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Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for purchasing/downloading this Novella! This is my first Gayrotica Novella and I am so excited yet nervous to release this out to the world.

I know Escorts are probably a cliché in Gayroticas but I wanted to portray an Escort that loves his career. He doesn’t get sexually assaulted and he has never been sexually assaulted- a trope that at times can appear in these kind of stories-.

Echo is a mystery to the world and even to himself and I’m happy to tell the story through his eyes. He is a stocky and effeminate Gay Latino, who is comfortable in his own skin.

There are strong sexual scenes in this Novella (especially a chapter where the main character masturbates) and there is explicit language throughout.

Depending on where you have gotten this book (whether on Amazon Kindle for $0.99, for free or Kindle Unlimited for free) I thank you from the bottom of my heart and all I ask of you is to review this book with honest feedback on whatever site you want. I have so much more stories to tell in this world and reader reviews encourage me to continue on telling those stories.

I thank you again and without further ado, I present to you Silent Echoes (A Gayrotica Novella)!


Edwin Betancourt.



Everyone has a dream.

Mine was to be a famous groundbreaking Gay journalist for the New York Times or Daily News…but sometimes dreams die.

My name is Echo and being a Gay Escort isn’t as easy as Hollywood makes it seem.

I mean sure the pay is amazing!

Fuck amazing, it’s Glamorous!

But what tends to ruin it is the lack of chemistry an Escort might have with their client. When that happens, it’s a different ballgame.

You never know if your client of the day is going to be too demanding, unhygienic, dull, a terrible sex partner or just not interesting; until it’s too late.

But my job isn’t to shape the guys up—unless they’re into that.

My job is to be whomever the client wants me to be…And if the chemistry isn’t there? Then that’s when my two years of acting classes come in handy.

As long as he is happy with my service that’s all that matters to me, because his happiness is how I pay my bills.

Growing up in a diverse city like New York was always an adventure because you never knew what to expect from the many diverse characters that inhabited the city. And being a Gay Puerto Rican male, I’ve dealt with my fair share of characters and heartbreak.

I’m not one to dwell on the past because that’s behind us, but I guess it’s important for this story and to get to know me better, so I’ll give the cliff notes.

My parents were 17 years old when they had me. My mother was a drug addict and my father was her dealer.

My mom gave birth to me on May 3rd, 1990 and shortly thereafter she died and my father went missing in action. None of my grandparents wanted me so I was put into foster care.

When I turned ten years old, I was adopted by a loving Christian couple named Peter and Mary, (seriously that was their names).

When I turned 16 years old, I came out the closet to them and was immediately kicked out of their house.

I met an 18 year old who I fell deeply in love with named Trevor Natchios. He was tall, dark and handsome and honestly, everything I wanted in a guy.

He helped me find a place to live and he helped me not only finish high school but also helped me financially, unfortunately this wasn’t a relationship Walt Disney would write about. Unless he waters down the parts, where Trevor would abuse me daily and call me “Worthless, ugly and a waste of life!”

On my 18th birthday, I grew tired of the bruises and broken bones, so I decided to leave Trevor and never look back.

I moved to a city just 18 hours out of New York named Torne City.

While most high school graduates dove right into college, I decided to take a year off studies to focus on working. I was hired at the local movie theatre that Summer.

It was in that theatre job that I met a dapping fellow named Noah Fernine. He looked like a Caucasian Antonio Banderas.

He ordered three boxes of popcorn, two slushies and six hot dogs; either he had a huge appetite or he was compensating for something.

“Has any one ever told you how attractive you are?” he asked me as I handed him everything he ordered.

I-being the smart ass I am- laughed at his question because clearly something was wrong with his vision.

I’m a feminine Gay Male and although Hollywood tends to make the feminine Gays campy and overdramatic, that wasn’t me.

I had a voice that most people called “girly” and while every other boy at my junior high had voices that were deepening overnight, mine never did.

Aside from that, my height is 5’9 and I’m a bit stocky but that tends to be overlooked when guys see my thick ass—their words not mine!

Not to toot my own horn here, but I always found my bubble butt very appealing and so have the clients who have booked me. But those were qualities not many of the “Alpha Gay Men” were looking for in a mate.

The Alpha Gay Men are the men who post pictures of themselves flexing their muscles and posing in just underwear clearly overstuffed with socks. They’re the men who were so vain that they date or marry their doppelgangers so they could fuck themselves daily.

So when Noah gave me that compliment I had to laugh in his face.

But Noah wasn’t giving up on his weird venture. “I’m serious.” He handed me a black business card that contained his name and email address in gold lettering. “If you ever get tired of sweeping popcorn and cum off the floors, give me a call.”

I went home later that night and Googled who he was. He was the CEO and President of Somin Agency, an escorting agency for Gay men. I wasn’t sure if I was mad or offended that he assumed I was escort material. I mean don’t get me wrong I do love the aspect of getting paid for sex. I enjoyed watching porn just like most males at that age and I did have a 12-inch dildo I named ‘Mr. Hamm’, so it’s not like sex was a taboo subject for me.

I emailed him that I would love to hear more about the opportunity and he replied less than an hour later.

The position was for a Part time Escort, I would be undergoing mental tests (to make sure I don’t go all Ali Larter in Obsessed on the potential clients), STD, HIV and Drug tests as well. I would then be photographed (nude and clothed) and the pictures would be stored in a virtual catalogue.

