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The Pleasure Bot Rental

V.F. Richards

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The Pleasure Bot Rental

Even in the 22nd Century, keeping the spark alive in a marriage could be difficult, but Susan was determined. Maybe she was naive, with her old fashioned ideals and values, but it was her husband's birthday and she had a plan to get his attention.

Tonight she was kicking it old school, 20th Century style. The bedroom was bathed in simulated candle light and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for her husband to get home. He was late and she could only guess that he'd stopped for a few celebratory drinks after work. She hoped he wouldn't be too drunk by the time he got there.

She was adorned in vintage style lingerie, a powder blue Teddy that hung from her bare shoulders by two thin straps. It was low cut and maybe a couple of sizes too small, the upper portion holding her abundant chest squeezed in beneath it, creating a long, lovely line of cleavage that seemed to go on forever and made her large breasts look even bigger than usual. It tucked in under them via a thin, elastic band and flared out from there, a skimpy wisp of lace hanging down her torso. All of it was fringed and see-through, doing little in the way of hiding her slender frame and girlish assets.

The top hung down to just above her narrow waist and she wore it with matching blue panties that stretched across lean hips, leaving her smooth, flat stomach exposed. They were sheer, skimpy little things, cut high on her hips, that covered just enough in the front to keep it interesting and preserve a modicum of modesty. In the back, they were a tad wider, hugging her small, plump bottom and barely covering just the center of it. When she stood in them, they complimented her long, thin legs, her tan, firm thighs and perfect curved calves. It was like something they might have worn the turn of a century ago.

She was a pretty little thing, five foot, four inches of slender lines and womanly curves. Even pushing thirty, her face was thin and youthful, with high cheeks, plump, full lips and arching, dark brows. Her eyes were the brownest of brown, wide and expressive, and she had long brown hair, teased out and slightly wild.

Susan sat on the edge of the bed, her bare feet dangling just above the floor, nursing a glass of wine and nervously awaiting her husband. She hoped he would appreciate the lengths she'd gone to make the night special, but she was apprehensive, just the same. After all, things had been distant between the two of them for some time.

It had been a rough stretch, but Susan was sure it was just a phase. George was a good man, even if she did suspect that he might have a small obsession with pornography. In the high tech, fast moving 22nd Century, with VR and 3D porn all the rage, how many men didn't?

She was going to show him tonight. She was going to make him appreciate the real thing, like when they were first married.

Susan's heart jumped when she heard the swish of the front door. He was home.

She took a quick swig of her wine and rushed over to the nightstand, setting down her glass. She went back to the foot of the bed and hopped herself up on it, with her legs hanging off, arching her back and crossing her thighs.

Susan could hear his footsteps coming up the stairs and she adjusted her cleavage for maximum effect, striking the sexiest pose she could muster. The moment of truth had arrived.

“Susan?” she heard say from the hallway.

“I'm in here.”

The automatic door opened with a swish and there he was, standing in the doorway, his eyes popping wide when he caught sight of her. The problem was, he wasn't alone. There was a larger man standing just behind him.

The shock and embarrassment were instant and she let a squeaky, girlish scream, cupping her hands over her half exposed breasts, jumping off the bed and making a beeline for the bathroom. George laughed as his half naked wife ran away, her barely covered bottom on full display as she ducked into the other room.

“You didn't tell me you had company with you?” she yelled back.

“It's not company. It's just Sam.”

“I'm very sorry, Sam. This is not how I usually greet George's friends.”

George looked at Sam with a grin. “It really isn't,” he explained.

Sam didn't answer.

“Come on out and meet him, Susan.”

“I'm not decent!”

“It's okay. Sam wont mind,” he chuckled.

“George! That is not funny. I apologize for my husband's manners, Sam. George can be a horses ass sometimes.” She was not amused. You could hear it in her voice.

“It's alright, Susan,” her husband said. “Sam's not one of my friends. He isn't even real.”

Just her head poked out from the bathroom. “What is that supposed to mean?”

George shrugged. “He's not real. He's a bot, Susan.”

“A what?”

“A bot. He's a robot. Well, technically, I guess he's a droid.”

“Where did you get a droid?”

“I stopped by Droid World on the way home from work.”

“Why? We don't need a droid. I like to do the cooking and cleaning myself.”

“Yeah. He's not that kind of droid.”

“Well, what kind is he?”

George smiled. “Come see for yourself.”

Susan stepped half out of the doorway. She had her arms crossed over her chest, trying to cover as much of herself as she could. It was the first time she got a good look at the massive man-like droid in the room.

