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The Gellian Procedure


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1:

A sliver of that old nervousness pricked at Holly as she shed her clothing. Being naked for the procedure wasn't what made her nervous. Her hands, though slightly shaking, had no trouble removing the suppository from its foil packet. She bent over. A flush of sexual heat passed through her as she slipped the little pink bullet inside her bottom, where it began to melt, releasing the drugs into her system.

What made her nervous, yet aroused at the same time was that today was the last stage of the procedure. Today all the programming that she had spent weeks undergoing would be cemented in her mind. Her bonding with the man who was her boss, and her owner, would be completed.

The Gellian Procedure, named by the research team that perfected it was a highly controversial mental renovation process that had been originally designed for people with severe psychiatric disorders who proved to be unresponsive to other forms of treatment. It had originally never been intended for someone like her.

Trembling sightly, she approached the chair for the eighth and final time. She took a seat, both aware of the tingle in her bottom from the medicine, and the fact that soon something much larger than the suppository would push its way into her. This did not frighten her. Butt plugs had been a part of her dress code since even before the procedure had begun.

An old saying went that you couldn't put the genie back in the bottle. The Gellian Procedure could do more than just transform the mentally ill into functional members of society. It could increase intelligence, as well as impart direct knowledge and skills. This discovery led to its adoption by the military, academic institutions, and several large corporations. Eventually it started to be used for bonding.

Bonding was a relatively new, and highly controversial use for the procedure that had been adopted by the S&M community. It was treated as, and had the same legal power as a traditional marriage. Typically as in Holly's case the sub in the relationship underwent the procedure so that they could be better tailored to serving their Dom.

Holly was in effect, becoming tailored to better suit her boss' needs and desires. She was in effect, becoming a slave. She didn't merely want to work for Blaine, er, Mr. Kapler. She wanted to serve him, to be owned by him. She had wanted this since the beginning of their relationship almost four years ago when a 19 year old Holly met Blaine. Holly had come out as a sub and was looking for a Dom. Being totally naive, it was a stroke of luck that her first encounter with a Dom turned out to be the man that she wanted to spend her life with.

She inhaled sharply as the beveled tip of the silvery pylon began to raise up and push its way into her. It was a penetration that she welcomed. The drugs in the suppositories that she had been taking every day for months had made her rear almost as sensitive as her pussy, making anal penetration quite the enjoyable experience. The familiar flashing pattern of lights began, followed by the colorful spiral. Holly felt herself slipping into a subspace like trance. Her blue eyes became empty staring orbs that the spiral reflected off of.

In Holly's case the changes that the procedure had made to her mind were relatively minor. There were more pragmatic reasons for her doing this than simply becoming a better slave. Holly had a natural gift of being highly perceptive. She knew how to read people. She could meet someone and glean a lot from them in just a few minutes. A few minutes was all it had taken for her to become comfortable with Blaine when they met for the first time. In five or so minutes she had determined that he was intelligent, experienced, and that, most importantly to her, he had integrity. Blaine was a man whose promises could be counted on. This assessment had proven to be correct time and again.

Part of her programming was the addition of knowledge that allowed her to better utilize her natural gifts. It allowed her to go from “I don't believe this person. I don't know why but I don't believe them.” to “This person is lying. Their body is stiff. Only their head is moving. They're blinking a lot.” and even “Okay that part's true, but that look, they know more than they're saying. They're telling the truth but not the whole truth. They're hiding something.”

Such skills were invaluable when it came to starting a business and getting it off the ground. Holly had a say in who to secure loans from, (“These guys are snakes. There's a lot they're not telling us.”) to selecting advertising partners, (“Miller doesn't know much or care about automated drone couriers. Alan is more knowledgeable, and I see excitement there. He wants this job. He wants to advertise for us.”) and would soon be in charge of interviewing a new hire.

Without context, the moaning young woman in the chair, her convulsions restricted by the straps that bound her, appeared to be undergoing some form of torture. A closer look would reveal that the woman was in the grip of an overpowering sexual heat. Her hungry pussy swallowed the second pylon as it entered her. The triggers for making her horny at the push of a button had been activated. For the moment she was no longer Holly. She was a living sex toy, to be used as delicately or as roughly as desired. Her insides filled up and relentlessly teased and tormented by the vibrations and electric pulses. The orgasms coming one after another. The scent of musk permeating the room. The drool leaking from her mouth that was set in a wide grin...