The Virtual Catalogue was exactly how it sounded, many potential clients go through profiles of the Escorts on the roster to see if we are the type of guys they want to fulfill their fantasies with. If a client chooses me, they book an appointment for a future date, I get that alert and make plans accordingly and then we would meet. When that meeting is over, all financial transactions are made through the Somin Agency database.

It sounded very professional, organized and much better than cleaning up the bathroom after a midnight screening of the latest 50 Shades of Grey film.

I promised him that I would weigh out the pros and cons and get back to him when my mind was made up.

After reading his email, I received an acceptance email from Torne City University and I forgot I applied for their Journalism degree. Since I didn’t want to apply for Financial Aid, although when I ran away from my last foster family I took my social security card and birth certificate; I just didn’t want anything to trace back to me if an emergency arose.

So I decided if I wanted to make thousands of dollars to pay for college that I should find a job willing to pay me that much money…and I decided to email Noah, accepting the job offer.

Thus how I, Echo the Escort was born!

In my first week of escorting, I made $18,000! And most of my clients were rich older men who needed someone to talk to and someone who would listen to them.

I’ve learned that escorting is 25% sex and 75% of it is just being emotional support.

Now here I am ten years later (I’m 28 years old now) financially better than I was, with amazing dental and medical insurance and although I started this journey for college, I decided to hold off on that until I was ready. Escorting isn’t a job to me, it’s a career and one that I love more than anything!

But none of that matters at this moment.

I realize now that everything I’ve done was for nothing because clearly it didn’t fix the situation I’m in now.

It didn’t warn me how everything was going to change for the worst.

All I have left now are regrets. Regrets that I didn’t see the signs and regrets that I trusted him.

And now, as I lay here on the tiled floor of the Silmont Motel, staring up at the barrel of a loaded gun that he was holding tightly in his hand, I know I don’t have much time left.

Today’s date is October 11th, 2018.

To you, it’s just an ordinary Thursday.

To me?




It’s the day I died.

Four Weeks Earlier…


The Senator


Republican Senator Matthew Rhodes was a name I was familiar with. I recognized his name because he had tried-along with 45% of Republicans-to stop the legalization of Same Sex marriage, which obviously was a waste of time for him.

So you can imagine I wasn’t at all surprised to find he contacted Somin Agency and picked me out of the Virtual Catalogue.

If a Republican runs his campaign on being homophobic, chances are he is either getting dick or giving dick and in my line of work, I’ve dealt with a lot of closeted Republicans who take and give!

The Senator told me to meet him at the Kerring Hotel in suite 201.

I walked out of the elevator trying to think of ways I could make this man’s experience with me one he would never forget.

When he booked me for an appointment, he explained how he only wanted to “Get a blowjob and make a faggot choke”.

I was revolted in the use of that word since I’ve never understood why any Gay man would want to be called a ‘faggot’ in a sexy way. There is no way to make that word sexy because it has always been a slur created by idiotic Heteros to demean and insult us. But rule #2 of Somin is to ‘Never show your bias’.

There are five rules of Somin, which are:

Rule #1: Do not fall in love with the client.

Rule #2: Never show your bias.

Rule #3: Do not talk about the client to outside people.

Rule #4: Do not take tips or money from clients if not approved by Somin.

Rule #5: Never swallow!

I have not broken any of these rules in the past ten years but I can’t say the same for the other Escorts in Somin.

I finally made it to the front of the suite’s door and I knocked on it.

After a few seconds, the door opened and standing in the doorway was a very attractive middle-aged man wearing a dark suit and tie.

Come to my surprise the Senator was a few inches taller than I. He was slim built, Asian American with black hair and light green eyes.

The fact that homophobic Republicans were this attractive was indeed a crime.

He looked around the hallway nervously, cleared his throat and asked “Are you...umm.”

“Echo.” I replied with a warm smile.

“Ah yes. Please come in and forgive me. I’m nervous…it’s my first time doing something like this.”

I entered the suite smirking at the Senator’s words.

Once he closed the door, I turned around to face him. “No it isn’t.”

He locked the door and bowed his head before turning on his heels toward my direction. “H-How did you know?”

“Well for starters, you were very vivid in your message and your imagination is very x rated. The way you described how you would make me choke on your… “member” was very impressive and not at all for the faint of heart. While I believe it is your first time in this hotel, I have doubts believing this is your first time with a man.”

“Fine, yes you caught me.” He confessed. “Normally I would meet with my assistant and fuck him in a cheap motel just a few miles over but I needed something new…then a colleague of mine told me about Somin and even threw your name in. He said you have an ass for days…and while I do love looking at it, I don’t have time to fuck you.”

I cooed at the fact one of his colleagues had something nice to say about me and even gave me a recommendation.

You never know if a client is happy after the experience because once he cums, you get up and leave, and sadly this isn’t like Yelp where we get rated or reviewed…although it would definitely help us in the long run.

“I am honored at the thought of you choosing me out of all the Twinks and Muscleheads. And while your colleague was one hundred percent accurate about my ass, he neglected to mention my other specialty.” I said lowering down to my knees in front of him.

He lowered his eyebrows staring at me. “Oh yeah? And what is that?”

I unzipped his fly and watched as his semi erect length flopped out from the fly of his pants, greeting me like a longtime friend. He was uncircumcised and about 9.5 inches long. The aroma of vanilla danced around my nostrils making it obvious he had just taken a shower before I got there.

I smirked wrapping my right hand around his throbbing member and I looked up at him, “I have no gag reflex.”