He was a strapping, good looking thing, with youthful features and broad shoulders. A good five inches taller than her husband, he had short blonde hair and soft blue eyes. He had a pleasant smile, with a strong jawline and thin cheeks, handsome in a rugged and manly sort of way. He was dressed in a tight fitting white polo shirt, with matching slacks, and he had the frame of a body builder.

“Come check him out. He's really cool.”

Susan eased her way out of the bathroom, her arms tight across her chest. She took slow, cautious steps, carefully working her way toward them, unsure how close she should get. Her eyes were locked on him like she half expected him to suddenly lunge toward her.

“Just take a look,” her husband said. “He doesn't bite.”

Susan stepped closer, still keeping her distance, examining the tall android, squeezing her arms around herself like she was cold, everything about her timid and unsure.

“Why do we need a bot?” she asked.

“I didn't buy him,” George explained. “To be honest, we couldn't afford to buy him. I just rented him for the night.”


“Well, here's the thing. Sam is the top of the line, latest model, state of the art pleasure bot. He is cutting edge technology, designed for the ultimate in sensual and sexual pleasure giving.”

“He's a what?” Susan gasped, her eyes popping wide and staring at the pleasure droid before her.

“I know, but it's my birthday. I figured, why not?”

“This is what you want for your birthday?” she asked, more confused than ever.

“He's not for me. I got him for you.”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Come on. You know how I've always talked about seeing you with another man. It's like my biggest fantasy.”

“You were serious about that? I always thought you were just trying to get a rise out of me. I didn't think that was like a real thing.”

“Honey, you have no idea, how many hours I've spent thinking about it.” George smiled. “Sam is perfect. Just look at him.”

Susan let out a huff. “You're sick. There's something seriously wrong with you.”

“It's just a fantasy. It's no big deal.”

“It was just a fantasy until you brought this thing home. Now, it's just gross.”

“Susan, it's my birthday. Look at you. You got yourself all dolled up, ready to give me a special night, right? You look amazing. This would be like the greatest night of my life.”

“Oh, no. You can forget it. It's not going to happen.”

“I don't think you understand,” her husband pleaded. “Sam is 100% guaranteed to be the the ultimate sexual experience. There's like a hundred and fifty years of research and technology programmed in there.”

Susan was shaking her head. “You can stay up here and do whatever you want with this thing. Knock yourself out. I don't want anything to do with it.”

Susan turned and stormed out of the room, marching herself down the stairs. She went into the kitchen and hit a button on their automatic drink dispenser, pouring herself a glass of Cabernet. She gulped it down in four seconds and poured herself another. A minute later, George came slumping into the room with Sam in tow.

“I know you're mad,” he said.

“Mad isn't the word for it.”

“It's not that big a deal. It's just an innocent fantasy. Do you remember that time I pretended I was the tax collector and you were the young nymph who was a little short on cash?”

“That was different. That was just me and you. There wasn't some stranger involved,” she pointed out.

“It's still me and you. There's no stranger involved. Sam isn't even real.”

“This is all because of that pornography you watch, isn't it?” She didn't say it like it was a question. She said it like it was an accusation.

“Really? Is that what you think? You think I'm a bad person because I like to see something a little kinky, every now and again? Is it any worse than those soap operas you like so much? Maybe mine are a little more graphic, but are they really that different?”

Susan didn't answer.

“Maybe I get turned on by some of the crazier stuff, but you know what? My biggest fantasies are always about you. They always have been. I'm not out there chasing women around. Hell, I could have rented a female pleasure bot tonight, but I didn't. I wanted to involve you. My biggest sexual fantasy, is about you.

“I know you would never have sex with another man. I wouldn't ask you to. I wouldn't want you to. It's just a fantasy, but Sam isn't another man. He's just an over sized sex toy and I thought maybe you and I could have some fun with him tonight.”

Susan took another sip of wine, her back still to her husband. “It's just that, sometimes, I feel like I'm not enough for you.”

“That's crazy talk. You're the only girl for me. I know, I'm a pervert. I can't help it. If it makes you feel any better, all my little perverted fantasies, they all revolve around you.”

Susan turned around slow, until she was facing her husband. “I just wanted to have a nice romantic night with you.”

“That's all I wanted too.”

Her eyes glanced up at the large android hulking over her husband's shoulder. “I wasn't exactly counting on you bringing that thing home with you.”

George shrugged. “It was an impulse buy. I thought it would be sexy, living out my ultimate fantasy and all.”

“He's a machine, George. It would be weird.”

“He is the state of the art in pleasure droids. Think of him like that little guy you keep in your night stand, but with a few more bells and whistles.”