Leaving the clinic, there was little sign of what the young woman had just gone through. A keen observer would notice that her nipples were stiff and easily visible through the thin fabric of the sundress that she wore. They might also notice that her walk was a bit unnatural. Her sundress hid the reason why. Seated in between her buttocks and held in place by the black leather harness was the T shaped base of the butt plug that she wore.

Blaine was there to meet her in the parking lot. Holly felt a flush of sexual heat pass through her as she rushed up to him.

Everything go well?”

Yes Master! There were no complications. I passed every test with flying colors!”

Blaine smiled and pet her head. Holly closed her eyes and smiled as the trigger kicked in. A sense of contentment filled her mind... It was at that moment when two figures appeared. Before either Blaine or Holly could react, the two figures pressed rags against their faces. There was the sweet scent of chloroform, followed by slipping away into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2:

They came to in what looked like a motel room. A quick look around told them that it was an old motel room, one that had been built in the 1970's and never updated. In spite of working lights, the room was dusty and had a musty smell to it. It hadn't been occupied in a long time which suggested that the building they were in was abandoned. Despite this observation, Holly still felt the need to ask where they were, on the off chance that her Master might recognize something.

Not sure. Looks like a motel room, an old one at that.”

Neither of them were tied up or bound in any way. A quick search located Holly's purse, which still had her phone in it. Blaine's phone was in his pocket. Both phones still worked fine and showed a strong signal. If they had been kidnapped, their kidnappers were very inept. Inept or not they might be armed.

The sound of footsteps approached the door. Blaine pocketed his phone and dropped his voice to a whisper.

Play along.”

The door opened to reveal two young women. Her brown hair was set in a ponytail. She was dressed in an oversized black shirt with ripped and faded denim jeans. Behind her was a blonde woman wearing glasses. This woman looked apologetic while the woman wearing the jeans looked at Blaine with cold hatred on her face.

So, you're awake. Here's the deal, Mr. Blaine Kapler. Yes. I know who you are. I know that you enslaved that young woman next to you. You are going to relinquish your hold over her and set her free. Otherwise I will tell the entire world what you did, and you will be ruined. Your business will fail. You might even get arrested!”

Blaine sat on the bed and started at this woman as his ears heard the stream of utter nonsense that came out of her mouth. He blinked once as his mind processed this situation. The woman appeared to be serious. If she was and this wasn't some joke, then she either had little idea of who he was, or she was crazy. It was no secret that Blaine was into the S&M scene. Anyone with five minutes to spare and even a rough idea of what to look for could find that out. While it wasn't widely known that Holly had undergone the procedure, such a revelation would likely cost him little, if any business.

Three years ago Blaine had come into possession of an industrial grade automated drone that had a rated 350 pound carrying capacity, or 500 pounds in emergency mode. These drones were typically used by large companies to deliver parts and supplies to remote areas. Blaine had the idea of employing his drone to make local deliveries. While there were companies that did what he was doing, Blaine was able to undercut the competition as the drone had cost him next to nothing and was cheap to operate. After getting the required certifications and insurance to operate it, all he had to do was load the cargo and program the routes. Him and Holly were the only employees which kept labor costs down, though this was soon to change as Blaine had purchased five smaller drones to handle the little jobs.

He had found a niche. His delivery area was big enough to net him a sizable amount of customers, yet small enough that the bigger delivery companies didn't put much effort into competing for it. The profit per job was low, but the jobs added up throughout the course of the day. He was not rich, but things had gotten comfortable enough to talk about expanding.

Whatever reality the woman in front of him lived in did not take all this into account. It was also a reality that apparently had never heard of smart phones. He was about to open his mouth to give this woman a crash course in the illegalities of kidnapping when she did something surprising. The brown haired woman suddenly went from angry, to cheery with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“By the way would you like some tea, sir? I just made a fresh pot a few minutes ago.”

Holly was looking directly at this woman now. That sudden shift, not only in her mood, but in her body language. The woman had gone from angry and hostile to an accommodating hostess. It was as if she had completely forgotten what happened just seconds ago. There was only one explanation: A trigger. The woman in front of them had undergone the procedure. Holly looked at the blonde woman behind her, who continued to look apologetic about the whole thing.