Before he could reply back or utter a sound, I wrapped my full lips around the head of his length nibbling on it as I enjoyed the sweet taste of his precum. I slowly bobbed my head as his member got harder. It didn’t take long for him to enjoy it as he placed his hand on the back of my head forcing my face down so his member rested in the back of my throat. He thrusted his hips giving me no chance to moan as his testicles pressed against my chin.

His moans were all I needed to hear as I grabbed his hips letting him thrust deeper into my mouth.

“Mmm shit! Take that dick faggot!”

Seriously? I could tell his machismo complex was huge, but did he have to show it by insulting me? Eh, his dick tasted good and that’s all I could focus on at the moment.

He released his grip on the back of my head allowing me to breathe through my nose and also allowing me to continue at my job. I quickened my pace a few times, then drastically slowed it down-a notion which caused the Senator’s body to shiver.

I smirked and looked up at him as I continued giving him a blowjob.

“No- go go slow.” Poor unfortunate soul was confused on what exactly he wanted from me.

I decided to bob my head in a slow and steady pace but it wasn’t long until he grabbed a handful of my curly hair, held my head still, snatched his throbbing and wet length out of my mouth with his free hand and came all over my face.

“Ugh fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!”

I quickly closed my eyes as I felt more drops of his warm liquid cover my face like it was raindrops falling from the sky.

This was demeaning!

I have no problem with pleasing a man orally or even sucking on a man’s testicles as he jerks off, but I never have been a fan of facials.

To me this was the Top’s way of saying ‘I conquered this territory’ and just because I’m an Escort it doesn’t mean I’m no less of a human being.

“Mmmm fuck that shit was amazing! I’m sorry I came so fast. You sure can take a cock.” I heard him say, I don’t know what the hell he was doing at this point because my eyes were still closed.

I felt his load drip slowly from my face like sweat during the Summer heat. “Mmmmhmmm.” I replied back. “Can you wipe my face clean?”

“Oh sure!”

I heard his footsteps walk away and I could imagine how stupid I looked on my knees, in the middle of the suite with the Senator’s cum dripping down my face.

After a few seconds, I heard the footsteps return and felt the sensation of a rough cotton towel wipe my face clean. Good God, these fucking towels were rough!

I opened my eyes, stood up from the ground and thanked the Senator as I wiped off the remaining cum I could feel still dripping down the left side of my face.

“D-do I pay you now or?”

“No, I go home and log onto the site then the money gets transferred.”

He nodded placing his semi erect cock back inside of his pants and I watched as he zipped up his fly, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. “If ever you have free time away from seeking reelection, make an appointment so I can ride that.” I said pointing to his bulge.

A smile spread across his face and he nodded. “Sounds like a dream.”

“Oh it will be.”

“I promise this time I won’t cum too quickly.”

I threw the cum covered towel at him smirking, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

And I exited the suite closing the door behind me.

What? He may be a homophobic ass, but I am a sucker for a beautiful cock…no pun intended.


The Killer


Early preparations before meeting any client varied among Escorts.

Those who were Tops (men who give dick) only had to manscape their penis and balls, shave their faces and shower.

But us Bottoms (men who take dick) had to do a lot more than that.

Because many of the clients choose me on the fact I’m effeminate and it’s easier for them to imagine being with a woman because of my voice while they’re fucking me, I do my best to make sure I was smooth (having a hairless ass and chest) and that I was clean.

While I would’ve preferred shaving with a good ol’ fashioned razor, Noah has a contract with a local spa which offers us free waxing. And boy do I hate getting waxed!

Have you ever had someone pour hot wax between your ass cheeks and instead of counting down when they were going to peel off the wax, they just rip it off?! Then they go in for more! How I envy Tops at times.

Aside from making my ass smoother and shinier than a bowling ball, I had to douche and this process for me is easier to do and not at all painful.

I always want to make sure I’m clean anyways, because a majority of times I’m making sure my clients come to a sensible relief but I’m stuck with a hard on when I return home. So once I get back to my place, I kick off my shoes and have some fun with Mr. Hamm.

RRRing! RRRing! RRRing!

The sound of my cellphone caused me to flinch.

Who the hell would be calling me at 6:26am? I thought to myself as I walked out of my bedroom wearing only a pair of black laced panties given to me by a client last week.

He told me that most Bottoms wore panties because they’re comfortable and I’m not going to lie, these laced panties made my ass look rounder than usual, but my penis and balls weren’t too thrilled as they were practically screaming “Ouch!”

My cellphone was charging in the living room because that’s where I was, while binge watching a few episodes of my favorite show How To Get Away With Murder.

I unplugged the phone from the charger and read the caller I.D which had ‘T’ on it.

T was a fellow Bottom at Somin. We usually get together once a month to watch a horrible movie and talk shit about it.

Why the hell is he calling me? I thought to myself as I swiped the answer button mentally preparing myself for the fakest conversation I was about to endure.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey bitch!” T greeted in his usual high pitch squeal.

“Ugh! How are you always so chirpy in the morning?” I asked not sure how anyone who gets three full hours of sleep could be as chirpy as a Macy’s perfume sales person.

“When you look as cute as I do you always wake up with a smile on your face.” He answered back in his typical vain attitude.

I have some friends and some acquaintances at Somin but T has always been a friend. He and I have been through a lot together and although I like to keep my past a secret, he knows I was in an abusive relationship because so was he when he was heavily using Crystal Meth years ago and tried to commit suicide because of it.

He likes to think of me as a protégé he was training to be just like him, although I was employed at Somin three years before he was.

“So what’s up?” I asked hoping to speed the conversation up because these panties were really starting to cramp up my balls.