“I don't know,” she sighed, nibbling on her bottom lip, looking up at the tall Adonis with a look of concern and wariness in her eyes.

George took the wine glass out of her hand and placed it on the counter. He took his wife by the hand and guided her over to where Sam was standing, perfectly still, and looking on like everything were perfectly normal. Susan went along, but with a distinct and awkward hesitation, her bare feet stepping cautiously across the floor, her free hand draped across her exposed cleavage.

“Sam, say Hi to Susan.

“Hello, Susan,” the android said in a calm, pleasant voice. “It is very nice to meet you.”

Even his voice seemed normal, lacking the monotone cadence of earlier androids she'd met over the years and she was struck by how real he seemed in every way. If she were to bump into him on the street, she might never suspect he wasn't real.

“Sam, take off your shirt and show Susan what you've got under there.”

Without hesitation, Sam reached down and peeled the white polo off his torso, exposing his muscular frame. Susan swallowed a knot in her throat as he stood before her, bulging muscles, wide shoulders tapering down to a thin waist.

Her husband took her hand and forced it against the big guy's bulging pectoral muscle. “Check that out.”

Susan looked tiny, standing before the massive beast of a man, her small hand, reaching up and touching his thick chest. She was more than a little intimidated, looking up at the artificial man, but she let her hand wander a few inches, amazed at how real he felt, hard muscles under soft warm skin.

“He's like.”

“He's as real as our laser toaster,” her husband added. “And he's ours for the night. It would be a shame to waste him, don't you think?”

“I don't know. It just seems so unnatural.”

“He's just a big toy, Susan. I say we play with him.”

“I don't know,” she said again.

“Susan, it's my ultimate fantasy. It's just a one time thing. What's the harm?”

She looked at her husband. It was his birthday, after all, and she was looking for a way to rekindle their love life. Sure, it was kind of weird, but if it would make him happy and bring them closer together, what would be the harm? She found herself considering it for the first time.

“This is really what you want?”

“Sam, why don't you make yourself comfortable? Take off your pants.”

“No”, she argued. “You really don't have to do that.”

By the time she got the words out, he'd already kicked off his shoes and had his trousers down past his knees. She watched in shock, unable to look away, as he stepped out of his pants, revealing, thick, muscular legs. He was wearing gray boxer briefs, tight fitting, and she couldn't help but notice the large bulge in the center of them.

Everything about him was perfect, like he'd been chiseled out of bronze. Muscles rippled over more muscles, his lean physique flexing with every move he made. Susan was finding it difficult not to stare.

“I just don't know about this,” she said in an uneasy voice.

“Seriously, Susan, what's the big deal? He's like a piece of gym equipment.”

“He doesn't look like a piece of gym equipment.”

“He's the state of the art in robotic, cyborg technology, life like to the smallest detail.”

She let her eyes wander across the droid's muscular frame again, strong, wide shoulders, V-shaped upper torso with bulging biceps and arms cut like a body builders. Keeping her arms covering her half exposed breasts, she reached up and nervously tucked her hair behind one ear.

“Couldn't we just watch one of those dirty movies you like?”

“Are you joking? When we have this to play with?”

“It just seems so...weird.”

“Weird is good,” her husband responded. “Weird is different. Weird can be a lot of fun.”

“It just doesn't seem right.”

“Lets just give it a try,” George replied. “See what happens.”

Susan gave her lower lip a nervous nibble. “I guess we could give it a try,” she finally said with uncertainty in her voice.

George was grinning from ear to ear. “You are not going to regret this. Sam, why don't you give Susan a big kiss?”

An instant later, the big guy was all over her, massive arms wrapped around her body, leaning her backward, his large frame hovering above her. She was startled and off balance as his face came pressing into hers.

Susan tried to say something, but his lips were on hers and it came out as a muffled grunt. Before she knew what was happening, she was embraced in a soft and passionate kiss, her little hands pressed tight against his rock hard chest.

The kisses were amazing. They were firm, but gentle, tender, but brimming with fire. As nice as they were, Susan found the whole thing awkward, but she tried to be a good sport about it, for the sake of George, halfheartedly returning them, but mostly letting the android do the work.

“Sam, take Susan to the couch, she heard her husband say.

Before she could even process it, she felt an arm slip in behind her knees, scooping her up and lifting her into the air like she weighed nothing. Dizzy and disoriented, the world seemed to be spinning as she found herself cradled in his strong arms, bare feet and legs dangling in the air.

Everything seemed surreal as she was carried away, the world a blur as she felt herself being lowered down and found herself sprawled across the sofa, hands at her sides, feet and knees pulled tight together, looking up at the hulk of a man towering over her.