Blaine hadn't picked up on this yet. He couldn't decide if this woman was joking, crazy, or some mixture of the two.

Let me get this straight. You kidnapped us. You brought us to this place against our will. You are threatening me and my business. Now you want to serve me tea? No. I don't want any tea. I want to know who the fuck you think you are!”

The brown haired woman suddenly looked crushed, just, crushed... Holly saw confusion and sadness in her eyes. The woman was having trouble processing why this man, whom she had been threatening just a minute ago, not only did not want her tea, but was angry at her.

I—I'm sorry sir...” she said in small high pitched voice. It was such a change that Blaine forgot his anger for the moment.

Lady, are you all right?”


The woman then turned and ran off down the hall, leaving the blonde woman behind her standing there, staring at her departing friend in utter confusion. There was a moment of awkward silence before Blaine addressed her.

“And who are you? An accomplice?”

N-no... Yes... Yes sir...”

This woman clearly did not like the role that she was likely forced into by the other woman. She stood out there in the hall, her head pointed down, not even wanting to look at them.

I'm sorry. I tried... I tried to talk Katie out of it, but she wouldn't listen.”

The woman who ran off. That was Katie?”

The blonde looked about ready to bolt. Holly could see this as clear as day. Frightened deer ready to run. Blaine sensed this as well and softened his tone.

Look. You seem to be more together than your partner. We can just leave, and put this behind us. No harm done, and no charges filed.”

I... look, I'd like to, but I, but...” she paused and looked down the hall to make sure that Katie wasn't coming back. “...Katie needs help.”

There was a desperate tone in her voice, combined with desperate body language. Holly immediately felt sorry for this woman. This woman knew that what they had done was wrong. However she felt some kind of obligation to Katie. Holly decided to address her.

“Is Katie your friend?”

Katie's... Yes she's my friend. She's my friend, but she's not well.”

That was true, but Holly saw that this woman was hiding something. Katie was certainly not well, and this woman knew why, but didn't want to say. However Holly had a pretty good idea what it was.

“She's not well because she's a programmed slave, and her programming is breaking down?”

Katie is an emancipated slave. She freed herself from her Mistress three weeks ago. She's now on a quest to free other slaves.”

Emancipated slaves were a legal gray area that was still being fought over in the courts. The procedure being what it was, it was designed so that a slave would never have the motivation to free themselves from their owner. However entropy and human nature being what it was, there were exceptions to this rule. These exceptions were few, which was one reason emancipation was a legal gray area. One side argued that they were freedom seeking people who were resisting their programming. Support groups had formed that treated enslavement as an addiction, much like alcoholism and drug use. They treated it much the same way, one day at a time. The other side argued that these emancipated slaves were suffering from defects in their programming. They were mentally unsound, unpredictable, and possibly dangerous. This side worked to return such slaves back to their owners for reprogramming.

And you? Are you also emancipated?”

“No ma'am, not really. My Master, he was killed. A drunk driver hit him.”

“Oh! Oh dear I'm so sorry!”

The woman began crying and ran towards Holly who took her in her arms and began to comfort her.

Chapter 3:

As they talked, Crystal became more and more comfortable with Blaine and Holly. Much like Holly, she had undergone the procedure to make herself a better slave for a Master whom she had loved. Much like in Holly's case, Crystal's relationship with her Master had been solid even before she underwent the procedure. Holly drew several parallels with her own relationship, which made things chilling when the conversation shifted to the drunk driver. Holly didn't like to think about what would happen to her if Blaine were killed.

Like emancipated slaves, orphaned slaves were a legal gray area, with most of them ending up in the care of the state. A functionality spectrum had been defined, but it was hotly contested by both pro and anti slave groups. Anti slave groups argued that the spectrum was flawed and that it needed to include emancipated slaves, in spite of the fact that emancipated slaves almost always had triggers that compelled certain behaviors, thus impacting their independence score. In the case of orphaned slaves, any triggers they had usually became inactive as the person they were tied to ceased to exist.