“Did you hear about Erik?” he asked.

There was a few seconds of silence, which clearly meant he was waiting for me to answer whether I heard about Erik or not.

Erik is another Bottom. He gets all the high roller clients, I’m talking about athletes, Studio Execs, Fashion Designers, Models, Rappers, UFC Fighters and even CEOs. I’ve met him once and he made a sly comment referring to my ass being fake which was laughable considering the only surgery I’ve ever gotten was dental, but he’s clearly never met a Puerto Rican before so bless his heart.

I waited to see if maybe T would continue on with the conversation but he was waiting for me to answer the question, I guess my silence wasn’t as loud as I had hoped.

“No I didn’t hear about him. What happened?”

“Bitch, he’s dead!”

“What?! Are you shitting me?” I asked sounding like a pure New Yorker. If this was a sick joke, T was more fucked up than I initially thought.

“Not at all. He was found alongside his John in the alleyway of the Villa Milla Motel Hotel. The police ruled it a murder-suicide.”

“Who was his John? And is it on the news or-.”

“You know fucking well this was on the news. But it was completely edited down to omit Somin and any connections to the other Escorts. I don’t know who his John was but apparently he’s a huge computer whiz in Italy or something.”

“Shit that’s crazy.” Although I wasn’t fond of Erik as a person, it’s still disheartening and sick to hear a fellow Escort was killed by his client.

“Tell me about it. That’s one of the fucked up things about our jobs. We’re too good at riding and sucking dicks that our clients want to have us all to themselves and when we aren’t interested; they won’t hesitate to pop two caps in our faces and then off themselves. It’s a messed up world we live in.”

I nodded my head as I gave up and took the panties off. I threw them across the room and sighed in relief, as my balls were free and not at all being squashed to death.

“So any plans for today?” T asked changing the subject faster than a Broadway show doing wardrobe changes.

“Yeah I have an appointment with a client at 3pm and now I’m just trying to get my outfit ready for the day.”

“Hey listen…I wanted to know if you’re still coming to my birthday party in a few weeks?”

Shit! I forgot all about the party he was throwing on October 10th. I could make up an excuse to get out of it but I do enjoy parties and T always threw one hell of a party.

“I’m sorry I didn’t RSVP, it’s been crazy on my end but you got yourself a deal. I will be there.”

“Remember it’s a dress down party, so you gotta wear a jockstrap or—no! Scratch that! You come dressed! No offense, but I don’t want your fat ass stealing my thunder.”

Isn’t it funny how some people would say having a fat ass was a bad thing, while others want to either eat it, worship it, lay on it or fuck it?

T would always joke about the size of my ass in good humor and I’m proud to have it but I never flaunted it, that would be beneath me.

“Okay.” I replied back with a smile on my face. “I promise to dress up. We wouldn’t want to scare people.”

“Perfect! Okay gotta go! Have fun!”

Thankfully, T hung up the phone and I let out a sigh of frustration as I placed the phone back on the charger.

Erik’s death was still on my mind and it made me think about the clients I’ve had in the past.

As an Escort, our job is to make the client happy and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe one of my clients confused our arrangement for something a bit…more.

Today’s client wasn’t one I had to worry about because he was one of my regulars.

His name is Soa ‘The Killer’ Muano, he’s a Samoan wrestler from Canada’s professional wrestling circuit. He was actually the first openly Gay wrestler to hold the title championship for more than 3 years; he reminds me of that fact, every time I’m giving him a blowjob while he fingers me.

He wasn’t like most of my regular clients and the reasons for that was simple:

  1. He loves to converse after he gets relief it’s his version of pillow talk. The conversations usually lead to him asking how my day is going and what’s new in my life.

  2. He loves to kiss. I have heard stories where many Escorts don’t kiss their clients because it’s a passionate notion that means the client is much more than a client, but when I’m having sex all I want to do is kiss. It’s how I get off.

  3. He loves to do impressions of other celebrities. Although the impressions aren’t as good as he thinks, he just does them to make me laugh.

Being with him, even if only for two hours, made me forget about any and all drama in my life.

I looked back down at my phone and shook my head currently having the thought of Erik’s death still looming in the back of my mind.

Poor kid…poor situation. Whatever happened, I just hope Noah plans on doing something special for Erik. I may not have liked the guy, but he was still one of us.

3:40pm @ Billerain Hotel:

When men Top, there is a sense of dominance that takes over their body and they, for a lack of a better term, pound the Bottom’s ass. This pounding leads to the Bottom enduring pain while the Top enjoys the relief he’s getting.

Of course, sex isn’t painful if it’s done right, but sadly many Tops don’t care about the wellbeing of their Bottom, just as long as he’s clean and fit their preferences.

God bless the Tops who do enjoy pleasing us!

One of those ‘generous’ Tops in question is Soa aka The Killer.

He loves to take his time with me as if I’m his little clay and he was going to mold me into whatever he wanted by using his hands-of course it’s usually a mixture of his hands, spit, tongue and lips. And for the past forty minutes, he was doing a hell of a lot with his tongue as he ate my ass.

But when he was finally done, he flipped me over on my back so I was facing him and he spread my legs open to slowly push his thick circumcised, condom covered length inside of me.

I arched my back upwards allowing myself to take all of his 10.9-inch length, he didn’t want to hurt me, he wanted to please me.

I never met a man who put my needs before his. Now I see what his fiancé saw in him.

Before I could moan another word, the 5’10 thick Samoan grabbed my uncut length with his right hand and he grabbed my uncut penis.

