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Secrets and Revelations

(The Summer After Trilogy Book 2)

Written By

Jaxson Love

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Secrets and revelations

(The Summer After Trilogy Book 2)

Junior year has started, and now I am back at school. And as I unpacked by belonging’s into the closet of my room in the fraternity, I belong to at Stanford University. Later that day I went and registered and collected my classes, the whole time I was doing all of this I was zoned out thinking of her Caroline the girl next door and my secret transgender girlfriend. None of my brothers here at the fraternity could find out, or it would be devastating to my future here. That night around 9:00 pm I couldn’t handle not hearing her voice so I Caroline; the phone rings and I wait and wait some more. Finally, her voice mail picks up, and I left a message.

Hey Caroline,

I just wanted to talk and hear your voice, I know I said we should wait till I got back to tell everyone you and I were exclusive, but I don’t know if I am ready yet; please call me when you can, I love you!


After hanging up, I searched some trans porn for a while and then decided to fall asleep. I woke up the next morning and found one of my fraternity brothers passed out on my floor drunk. I got up and quietly grabbed my stuff and went to shower. While in the shower and washing my body I rubbed the soap all over me and as my hand ran across my ass, I was having memories of that night with Caroline when she popped my anal cherry. Slowly I began to lube my now devirginized ass and slowly began to slide my finger in and out slowly, and little by little started to pick up the pace as I saw the images of her gorgeous female cock buried in my ass pounding me hard and rough making me shoot cum hands free all over my chest. I was now in full swing pleasuring myself I didn’t hear the door open and Ben the fraternity brother who passed out staggered in and started to urinate in the toilet. Startled by the sudden noise of the door and the sound of him peeing made me jump and I almost fell in the shower, Ben flushed and said “Hey David! Remember to be careful when fingering yourself or masturbating, so you don’t fall and get hurt”. He left the room without another word. After that point, I quickly finished showering and returned to my bedroom in a towel.

While getting dressed Ben walked in “Hey man, I am so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in the shower." to which I replied “ It’s ok! I didn’t know that you were gay”. Ben quickly retorted “I’m bisexual, not gay." I apologized, and he explained that his girlfriend found out he dates both guys and girls, so she went out and bought a strap-on and has been pleasuring him with it since. I made a good friend after that and told him everything that happened over that summer after midterms freshmen year. After we both knew about each other's secrets, we grew close and from that point on and if I needed someone to talk with he was there. For the next several weeks I became concerned with Caroline cause she would avoid my calls and began to consider if she still loved me and wanted a relationship with me. Ben assured me that she was just busy and she would get back to me when she can, I started to feel better, and Ben looked at me and kissed me on the cheek. Now I realize it was just a kiss, but I felt like he wanted more. Ben left my room, and we didn’t speak of it after it happened. I focused on my work, and now and then Ben and I would hang out if he wasn’t with his girl; I figured after he kissed my cheek that he would say something but never did and I didn’t mention it myself. Everything from this point was new with him cause his girlfriend spent a lot more time with him and as he would drink; I would sip a beer and chat with her about tons of different subjects. I got to be pretty good friends with Gennifer my best friends girl.

Several months have passed, and finally, I would get to discover what is going on with Caroline, the woman I love. It’s the first day of spring break, and now I get to go home, as I packed Gennifer and Ben both came by to see me off and the next thing I know a knock at the door. I turned and walked over to the door and saw Caroline standing there with her bags crying.”What happened baby” I asked, and she just put her head down and cried even more; finally, she raised her head told me what happened.”I’m so sorry to uproot everything here, but I need a place to go for a while” she told me before she went on to explain her real father found out about her and me. She said to me that her birth father found out about her transformation and that he threatened physical injury to her. As I grew angry with the news, I told her to wait in my room. I went and grabbed a few beers from the fridge and began to drink them since there was no school. After several hours and beers later I couldn’t help but see the gorgeous siren in my midst.

As she helped me to my bed and leaned over me; I placed my hands on her waist and flipped her over me onto the bed. I wrapped her up in my arms and planted a kiss on her gorgeous lips and slowly moved her over to neck. As I started to kiss my way down to her magnificent chest to her nipples, I stopped a minute and waited for her to try and speak before placing her nipple in my mouth and licked and sucked on it making her moan in pleasure. For several minutes I worked her nipples and then started to watch as her skirt began to tent out. I lifted my head and smiled at her before I slipped my hand up her skirt and slowly started to stroke her 9’inch cock. As she grew more and hornier I watched as her she stood up and slid her dress off, she was now at full attention and ready to ravage my ass. I crawled to her cock and opened my mouth around her shaft and began to suck her member for a few moments before she grabbed the back of my head and started to face fuck me causing me to deep throat every inch and lube her at the same time. Caroline pulled me off her cock, and I laid on my back with my legs up, and she slides her cock between my cheeks into my waiting hole. It felt a little tight against her huge cock and a little pain pulsed out of me as she spread me again since I haven’t had any sex since I left. We swapped that night fucking and cumming in and on each other. Finally, around three in the morning as she was pounding my ass her cock spewed out tons of cum in my ass causing it to drip. Finally spent for the rest of the night, we both decided to pass out naked in my room covered in cum and sweat. The next morning I was awakened by Caroline’s cock rock hard poking me in the hole, so I pushed back and let it slip into me once more and began to fuck myself with it as she woke up to this, she placed her hands on my hips and started to take over relentlessly assaulting my ass. While I was enjoying the pleasure, I never heard my door open, and Jack quickly shut the door when he saw me getting fucked like a girl.

