few inhibitions to the fire. “That’s lovely,” she sighed. “Carry on doing that.”

Chris must have known perfectly well what Kim was doing, but he didn’t let it distract him. He concentrated on pleasuring her breasts while her fingers pleasured her clitoris. It didn’t take long before they both got their reward in the form of her self-induced orgasm. He nibbled and pinched her nipples while she shuddered beneath him again.

Afterwards Kim flung her arms over her head. “I so enjoyed that. I could have you play with my boobs all day.”

Chris sat up. “And I’d love to do it. I’m so pleased you brought yourself off. It shows you’re comfortable with me. I would return the compliment but I think I’m done for the night.”

“Me too.” She hauled herself off the bed. “I’ll wash up and then I think it’s time for beddy-byes.” Her legs felt weak and wobbly as she made her way to the bathroom.

By the time she got back to the bed, Chris was already fast asleep. She stood watching him for a while. He looked so peaceful. And beautiful. And gorgeous. And hers.

She slid into bed, turned off the bedside light, snuggled up to him and was asleep in seconds.


Waking up with a man in bed next to her was like something out of one of Kim’s teenage fantasies. Waking up with Chris in bed next to her was a dream come true. She watched him sleeping, head turned towards her. After a few minutes his eyes blinked opened. Then widened. He smiled.

“Am I still dreaming?” he asked softly. “Are you really there?”

“Oh yes,” she replied, equally softly. “I’m really here.” She kicked off the duvet. “And all yours.”

Chris got up onto one elbow and let his gaze run over her body. His free hand followed, sliding over her breasts, across her belly, through the curls and down between her legs to the softness hidden between them.

Kim sighed as his fingers explored her gently. Her legs parted wider and her hips arched, pressing herself against his hand. Another inhibition was thrown onto the pyre. “Make me come.”

Chris smiled wider. His fingers found her clitoris and began to rub it gently, insistently. The pleasure built quickly until she knew she was going to climax. She wanted Chris to see her coming. She wanted him to know how much pleasure he gave her.

“It’s going nice,” she sighed in the moments before ecstasy exploded through her. She gasped and moaned as the spasms shook her body. She knew Chris was watching her in orgasm. Part of her felt embarrassed. The rest of her was thrilled. It was his reward as much as hers.

Even after she regained control of her body, aftershocks kept twitching through her. “Thank you so much,” she panted. “You do that so well.”

“Thank you for letting me watch,” he murmured.

Glancing down, Kim could see he was fully erect. “Your turn. We’ve got a couple more condoms. Take me the way you first wanted to.”

He didn’t need telling twice. Chris quickly retrieved a packet from the drawer and after a little fumbling, rolled the condom down his erection. Kim stayed on her back while he lay on his side. They wriggled around on the bed, Kim’s legs over his, until they were at the right angle. She felt his erection nuzzle against her, then slowly press inside.

The new position felt quite different from last night. Kim could move more. Chris couldn’t slide into her so deeply, but his upper hand could explore her body. It was all more energetic, more free, more… abandoned. Again Kim’s fingers went to her clitoris while Chris concentrated on her breasts. When she climaxed, she could feel herself contracting around Chris’s erection as it moved inside her. As she came down from her high, Chris gripped her tightly, groaned and gave a final, deep thrust. This time she actually felt him pulsing inside her as he ejaculated.

It was some time before their heartrates were back to normal. Kim felt boneless, completely limp. Chris reluctantly heaved himself off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. He stuck his head back around the door. “May I borrow your toothbrush?”

Kim laughed. “I think we’ve already shared every bug we have. Be my guest.”

Time was getting on and they still had to work out how to sneak Chris out of her room, but she was too comfortable to move. She fell into a doze.

Dimly she was aware of Chris coming out of the bathroom and moving around the room. He knelt next to the bed, then she felt him gently place something on her bare belly. When she opened her eyes and looked down, she realised it was a small, suede-covered box.

Time stopped. It couldn’t be what it looked like. Could it? She glanced across at Chris, who was gazing at her with a worried smile. She stared at the box again. Slowly she picked it up and opened it. Yes, it was an engagement ring. A solitaire diamond, set in what looked like Platinum. It must have cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Chris spoke while she gaped. “I made up my mind a few weeks ago, but it took me a while to find a ring I thought you might like. Once I had, I couldn’t wait until you got home. That’s why I came up to see you last night. I had a decent proposal for you.”

Kim couldn’t speak. She couldn’t think of anything to say. She couldn’t even decide how she felt.

Chris moved back from the bed. “I’m already down on one knee, so: Kim, will you marry me?”

So far as she was concerned, there was only one answer possible. Kim burst into tears and flung her arms around his neck. “Yes! Of course I will!”

The next few minutes went by in a blur of tears and kisses. Eventually they came back to Earth. Kim looked down at herself and giggled. “Whenever I pictured you proposing, we were wearing clothes when it happened!”

He chuckled as well, then sobered. “You don’t regret what we did last night? And this morning?”

She smiled and took his hand. “Not for one second. It was the right thing at the right time.”

He kissed her again. “I’m glad. Now, how do I sneak out of here without causing a scandal?”

She admired the new ring on her finger while she considered. “You don’t. Right now I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Give me time to get ready and we’ll go down to breakfast together.”

The girl behind the reception desk gave them an impersonal nod and smile. Dragon Lady wasn’t in sight and Kim breathed a sigh of relief. Which froze when the woman came out of her office. Chris’s hand tensed around hers.

“Good morning,” said Kim as calmly as she could.

The woman stared at her stony-faced. Her eyes dropped to the ring glittering on Kim’s finger. She nodded towards Chris, turned and went back into her office.

They found a table and took each other’s hands across it. Other people were probably staring and whispering and rolling their eyes but Kim didn’t care.

“Dragon seemed less fierce this morning. What did you really say to her yesterday?”

“I told her I was here to propose to you and would she please not muck it up? I don’t think she really believed me until she saw your ring just now.”

Kim smiled. “It seemed to thaw her out, anyway.”

She studied her brand-new fiancé while they ate breakfast. The last twelve hours had been a turning point in her life, and not just because she was now engaged. She’d made some life-changing decisions all of her own. That was how things were going to be from now on. “Tell your boss that I made you miss your train, so you’ll book today as holiday.” She got up. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Nerveless, full of confidence, she strode back to Reception. “May I speak to the owner, please?”

The girl disappeared into the office and reappeared with the older woman. Kim smiled at her. “I’d like to book a double room for tonight and tomorrow, please. Checking out Sunday lunchtime.”

The woman raised a threatening eyebrow. “Single occupancy?”

“Double. My fiancé-” she emphasised the word “-will be staying with me. I’ve decided we should celebrate our engagement here.”

The woman tried to look disapproving, but couldn’t stop a smile flickering. “You can have our honeymoon suite.” She typed in the booking and swiped new door keys. When she held them out to Kim, she leaned forward. “Make sure he knows who’s boss,” she said firmly. “It’s the key to a happy marriage.”

Kim smiled wider as she took the keycards. “Thank you. I intend to!” She went back to have breakfast on the first day of her new, proactive life.


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