Chills ran down my spine as he pushed my foreskin back revealing the head of my cock, he rubbed his index finger all over the tip using my precum as if it was lube and he tightened his grip as he began to jerk me off.

I wasn’t expecting that, but Soa is unpredictable every single time we were together.

With him jerking me off and him inside of me, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I caved in. It wasn’t fair! Usually I was the one in charge of pleasing him but not today and not at this moment.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something that would distract me from cumming. I didn’t want to cum! I never cum before Soa, it was always him before me! Why was he torturing me like this?

“Don’t be afraid.” He grunted as he thrusted his length deeper inside of me and left it there.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” I heard myself whine as I gripped the bedsheets looking at him.

“I know.” His voice stated as he gave me a smirk. “That’s the point.”

“Ooooh! Shit!”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer, my body wouldn’t let me. All it took was one strong grip from Soa for me to release myself allover his hand and on my chest.

Soa did something I never thought he would, he pulled out of me, yanked the condom off his cock and he aimed his length at my chest like it was a gun…then seconds later he fired his creamy load all over my chest. He continued to stroke his length emptying the barrel and he panted trying to catch his breath.

Unlike the Senator, I enjoyed when a man would cum on my chest rather than on my face, I don’t know why but it was more special like that.

“Damn baby!” he said jumping off the bed.

I sat up watching him walk over to the bathroom; he had a very plump butt for a Top. Although I’m a bottom I do enjoy gripping a Top’s ass as he fucks me.

I looked down at the pattern of semen on my chest. I didn’t know which belonged to him and which belonged to me.

“How is it you manage to wow me every time we hang out?” He asked returning to me holding two rags in his hands.

“Every time we ‘hang out’? You’re making it sound like we’re fuck buddies.” I replied grabbing one of the rags.

“Well we kinda are.”

I chuckled wiping the reward of our sweaty forty-minute session from my chest. “I don’t think a fuck buddy charges by the session.”

He nodded. “True, but imagine if we were. Imagine if you weren’t working at Somin anymore and that you weren’t an Escort but…you were mine.”

I quickly sat up on the bed lowering my eyebrows. I was expecting The Killer to have a ‘Gotcha’ smile on his face because that was one hell of a joke, but he didn’t. Instead, he looked at me with concern and emotion in his eyes.

“Soa I don’t think I like where this is going.” I replied standing up from the bed.

“I know it sounds fucking insane but everything I do is insane! I mean think about it, you and I have amazing sex every single time we meet up. Your ass tastes like fucking Cotton Candy and your mouth does more for me than my fiancé’s ever could.”

I have been told by many that my ass has a certain sweet taste to it and I honestly don’t know how that works since I don’t put any edible lotions on it. I know many Escorts who rub edible dessert lotion on their asses to make it taste like candy but not me. I never had any complaints though.

“That is the key word there.” I replied grabbing my pair of red boxer briefs off the floor. “You have a fiancé and although I really really love our time together, we can’t think of this as anything more than just a business transaction.”

Placing my underwear on, my mind went to Erik’s death. How his client killed him before turning the gun on himself. Was this turning out to be something like that situation?

Although Soa is a gentle giant, he is also a professional wrestler who’s suffered more bumps to the head than a Twink Bottoming for a Bear.

If this was going to turn into me being attacked then you better believe I had a Taser inside of my bag ready to go if need be—but the gentle bear wasn’t that type of man.

He sat on the edge of the bed and shook his head. “You’re right. I’m sorry, it’s just been a crazy week. Greggory dumped me.”

“What?” I gasped. I was shocked to hear his fiancé dumped him. Soa was an amazing catch. He was handsome, sexy, had a big cock and was honest…well to an extent.

“I’m so sorry.” I replied sitting next to him on the bed. “Did he find out about us?”

He shook his head slowly. “Greggory always knew about you. That wasn’t a secret. He just didn’t want to be with me anymore.” He turned to me and let out a deep sigh. “Have you ever been in love before?”

Love. That was a word I have heard many times before but none of the definitions seemed to have matched the chaos I endured years ago, when I thought I was in love.

Sure I’ll tell a Top “Oh my God! I love your cock!” or “I love your tongue baby mmmmm go deeper!” but I never meant it. I just said it to give their egos a boost. Having a Top with a bruised ego was like lighting a candle with no fire, useless.

Love isn’t something that comes easily for guys like me.

Guys who are not only effeminate and stocky, but guys who are Escorts.

How could you possibly date someone who changes his personality daily to fit his client’s need? And why would anyone Love me? My past is more fucked up than the President’s Administration.

I shook my head looking down. “No I’ve never been in Love.” I lied.

I expected him to go on a full rant about how it’s a beautiful thing but he just said, “Good, don’t ever fall in love. That shit fucking hurts.”

I don’t know why but a laugh came out of my mouth which confused both Soa and I. I grabbed his soft length, “It doesn’t hurt more than taking your cock.”

A smile spread across his face and he apologized for any pain he had caused me but it wasn’t at all painful. He knew what he was doing.

“Look, I didn’t mean to sound like a stalker. It’s just, you and I have been conducting business for four years now and I think this is the only relationship I’ve been able to maintain for this long. Sometimes I forget that we’re just client and Escort.”

“And you’re my favorite client.”

He looked at me with hope in his eyes. “Would your boss get peeved if we cuddle?”

“Hmm considering you booked me for an hour session and we have twenty minutes left, I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Good.” Soa laid back on the bed and I rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around my body.