Later that morning after she and I went another round, I put on some shorts and went to take a shower. I finished and up, and Caroline came in and jumped in after me; back in the room Jack popped his head in the door and saw me getting dressed. He clears his throat, and I turned around to see him standing there, and she let me know that he needed to talk to me in his room after. I agreed and finished getting dressed; Caroline came into the room in a towel and started drying off, and I kissed her before I headed to Jacks room. Jack invited me in as I peeked in the room, “Thanks for coming, I know you are gay, and Ben is bisexual cause he told me everything including what happened with your girl; but before you say anything we are all accepting of you and Ben and Caroline’s sexual natures." Shock at what he said I just stood there for several moments and couldn’t speak. Jack walked up and placed a hand on my should and then he smiled before escorting me to the door and telling me to take my time before he and I spoke again. I have to admit things have been strange since Caroline moved in here with me; everyone has been extra friendly to me and the fraternity has been cleaner than I have seen in a while. Caroline has been a significant influence on the brothers, but I think it’s cause she likes to flirt and get them to do things for her. Jack and I find it funny and love to watch as they trip over their feet to impress her.

It’s been six weeks since she moved in and I have been out looking for a job while she works on her business of transferring to my college and taking to the most popular sorority. Later that day I was meeting with a friend Sean while getting a cup of coffee; “ How is my cousin?” Sean asked. “ she is good Sean, how are we supposed to make my father understand I love her," I asked him. “ I couldn’t tell you how to handle that my friend” Sean advised me. After returning to the house, Caroline was out, and I was informed by Jack who ever since found out I was gay treated me like a prince. Jack and I decided to get the alcohol. As we jumped into the car, he started it up, and we headed out towards our favorite liquor store. Several minutes later he pulled in, and we hit the parking lot, and I jumped out and headed in while Jack sat there for a few minutes. I wandered through the store and grabbed six cases of beer and 20 bottles of liquor; while I was getting everything for tonight, Jack finally came inside and started to load it up as I paid. On the drive back we were stopped at a light, and suddenly Jack reached his hand over and placed it on top of my hand. I was a little taken back and quickly removed my hand causing him to recoil his hand and put it back on the wheel as the light turned green and we drove off to the house without another word between us. I was a little taken back by Jack who was so straight acting and yet here he was grabbing my hand as I was his, he didn’t seem to have gay tendencies, and however, Jack made me feel like he was making a move, and that made me feel uncomfortable.

A few hours later the party was in full swing Jack was hanging out with several other fraternity brothers and making the girls feel special. I was wandering around drinking heavily and looking for Caroline. As time went on, I found her nowhere in sight, but I wasn’t going to give up and just as I was heading upstairs they're she was on the couch with several of my brothers and friends chatting it up. And just as I was going to head up the stairs, she saw me and got up to come over to me. Slurring my words and stumbling on the stairs she caught me and helped me to our room, and as she laid me on the bed, I only remembered kissing her, and then everything went black.

The Next morning I awoke and found myself just in my boxers, and groggily I looked around and didn’t see Caroline anywhere. I got up and got dressed to head downstairs and get something to eat and a cup of coffee, but then that’s when I saw her and Ben in the kitchen. Ben had his arms wrapped around her waist and was kissing on her neck. “What The Fuck” I yelled out before turning heel and started to storm out the door when I heard Ben run up behind me and grabbed my shoulder. “David wait” he called out as I clenched my fist as he spun me around and before he could say another word I swung connecting with his jaw. I quickly pushed past Caroline as she was trying to say something to me. I ran back upstairs and slammed my door causing several others to awake and rush out of their rooms to see what happened. It’s just a dream I thought as the one I was in love with betrayed me with a fellow brother. How could she do this to me and how could I look at both of them after this. All kinds of thoughts swirled through my head, A knock at the door made me look right at it, and I yelled ”Fuck Off," and that’s when I decided to climb out the window and sit on the porch roof in the rain to hide my tears from the world. I was out there for more than twenty minutes before a voice broke my trance of shock and anger. It was Jack, “come inside and let's talk” he called out to me and before I could say anything he was climbing out the window and dragged me back into the room. Soaked he told me to change to avoid getting sick, but I didn’t care at this point, and Jack stepped in front of me and we both locked eyes on each other and then I was going to speak Jack grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss. For a moment I kissed him back before I pulled away and pushed him out of the way. I quickly exited the door and headed to the stairs, “David wait” Jack called out, and as I turned to ask him to leave me alone I slipped cause of the dripping water and fell over the balcony of the second floor.

I woke up in the hospital two weeks later, and as I awoke, I saw Jack sleeping in a chair next to me with his head laying on the side of the bed and holding my hand. I removed my hand, and he woke up and in a shock as he saw me staring at him. “David are you ok," he asked me as I looked at him blankly; “who are you and why am I in a hospital," I asked this strange man in my room. Taken back by things Jack went and got my parents from the waiting room and they both walked into the room with worry on their faces. My mom explained what happened to me and I grabbed my head with a shocked look and then thanked Jack just before he walked out.

I remained in the hospital for five weeks before I was released and every day Jack would come by and check on my recovery until I was released. That day Jack helped me sign the release papers and as I was getting ready he went downstairs and grabbed the car. The nurse wheeled me out as Jack was waiting with the door open and the nurse wished me luck and Jack put my bag in the car's back seat, we were heading out of town when I asked him “Where are we going”; Jack smiled and told me “taking you home." A few hours later Jack pulled into my driveway and jumped out as my mom came out and helped with my stuff, I climbed out gently, so I didn’t hurt myself, I came around the car's front end limping with a cane for support. Jack hugged me and jumped back into his car and waved goodbye as he headed back to school. I walked into the house, and my dad smiled at me, and I told my mom I was tired and was going to lay down. I opened my bag and found a letter written by Jack, and I smiled.

What does the letter say and mean for David’s future; find out in the next installment Of The Summer After Series: New Love and Old Flames.

The End

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