The sheer fabric of her teddy seemed to be straining against her generous breasts, barely holding her in place as she took deep anxious breaths. Her long, slender legs looked smooth and perfect, flowing down from her skimpy panties.

“Go ahead, Sam. Get down there and kiss her some more.”

Sam obediently lowered himself down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her and easing his lips to hers. They were both on their sides, Susan's back against the back of the couch. The large droid was wrapped around her, holding her close and kissing her in an endless stream of slow passionate kisses. She had her hands up, arms bent at the elbows, her little hands resting on his strong biceps.

“Sam, Susan likes to be touched when she's kissed. She likes to be touched all over.”

She let out a grunt when her husband said it and tried to pull her face away from the big man, but his lips were a constant against hers.

There was a hand on her right breast, squeezing it gently. She groaned and reached down to push it away, but, by the time she got there, his hand had wandered on.

She groaned again when his large hand grabbed her half exposed bottom, his thick fingers pressing into her soft flesh. Again, she reached back to push it away, but he'd already moved on, running his fingers across the roundness of her and moving them down across the outside of her thigh.

Susan grabbed him by the wrist and tried to hold it in place, but it was like he didn't notice, his hand wandering across her body, touching and groping her at will. He was exploring her body with his fingers, caressing her calf, the small of her back, again on her backside.

Her right hand was on his chest, trying to keep him at bay, her left hand on his forearm, trying to slow his wandering fingers. Each time he touched her, she let out another grunt or groan. Her eyes were wide open, a shocked look on her face as she tried to turn away from his kisses.

She felt his hand slide in under her teddy and she groaned louder, trying to block it as it moved up her smooth, flat stomach. She tried to twist her torso away as it came gliding up her chest, but Sam was relentless, slipping his his fingers under the elastic which held the upper portion of her top tight around her breasts.

“No,” she tried to say, but it came out as another groan under his kiss.

His hand had slipped in under her right breast, his fingers grasping it firmly, the back of his hand forcing the garment up and away, leaving it exposed to him. She squirmed and shifted, grabbing his hand and trying to push him away, but it was no use.

After he had groped her for a few moments, circling her nipple with one gentle finger, he moved his hand across her chest, forcing the fabric of her top to rise on the other side and allowing her right breast to come popping out.

“She has great tits, doesn't she, Sam?” her husband said. “Get down there and check them out good.”

For the first time, Sam's lips left hers. He began kissing across her face, working his way toward her neck.

“No, wait,” she gasped. “We should slow down.”

Sam did not slow down. Instead, he kissed his way down her neck, shifting his body down as his lips worked their way over her shoulder and down her side, heading toward her exposed breasts. Susan squirmed her body, trying to turn herself away, but she was stuck in place as his face came across the bunched up fabric of her top, to where her exposed breast waited.

She tried to arch back, pleading for him to stop, but Sam ignored her. Wrapping his hand around her breast, he lowered his face until it was within an inch from her nipple.

“No, wait,” she was saying.

His tongue was the first thing she felt, soft, warm and moist, the very tip of it exploring her nipple. Her body tensed and she tried to push him away, her small hands pressed into his wide, thick shoulders.

His tongue had begun to lick, ever so gently, around the circumference of her small nipple and Susan let out a small sigh, fighting the tingling sensations it sent fluttering through her body.

When his lips came down around the nipple, she sighed again and tried to turn her torso, letting out a quiet groan of protest. Sam did not seem to notice as he began to gently suck, tweaking it slightly with his tongue.

Susan had one hand on his chest, the other on his forehead, trying to pull away. Her eyes popped wide and she looked over at her husband, a look of fanatic surprise across her pretty features.

He'd begun to work her in his mouth like she'd never felt before, the whole time massaging her large bosom with his strong fingers. It was the craziest sensation, like his tongue was doing three different things at once while his lips continued to suckle on her gently.

“Oh my,” she gasped.

Susan tried to turn herself away, again, but only managed to wedge herself into the corner, practically on her back, with the big guy draped across the top of her. Pinned down, she struggled to push him back, but it was to no avail.

“George?” she squealed.

By this time, the big man had a breast in each hand and had them pressed in together, squeezing her abundant bust in his fingers. He'd begun alternating between the nipples, licking and sucking them into a state of arousal like she'd never experienced before. They were practically aching with pleasure.

“Damn,” George remarked. “You could cut diamonds with those things.”

Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, and she was grunting and gasping as he continued to work his magic, her brain barely comprehending what he was doing to her. Both her small hands were pushing on his forehead and her flimsy teddy was bunched up around her neck and shoulders. She'd brought her left knee up and had it wedged into his chest, desperately trying to gain some distance, but it was another useless gesture and did little to slow him down.