I don’t know how the hell Soa manages to do it but he makes all my worries go away with just a cuddle.

Maybe Love isn’t something I need, maybe it’s just Soa cuddling me every night.

Whenever I was in his embrace the world around me stopped moving…if only the world did stop moving because I had no idea, the shit that was about to hit the fan.


He Bop


I received a call from Noah at 4am informing me he wasn’t booking anyone for one whole week because Cypher- a Versatile (meaning he loves to Bottom and Top) had just quit.

Whenever an Escort quits abruptly it screws up everyone’s schedule and causes Noah and his team to re edit the site.

I don’t remember having anyone booked for the week so this rude call interrupting my sleep was unnecessary.

“I just wanted to let you know. So catch up on any unnecessary sleep or maybe hang out with friends. Either way just rest.”

Um, that’s exactly what I was doing before you rudely interrupted me!” I thought to myself not wanting to risk the chance of being fired. So I swallowed my anger like it was apple sauce and I replied, “No it’s fine, I was up anyways. Thanks for the heads up.”

“Of course. No problem.”

I hung up the phone and placed it back on its charging dock located on my nearby dresser. I jumped back in bed shivering at the chills that ran through my body as I threw the white and black quilt over myself, covering every inch of my limbs that were exposed to the cold temperature. A moan escaped my mouth as the warmth of the quilt protected and shielded my body from the cold.

Great! Now I was fully awake with no ambitions to go back to sleep. I needed to though. I haven’t had a decent goodnight sleep since I started working for Noah. That was mainly because we didn’t have a set schedule like an office job. Our time of employment varied with clients. Some of us get three hours of sleep, others get four hours of sleep, or the real ambitious guys get only one hour of sleep.

I looked up at the ceiling of my bedroom trying to think of ways to go back to sleep.

My imagination began to run wild and usually when that happens one to two things would take place. Either I would begin writing a few poems in my ‘Book of Poetry’- a composition of various poems I never had the balls to publish.

Or I’d jerk off.

Right now, I needed to sleep and my mind was starting to imagine Matteo Romero, or how the Porn industry knew him, La Cima Dominicana—which means ‘The Dominican Top’.

He is a Dominican Adult Actor, I had the pleasure of meeting a few times during various Galas or banquets Somin threw years ago.

He worked for Bullhung Studios, a Porn studio that caters to Bisexual actors in the industry. Every time Matteo and I chatted he would seemingly always flirt with me but that was his shtick. Men like him yearned to be wanted by Gay men. You see it all the time on social media.

A guy posts a picture of himself in his underwear posing all sexy with a caption like “Just got a haircut, ugh I look ugly!” all so they could get validation from other Gay men. They get off to the validation because it boosts their egos and because they love being the fantasy of others.

Matteo, to me, was that guy. He flirted with me in hopes that I would drop to my knees and worship his 11.9 inched uncut Dominican cock—I haven’t seen it in person but I’ve watched the videos he starred in.

It was always about sex with those guys. They don’t want meaningful relationships, they only want to fuck a desperate and lonely Bottom so they can feel like God in that Bottom’s eyes.

I don’t trust God, he and I have a love-hate relationship which stems back to when Peter and Mary kicked me out the house.

As much as I wanted to shake the image, Matteo was in my head. Not because we recently chatted because we have not seen each other since last year when we went to an event on Fire Island.

I was just horny and needed some relief. I needed to go back to sleep—that was the excuse I used as I felt my boxer briefs tighten.

Pulling the quilt off me, I rubbed my hard cock gripping it through my underwear imagining Matteo rubbing it. In my mind Matteo was telling me how he yearned for me since we first met, that every woman and man costar he was fucking on film was all me in his head.

I told him “Matteo don’t say that out loud because then it would be real.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” He whispered in my right ear before he nibbled on my earlobe.

I pulled my underwear down freeing my hard cock. It stood erect knowing exactly what I was going to do. I wrapped my right hand around the thick base and slowly began to pull my foreskin up and down and again, up and down.

Slowly I went up and slowly I went down.

In my mind, Matteo flipped me over on my stomach, ripped my sweatpants off and began to eat my ass. I whined his name shivering as his wet tongue forced itself inside of me. I looked over my shoulder at him smirking as he said, “Can I keep you?”

I nodded and told him “Yes! Papi, you can keep me.”

Imagining his growl as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks as if they were grapefruits, sent me almost over the edge. I could feel his sharp teeth biting my right ass cheek and then my left. I whimpered and moaned his name out letting him know it didn’t hurt, but it felt so fucking good!

He pulled away; his full lips covered with saliva and said, “Say you want me inside you.”

“I-I want you inside of me”

My body shivered and my hand was now wet from pre cum as I quickened my pace a little, I continued the motion: up and down, up and down!

I could feel him inside of me. It didn’t hurt, my body felt like one with his. He thrusted his hips going deeper and I pushed myself on him. I loved his cock inside of me and he loved being inside me.

“You love my dick, baby?” He asked holding my waist as he held me in the doggy style position.

“I love your dick in me papi.”

“Whose ass is this?” he asked spanking my right ass cheek causing it to jiggle.

“Yours!” I cried out bouncing on his cock faster.

Up and down!

Up and down!

“Whose cock is this?” I asked gripping the sheets of my bed so it gave me enough support to take him deeper in me.

“Yours baby! This cock is only yours!”

Up and down!

Up and down!

