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My Girlfriend’s Brother

Written by

Jaxson Love

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

My Girlfriend’s Brother

Name’s Max I introduced myself to my sister’s new boyfriend, and during the handshake, I noticed just how hot he was. I knew I was gay back in high school and naturally, my first time was with the secretly gay quarterback. I’m a slender more feminine bodied guy around 5 feet 9 inches, black hair, hazel eye’s, and a 5-inch cock. My sister announced she would be back later as she headed out the door with Will, her boyfriend, but the moment she took off I showered cause I knew I would have maybe two hours or three since she always texts me when she was on her way. During the shower, I shaved my legs, chest, and cut a sexy triangle down below and made sure the rest of my bikini area was shaved and looking hot. After I wrapped a towel around me and walked into my sister’s room and began to dry off, then I sat on the bed put lotion on my legs before I walked over to her closet and picked out a really sexy black Chinese dress with the sides slightly split so I could move hot when I dance.

My sister doesn’t know I’m gay; she thinks I just haven’t found the right girl, she didn’t know that I was a cross-dressing stripper at a gay club called the White Pearl either. Things were great in my life as of right now, and I made pretty good money as the top dance at the club and my sister had an insanely hot boyfriend. As the months went on their relationship seemed to be going right, and I continued to cross-dress and strip secretly, then suddenly one weekend my world was turned upside down, and I didn’t know what to say or do. One late Halloween night back in 2017 we held our annual Halloween themed dances. Well on this particular night I was just called to the stage to dance, I started my routine, and just as my top came off and then my bottoms I saw him, Will, my sister’s boyfriend in the crowd with a bunch of his friends drinking heavily. I quickly finished up and left the stage hoping he didn’t notice me and then Joe the owner came backstage to let me know I for a private party. I entered the party room and saw Will and his friends still at it drinking, and I came in and started to drink and dance for them. The party lasted two hours, and by the time it was done I was drunk as well.

Joe came in and announced times up, and the fellas left, and I caught a cab home for the night. Later that night I stumbled into the house, and my sister wasn’t home yet, so I quickly took off my sisters clothes and placed them in the hamper. I stumbled back to my room and hit the bed. Later that night I was awoken to the sounds of my sister getting pounded until I heard her scream from her orgasm. I laid there listening to him beat away at her and couldn’t help but start stroking myself to the thought of his rock hard cock.

Not long after I shot my load all over me and then I fell back asleep. Around 3:00 am I felt someone crawl into bed and cuddle up with me, I didn’t remember to bring a guy home, and then I heard a whisper in my ear “you looked hot tonight at the club” he told me. I quickly turned over, and Will was laying next to me with a smile on his face; he grabbed and kissed me before I could react. I continued to kiss him, and he kissed me back, I broke and asked “what about Hanna?” and replied, “Don’t worry, she and I are over." He kissed me again, and I couldn’t help it with his strong embrace; he pulled me up to meet his face as we kissed. I could feel his cock pressing against me. Slowly he reached down and grabbed my hard five inches and began stroking it; I moaned several times to the pleasure, and the more I kissed is sexy full lips I finally kissed him one last time before breaking away. I started to kiss his neck which got him harder and harder since we were both still pretty drunk. Then I moved down to the floor and in between his legs and slowly started to lick his cock and then just when he couldn’t take it anymore, and he started oozing precum I licked it off his cock and placed my mouth over his head. I slowly sucked him in until I was at his baseballs touching chin, then I raised off his 9-inch cock and started to bob up and down sucking on his cock slowly; little by little I picked up the pace until I was in full motion. He raised his head and tilted it back as he moaned in pleasure, I continued for several minutes before he pulled me off and bent me over the end of the bed and then I felt his cock at my quivering hole. He hesitated for several moments before he pushed his head past and was buried balls deep in me; Will started to pound my ass rough, he didn’t start slow, and I didn’t want him to. As he pounded away, I didn’t realize that I was moaning so loud we woke up Hanna who came to the room and caught us fucking. Will didn’t notice either as his cock continued to assault my ass with each thrust. Harder and harder he pounded away at me, and it seemed like it was going to last forever, and then he told me he was going to cum. He pulled out, and I got on my knees and began to suck his cock in a fast and sloppy motion then suddenly he shot stream after stream of hot juicy cum down my throat.