While Holly didn't have any certifications, her natural abilities, augmented by her programming and her experiences gave her a useful perspective on this issue. She was reasonably sure that by nature or by design, Crystal was on the lower end of the independence spectrum. Her body language was submissive and cooperative. She wanted to answer the questions. She wanted to tell them what had happened. She hated the situation that she was in, and she wanted an out. As she spoke, her fingers curled up into her hands, making them look a bit like fists. However Crystal was relaxed now, and holding her hands up in front of her chest. Holly realized that Crystal was subconsciously using her hands to imitate the look of paws. Pet programming. Either that or a pet like behavior that Crystal had adopted on her own. Holly thought of her own programming and suppressed a smile.

Then Holly saw that look in Crystal's eyes and realized that she wanted Blaine to be her out. She was a pet seeking a new owner, a slave seeking a new Master, and as Blaine interacted with her, she began to want him as that new Master.

Blaine was not her Master though! He had chosen Holly! He was a good man, and he was already taken! Yet, the thought of something like a little harem was... not as unappealing as Holly expected it to be. Masters could own more than one slave, so long as they provided proof of acceptable living standards. As Crystal talked about her programming related to oral sex, without the slightest hint of embarrassment or shyness, Holly pictured Crystal's head bobbing up and down on their Master's cock, while Holly took her from behind. Whether or not this was due to her own programming or her own natural personality, Holly could not say. She did know that what she felt for Crystal was not jealousy, or some fear that she might take Blaine away from her. What she felt was a kind of protectiveness towards Crystal. Judging from how Blaine was interacting with her, he had similar feelings. Crystal was not a threat.

Katie on the other hand.... That woman was clearly unstable. Holly hated unstable people because they were hard to predict. They were usually not dangerous. They usually had enough of a grasp on reality to know what lines they could not cross. Katie however lacked that grasp. While she was thankfully inept and inexperienced at kidnapping, the intention was still there. Katie was a woman who believed that her cause made her morally superior. She wanted to be another Skyla, but without the moral constraints. People like that could justify anything. People like that were remembered throughout history for their brutality.

“Hey Crystal. Do you have any idea where Katie went, or what she might be doing?”

She probably went to find some food. We haven't eaten since yesterday.”

As Blaine interacted with Crystal and listened to her answering Holly's question, his own thoughts turned to thinking of the best way to resolve this situation. There were several ways to do that. It would not take much to convince Crystal to accompany them. Crystal was almost begging to go with them as it was. She wanted to be taken away from all this, to be rescued. However like Holly, Blaine knew that Katie was unstable. Anyone with basic common sense could see that, as well as see that leaving Katie to her own devices was a bad idea.

Getting the police involved was a good way to resolve the situation. He'd have done that by now except that Crystal was clearly innocent. She may have helped Katie, which technically counted as a crime, but Crystal did not deserve to be arrested, even if she thought that she did. There was also the issue of her status. She'd likely be rehabilitated with more programming, then placed in state care.

State care was the most common destination for orphaned slaves. In fact the term orphaned slaves was linked with it. Ideally it was a place where slaves could live until they found a new owner. Realistically it was more like an animal shelter, overcrowded and understaffed. Crystal didn't deserve that either. Like Holly, he too was thinking about a possible place for her in his home. She was cute, in a girlish nerdy sort of way. He was looking to hire a new employee to assist with operating the delivery drones, and Crystal looked like someone who would be grateful to have such a job.

There was a possible third option. Katie had run away from her owner. Her owner likely had a reclamation team out looking for her.

Reclamation was another hotly contested legal gray area, the most hotly contested of all. By law as it currently stood barring appeals, an owner could almost always reclaim a slave that had run away. This was because slavery was treated as a contractual obligation. Nearly all slave contracts had clauses that permitted reclamation. This technically allowed slaves who had escaped to be recaptured at any time, even if they had started over with new lives.

One such case that the anti slave media liked to frequently remind the public of was Skyla Bennington, the young woman who was considered to be the founder of the emancipation movement. An auburn haired beauty with almond shaped eyes and a supermodel quality body, Skyla had decided to emancipate herself after reading history books about the Revolutionary War, the founding of America, the first form of slavery in America, and the Civil War that helped bring that form of slavery to an end. With historical figures such as Harriet Tubman to guide her, she formed a modern day underground railroad and was directly responsible for the escapes of 18 slaves.