Up and-

“Aghhhhhhh!” I shouted feeling my soul escape my body as my warm creamy load shot in the air. This orgasm wasn’t like anything I have ever felt before. It was strong, relaxing and soul stealing.

After a few drops of cum rained on my chest, I felt my spirit return to my body.

Panting and smiling I licked my lips opening my eyes.

I released my cock watching as it began to go soft and I let out a sigh of relief.

I grabbed a nearby shirt from the floor, wiped myself clean from the mess I made and threw the cum soaked shirt into the hamper which was only a few inches away from my bed.

I’ve never shot so much cum before.

I didn’t have any regrets about using the image of Matteo to help me jerk off. I’m sure if I told him about it he would laugh. He was a vain man…a very sexy, thoughtful-ass eating-cock giving vain man.

Now I could finally go back to sleep and if I was awoken again, I could just imagine myself in a three way with Ryan Reynolds and John Cena.


The Opportunity


Many people forget about my mantra, “Escorting is 25% sex and 75% emotional support.” What does that mean? It means that escorting isn’t just us having sex with strangers; it’s about us being a companion for hire. Some clients hire us to be their boyfriend for a day, or for a weekend, and some are just going through some difficult shit and want someone to listen to their problems.

That is why many Escorts don’t last very long in this industry. You have to be able to turn off the sex switch and turn on your emotional switch. You have to be the support the clients need. It’s not an easy job at all but someone has to do it. And I’m proud to be that person because men are mysterious beings who are too prideful to show their vulnerable side because of fear they would be ridiculed for it or emasculated.

However, I enjoy a man who can cry one second, then fuck like an animal the next second. It was soothing and refreshing, and as someone who almost lost a friend to suicide, everyone needs someone to talk to.

Today’s client was Dave Amell. He’s a fancy architect from NYC who is openly Gay and has donated more than $65 million to various LGBTQ+ youth centers and homeless shelters.

This scheduling came as a surprise to me since it was only two days ago that Noah called me to tell me he wasn’t scheduling us for an entire week. But knowing Dave he probably threw a lot of cash on the table and Noah caved in.

The email said Dave required me to wear formal attire and formal in my mind consisted of a suit and tie as if I was going to prom. I hate suit and ties because they make me feel as if someone is smothering me or prepping me for my funeral.

Therefore, I decided to buy a designer v-neck black shirt, with designer black slacks- it was a perfect fit considering I had to get a waist size 40 thanks to my big ass- but I knew the shape of it would get me free drinks at the local Gay club, for sure!

I also bought a black casual blazer that had some white and pink embroidery on it. I think it was supposed to be a rose but I honestly had no idea what the hell it was. It was also a designer jacket and although everything I bought was designer brand, the total amount I spent on it all was just $10.

I’m a huge thrift shopper…is that even a thing? Thrift Shopper…eh we will make it one now.

In my mind, I looked very formal.

I looked as if I was going to a high-class Award show.

The email stated that Dave wanted me to meet him at the lobby of the Mansion Hotel. It was a very expensive and prestigious hotel in Torne City. Once I heard ‘hotel’, I knew I had to clean myself everywhere. Sometimes a decent conversation could lead to something more.

I looked at my cellphone as I stood motionless in the cab, it was only 6pm and there was traffic outside of the hotel.

Leading from the curb of the street, down to the inside lobby of the hotel was a red carpet where a few photographers stood taking pictures of couples walking in expensive dresses as if this was an award show.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked not entirely sure what to expect from the event.

“Oh that’s the Torne Royal University’s twentieth reunion. Everyone who’s anyone is coming here to celebrate. Are you going as well?” the cab driver asked.

“I-I don’t think so.” I replied back.

I hope not. The last thing I need is to attend a party I had no idea I was invited to.

Usually if a client hires an Escort to…well escort him to an event as his date, they tell us in advance so we can bring some business cards to network as well.

One of the Top Escorts named Maxwell escorted a Congressman to the Republican National Convention last year and he passed out more than forty business cards. Lucky bastard.

I told the cab driver “I’ll get off here. I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

The fare came out to $12.00 and since we don’t use credit cards when taking cab services we must have cash on us, unfortunately I had a $100 bill because I forgot to change it earlier.

I gave the bill to Mauricio—my driver for the night- and he nervously looked at it as if it was a pregnancy test I just peed on that showed a positive result.

“Keep the change.” I replied and his eyes widened.

Mauricio did nothing but make me feel comfortable when he picked me up at my house.

He was jamming out to some rap album by a rapper who enjoyed saying the slur “faggot”, a little too freely in a bunch of his songs. Any man that spends his career or life bashing Gay men just for “fun” is compensating for repressed homosexual feelings that he doesn’t want anyone else to know. I can name three rappers with hit songs currently playing on the radio that hires Tops frequently.

But I won’t.

Outing people is disgusting, vile and inhumane and the last time I checked, I’m not Perez Hilton.

Mauricio apologized and quickly changed the station. He went on to talk about how he doesn’t view Homosexuals in a negative light because he has a best friend who is Gay and it’s never been an issue for him.

Hearing about a friendship between Heterosexual and Homosexual men warmed my heart because the media always seems to portray Gays as sex crazed individuals that yearn to turn straight men, Gay as if they were vampires or zombies.

“Th-thank you so much! If you need me to pick you up here’s my business card.” He quickly handed me his business card and I smiled at him. It would be good to have a personal driver, but that was for another day. Right now, I had to find Dave amongst the sea of Hollywood Royalty wannabes.

I placed his card in the right pocket of my pants and thanked him as I opened the door, exited the car and closed the door behind me.