I tried to hold it I couldn’t, and it leaked out from the sides of my mouth and down my chin and started to coat my chest. Will’s cock finally stopped spurting cum and began to soften up some more and then eventually slipped from between my lips. I raised to meet his lips, and he planted a kiss on me before we both crashed on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning I woke up to a note on my bed from Will telling me that he would be back later. I walked into the kitchen to find a cup of coffee and another note which read.

Thanks for stealing my boyfriend and lying to me all these years.


My mood dropped as I sat down and drank my coffee and that when I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. When I returned I found my stuff boxed up and sitting on the porch; I knew Hanna was angry by her note but what was I going to do now. She kicked me out, and the letter said she and the family had shunned me for being gay. I gathered my stuff and loaded it in my car and just sat there crying as I realized I just ruined my relationship with my family, especially my older sister. Later that night while I was sleeping in my car on the side of the road I received a text from Will asking if I was ok; I guess he went to the house and found out what she did. I got another text message with an address on it and Will telling me to meet him at his place; so I climbed in the front seat and started my car and headed to the only place I had to go. I arrived at his home about twenty minutes later, and as I approached the door Will opened it, and I just rushed into his big muscular arms and cried my eyes out for what I did and how I betrayed my sister like that. Will comforted me and that night he offered me his bed, laying next to him he placed his arm across me and pulled me in closer as we drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up to an empty bed and as I walked out into the living room, Will was coming in the door with the last of my stuff.

I told him I couldn’t put him out like this and he just kissed me and handed me the spare key, then he said to me that he wanted me to move in with him. That night Will and I got drunk, and he slowly started to kiss my neck causing me to moan. Will continued to make me cry more and more as he kissed his way around the base of my neck before pulling off my shirt and began to kiss his way to my nipples. Will started to lick my nipples knowing it would turn me on; soon I was rock hard from him sucking and licking on nipples with his tongue. I felt Will’s hands start to unbuckle my pants as he unzipped them they fell to the floor. Will grabbed my underwear, and my cock flopped out and hit his waiting tongue; he began to lick and flick my cock causing me to gasp and moan louder and as Will reached the top; he sucked my cock deep into his mouth and down his throat. Will started to bob up and down sucking me faster and faster until I couldn’t hold it in anymore and yelled out in pleasure before shooting stream after stream after stream of hot sticky cum all over his chest. Will continued to stroke my cock milking every last drop out as he sucked the rest of the cum out of me and cleaned my cock off. I watched as Will raised to meet me face to face where we began to kiss, and I could taste my salty cum on his lips and in his mouth as we french kissed. For several moments we kissed before he leads me over to the couch where he turned me around and had me climb on the furniture with my ass sticking out. Will spread my cheeks and began to tongue my ass; he licked away at my hole lubing me until I was dripping wet with his spit. The next thing I felt was Will’s head penetrating my hole with his huge cock; it only took a couple of seconds before his cock was balls deep inside me and started to pound me roughly; I screamed in moaning pleasure. His cock plowed into me harder and harder until I couldn’t take it anymore and forgot all about my troubles. He pulled out his cock and spun me around; I was facing outward as he sat on the couch, I straddled him into a reverse cowgirl position. As I sat on his lap a moment with his cock buried inside me I started to bounce up and down fast and rough as he lifted his hands to my waist to help. As I raised, he began to assault my ass from beneath me and now I could feel his cock start to swell as he was close to cumming. I plunged my ass down on his cock causing him to erupt deep inside me; his cock continued for a long time as stream after stream kept filling my ass until it couldn’t hold anymore and I felt his cum start to leak out. After I felt his cock stop shooting, I pulled off him and saw his lap covered in cum, so I knelt on the floor and began to clean him off. After licking all the cum, I started to suck his cock to drain every last drop and enjoyed every minute of being his cock hungry slut. I got up and admired my work as his cock went limp, and then I leaned in kissed him before whispering in his ear “wait till tomorrow night." from there I climbed into bed and fell asleep to the thoughts of tomorrows adventures that I couldn’t wait to come.

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The End

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