Then one day, almost four years after she had freed herself, a reclamation team showed up at the apartment that Skyla was staying at. They had brought her owner with them. One trigger phrase later, and she was back in his possession. Her current whereabouts were a mystery, and not for lack of trying on the media's part.

Blaine thought personally that it had been a dick move to reclaim Skyla at that point. Skyla had built a new life for herself. She had walked a long path to freedom and had become an icon in the process. Her owner was clearly a man who could not let go, and could not move on. Either that or he was just an asshole who ruined the life of a woman who had fought to regain her own self determination, purely because he could. It was assholes like that who gave men like Blaine a bad name. As far as he was concerned, if your programmed slave wanted to leave you, it meant that you were an exceptionally shitty owner and had no business managing the life of another human being.

This situation was different though. Katie was not Skyla, even if she believed otherwise. Skyla never advocated forced liberation of slaves. She never kidnapped or threatened anyone. Katie had crossed those moral boundaries. It wasn't even clear whether Katie's owner was a bad owner, or if Katie's programming was defective or damaged. The reclamation team would know.

Crystal, do you know whether or not Katie has a reclamation team looking for her?”

I think she does. Do... Do you think that's best for her? I mean, Katie really hates Joan. Joan treated her horribly.”

“Do you know this for a fact?”

No sir. I've never met Joan. I just know what Katie told me.”

So you don't know whether she's lying, delusional, or telling the truth.”

“No sir. Sorry, sir.”

Chapter 4:

As a rule, trying to rationalize with a crazy person is a waste of time. That rule could be extended to most people, as pretty much everybody has something about them that could be defined as being crazy. That didn't mean these people were necessarily dangerous, or even that their thoughts were wrong. It did however mean that there were certain beliefs they would not budge on. Anyone whose had a political conversation with the opposing side had first hand experience in how ineffective rational arguments could be against someone's beliefs. For every argument that they won there were at least 99 others that at best ended in stalemates.

As they waited for Katie to return, Blaine modified his plan. His decision to wait until Katie returned and then try to convince her to seek help seemed foolish at first glance, and he himself questioned his decision. However he had sound reasons for it. It was not clear whether or not Katie was crazy. Well, actually that was clear. However it wasn't clear as to how firmly cemented her insanity was. The Gellian Procedure's programming was very solid in almost all cases. Complete breakdowns were exceptionally rare. Not even Skyla, who held records for the level of independence she had regained had been able to fully overcome her programming.

Blaine's decision centered around the theory that if Katie were made to realize what she was doing, it might spark something in her programming. It might “reset the computer”, at least enough to get her to see reason. if not, then he had her reclamation team's number on his phone.

Katie returned holding a paper bag from one of the local fast food joints. In it were several cheeseburgers. She gave one to each of them, again looking like a friendly hostess as she did so. In that moment as Katie passed out the cheeseburgers, Holly felt sad for her. In spite of the circumstances, Katie was trying her best to fulfill the urge to feed her “guests”.

Then the hostess look vanished, and Katie flashed a cold look at Blaine.

So, have you made your choice yet Mr. Kapler? My patience is running out.”

Katie, how do you expect this to go? Your threats mean little to me. One phone call is all I need to make. You didn't take our phones by the way.”

“Of course I didn't! That would be stealing, and stealing is wrong!”

Yes, it is. Kidnapping is also wrong.”

Not when it's done to free someone from slavery!”

Holly looked at Katie and waited for a moment to interject.

“Katie, did you ever stop to think that I won't leave my Master even if he were to free me? Me and Blaine have had a relationship going back years before I underwent the procedure! I consented to it! I help my Master run his business! Does that mean anything to you?!”

Katie barely spared her a look. It was the only answer that Holly needed. In an ironic twist, her would be liberator cared little about her thoughts on the matter.

Katie, you have a reclamation team looking for you. One phone call from me is all it takes to bring them here.”


What Blaine did next, he did after assessing the situation. He tackled Katie and knocked her to the floor. He then climbed on top of her to prevent her from getting back up. His goal was to immediately prevent this woman from carrying out her threat. He pinned her arms to the floor. She tried to writhe free. However Blaine was larger and much stronger than she was.

LET ME GO! GET OFF OF ME! LET ME GO! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! HELP ME... Hee hee hee! I've been bad! You should punish me! Let me go! LET ME GO! Crystal! Help me! Get him off of me!”