The cold winter wind slapped me as if it wanted me to call it “Zaddy”. I forgot that tonight it was supposed to be less than 30 degrees.

I walked over to the side of the hotel to find a few people standing still puffing on their cigarettes. They clearly weren’t invited to the reunion as they were badmouthing every guest that walked down the red carpet.

“I see you’re just as surprised as I am.” A voice said from behind me.

I turned around to find a middle-aged man with ginger colored hair, beard and eyebrows dressed in a tight blue and white plaid suit standing before me.

“I’m sorry?” I asked trying not to sound too rude.

He smiled. “You’re Echo, correct?”

I nodded realizing he was Dave Amell. “Yes I am. Are we attending the reunion? If so, I don’t think I came dressed up for that.”

He smiled shaking his head. “Is that what that is? Sorry, I’m not from around here so I had no idea there was an event taking place.”

“No it’s fine. I’ve lived here for ten years and I didn’t even know who these people are.”

“Well it’s a good thing I booked us a private booth at the Meringue Marlot.”

I felt my heart skip a beat. “Are you serious? That restaurant doesn’t open for two more months.”

He chuckled leaning in. “When you own the restaurant it opens whenever you want it to open.”

Hold the fucking phone! Did I hear him correctly? He’s the owner of the top restaurant in NYC that is now here in Torne City?!

Dave smiled and he pointed to a red sports car that was parked across the street from the hotel and away from all the commotion. “Let’s get going. I hope you have an appetite for delicious Italian food.”

I didn’t care what food it was as long as I get to eat. Well, no, scratch that. I do care about what food I eat because I’m highly allergic to shellfish. I can eat any and everything except shellfish.

So far, Dave didn’t seem like a crazy fellah, but taking me to a restaurant, he owned which isn’t open publicly? Something did not seem right about that. For some reason I had a feeling, this night was going to be one I would remember forever.

Forty Minutes Later (6:40pm):

When Dave said the restaurant was going to be just for ourselves, he wasn’t kidding. The renovation of the restaurant was still underway, so he sat us both on the upper deck patio, which showed off an amazing view of the Cherstaine River. Not only was it quiet and the ambience was relaxing but we just had some delicious Italian food cooked by world-renowned chef, Emilio Vagetti.

I had an order of spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread and stuffed shells. The mozzarella cheese on the stuff shells was moist, creamy and delicious!

The spaghetti was smothered in Marinara sauce and the meatballs contained pieces of soft bread inside. I haven’t eaten this great in years.

“Was everything to your liken?” Dave asked wiping his mouth with a napkin as a waiter literally came out of nowhere to take our dishes.

I gave him a nod as I sipped some more of the cola drink I ordered.

“It was actually delicious. I’ve never had a client wine and dine me.”

Dave chuckled and he placed the napkin down. “I must confess something to you, Echo. I didn’t hire you because I wanted to sleep with you.”

I placed the empty cup of ice down on the table and lowered my eyebrows. “Oh that’s okay. Many guys hire me just to be their ears. I have nothing against that. The best Escort is the one that can listen, think and respond.”

A sense of surprise washed over his face or maybe it was admiration at my words. Either way, I wanted more pasta.

“That’s an impressive answer. Not many guys can say that and actually mean it. That’s why I was so glad to have done my research on you.”

My heart skipped a beat and I looked at Dave as if he was an alien with three horns. What the hell did he mean by “research”? That’s a very creepy thing to say to someone, especially an Escort no less.

“Um, what do you mean?”

“You see, I have more than restaurants, LGBTQ Housings and shelters under my belt. I also have a successful Escort Agency as well. Have you heard of ‘The Midas Touch’?”

“As in Greek Mythology or-?”

He chuckled again shaking his head. “Yes and no. The Midas Touch is a very successful agency in New York City. I have more than 800 Escorts who cater to very powerful and wealthy men in the city. Their jobs are not solely on sex; they are hired to be dates to a wedding, weekend getaway dates, Broadway dates and many more. But I’m sure you know more than anyone, Escorting isn’t just about sex.”

Of course, I knew! Duh, I’m the one that’s been saying that mantra for the longest.

I was going to give him a nod but my mind was still wrapped around the fact that he did research on me. “I’m sorry let’s put a pause on your question. You said you did research on me. What kind of research exactly?”

“What I tell you never leaves this room. Do you understand?”

Was Dave the ginger 007? Was he a spy sent here to enroll me in the Escort Spy program?

I wouldn’t hate that idea, I do adore me some English men.

I nodded my head and he continued lowering his voice to a mere whisper, even though we were the only ones in the top balcony of the restaurant.

“I have been travelling to various cities trying to find Escorts who fit the values and beliefs of The Midas Touch. It’s not as easy as putting an ad on Craigslist and hoping to God the person answering isn’t a complete nut job.” He shook his head and continued. “So I usually have my assistant infiltrate the agency I’m interested in, to find a few guys who stand out. I have not had any luck, until he told me about you. How you would put the needs of others before yourself. How you never regretted your career as an Escort and how you actually enjoy what you do. Those are the beliefs I yearn for in a potential employee.”

It all made sense now. There was only one person who kept on asking me questions since he started working for Somin last year. He would always take interest in my job, my schedule and would always want to hang out after hours, but because my schedule was usually booked, we never had a chance to.

“Oh my God, Cypher is your mole?”

Dave cringed at the question but ultimately nodded his head. “Yes and he wasn’t a mole, he was just an advisor trying to find the right fit for my agency.”

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