Crystal looked at Holly, who looked back at her. That wasn't happening.

Holly, grab my phone. The number for Katie's reclamation team is open on the web browser.”

Yes Master.”


Katie continued to scream as Holly dialed the number. Her screams were not enough to drown out the short conversation that Holly had with the woman on the other end.

They have a unit just a few miles from us. They'll be here in 20 minutes.”

Good. Thank you Holly.”

Holly smiled as one of her triggers was activated. She had done a good job, and her Master had thanked her for it.

Katie suddenly stopped screaming. Her struggling soon ceased as well. She looked up at Blaine with wide, innocent eyes.

Can... Can I be your slave?”

For a moment, Blaine entertained the idea of humoring her by saying yes. It would have likely calmed her down. However his better judgment told him that this would just fill Katie with false hope and would make things worse when the reclamation team arrived.


Please? I don't want to go back to Joan. I'll do anything! I'll call you Master! I'll cook for you! I'll clean for you! I'll be good for you! I'll be a good girl!”

Why don't you want to go back to Joan?”

She's not the woman I thought she was when I underwent it. She's sadistic. She likes to humiliate me. If she recaptures me she'll torture me.”

Blaine didn't need Holly's perceptual gift to determine that Katie was telling the truth, or at least what she believed to be the truth. That was the hell of it. Katie believed what she was saying. However given her mental state, what she was saying could not be trusted. Ultimately it mattered little. He had committed to this option. He just had to hope that Katie was experiencing false memories or delusions. With damaged or corrupted programming, anything was possible.

Chapter 5:

The elevator dinged, and out stepped three people. One of them was a doctor carrying an old fashioned medical bag. The other two looked like orderlies. They were big, burly types. One of them pushed an old fashioned wheelchair that had straps built into it. Katie saw them and let out a small, helpless “Nooooo....” The doctor removed a small box from her medical bag. In this box was a bell. She took it out and rang it.

Katie's body immediately locked up. Her eyes became hollow brown orbs that stared dumbly up at Blaine for a few moments. Then recognition returned and she began to struggle again in desperate panic. The bell rang a second time. Katie let out a small squeal, then her eyes became empty again. Her face went slack along with her body. There was no recovery this time. She stared up at Blaine, only slightly more aware than a department store mannequin.

You may release her now.”

Blaine did not like that doctor's voice. That had not been a request. It had been more of a demand, spoken coldly, with just a sprinkle of politeness covering it. Not really having another option at this point, he complied.

A chill ran down Holly's spine. This doctor was not someone who was relieved to have found Katie, nor concerned with her well being. Her body language told Holly that this was a predator who was pleased at having caught their prey. She barked an order at Katie, and Katie stood up in a show of almost robotic like compliance. She then began to strip off her clothes.

The doctor took two syringes out of the medical bag. An orderly then stepped behind Katie and held her in place. The first injection went into Katie's right buttock. The second went into her left arm.

The doctor then pulled out a very familiar looking suppository. Holly's own bottom tingled as she recognized it. Against her will, a flush of sexual heat went through Holly as the doctor slipped that little pink bullet into Katie's bottom. Katie herself moaned softly as this was done.

Next the doctor pulled out a leather harness with an integrated dildo and butt plug.

Is that really necessary? Do you have to do this right now?!”

The doctor ignored Blaine, while the orderly who wasn't holding Katie flashed him a warning look. Katie was bent over and the harness secured around her. She squealed softly as the dildo and butt plug were forced into her. She was then guided over to the wheelchair and made to sit in it. As the orderlies tightened the straps, securing her in the chair, the doctor took out a pair of VR goggles and headphones from her medical bag, followed by a ball gag. Once these were secured to Katie's head, the doctor pressed the button on what looked like a key fob.

Katie began writhing and moaning in the chair while instinctively shaking her head, trying to get the goggles off of her. Her movements began to slow as the drugs kicked in. She was wheeled into the elevator, now moaning softly and weakly struggling. As the doors closed and the elevator started on its journey to the lobby, Blaine put a hand around Holly and Crystal to comfort them.

The question of whether or not he had done the right thing was a question that was going to dog at him for the foreseeable future.


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