“Sam, I think that top has to go,” she heard her husband say.

When she felt his hands move to her sides, she groaned and pulled her elbows in, hoping to block his move. Sam simply slid his hands up her body, catching her top along the way. When he got to her arms, she pushed back with all her might, but his strong arms overpowered her, forcing her to give way, lifting her arms as her top went sliding up, over her head.

She gasped again with the realization she was topless and tried to cover her bare breasts with her hands, but Sam had already gone back to work and her efforts didn't so much as slow him down.

“George, please...” she whimpered.

“Okay, okay,” George replied. “Sam, lets give it a break.”

Sam stopped immediately, sliding back off the sofa and settling on his knees in front of her. Susan was stretched out across the couch, wearing only her thin panties. Her long brown hair was disheveled and in her face and she had her arms crossed over her chest, in a futile attempt to hide her bare breasts. She was trying to catch her breath and had her long, slim legs pressed in tight together, looking back at the large hunk of android man flesh with a mix of confusion and anxiousness.

“What the hell was that?” she huffed, still trying to wrap her head around what had just happened to her.

“I told you,” her husband responded. “He's the state of the art pleasure droid. This thing is amazing. You haven't seen anything yet.”

“I think I've seen enough, thank you very much.”

“Oh, don't be a party-pooper, Susan. The fun is just getting started. Sam, I think Susan would be much more comfortable in the bedroom.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when Sam slipped his hands under Susan and lifted her into the air like she was made of feathers. She let out a yelp as he stood and began toward the bedroom, Susan kicking, struggling and protesting the whole way. Her husband followed along with a huge grin on his face.

“No, George,” she was saying. “Just wait.”

At the foot of the bed, Sam stood with a half naked Susan struggling in his arms, awaiting further instructions.

“Put her down on the bed, Sam,” her husband ordered.

Sam complied, gently lying her across the surface of the bed. As soon as she was free of him, Susan went scurrying up the mattress, hovering up at the headboard. She was sitting with her knees up in front of her and her arms wrapped around her legs.

“George, I think we should take a little break,” she tried.

Her husband ignored her. “Don't be bashful, Sam. Get on up there.”

Sam climbed on top of the bed and sat, on his knees, looking down on her, waiting for George's next command.

“Susan doesn't look very comfortable up there, does she, Sam? I think it would be much nicer if she were in the center, with you.”

The big guy reached up and took hold of Susan by the ankle, despite her trying to kick his hand away, and in one smooth motion, pulled her down the length of the bed until she was lying on her back, beside him. She had her hands cupped over her breasts and one leg crossed over the other, her lean, curvy figure on full display for him.

He seemed even larger, towering over her, and her eyes nervously scanned his intimidating physique. She was biting at her lower lip, her body quivering slightly with a nervous anticipation at what might happen next. Her brain was swirling, a million confused thoughts and possibilities bombarding her from every direction.

“I think we should take a minute to talk about this, George,” she said in a timid voice.

“I don't think there's much to talk about,” George replied. “From where I'm sitting, things are looking pretty damn good. This is the greatest fantasy night of my life.”

“Yeah, you've had your fun. What do you say we put the big guy away and just you and me take it from here?”

“Honey, that's crazy talk. When are we ever going to get a chance like this again?”

“I don't know about this, George.”

“Well, don't you worry your pretty little head about it. I do.” He turned to Sam. “I think we need to lose those panties, Sam.”

“No! Wait!” she screeched, slapping at the large hand coming at her.

Susan kicked and squealed, twisting her hips and trying to shuffle herself away from him. She grabbed his wrist with both hands and tried to veer it away but the hand kept coming at her. She tried blocking it with her knee and turning away, but Sam placed his left hand on her stomach, holding her in place, pushing her down on the bed.

She squealed louder when his fingers found their way into the waistband of her panties.

“Wait,” She panted, pressing her thighs together and grabbing her panties with both hands.

He had them pulled off her left hip, stretching them down her upper thigh, but she was holding them in the front, keeping the rest of them in place.

Sam brought his left hand off her stomach and wrapped his fingers around both her skinny wrists, holding them firmly but gently. She tried to pull her hands up, but he held them suspended in place, his powerful grasp too much for her to overcome as he effortlessly began to pull the fabric from her fingers with his free hand.

With her wrists restrained, she was helpless to stop him, as he pulled her panties free, squealing again as she felt them slip off her hips and slide across her bottom. Still kicking and squirming her hips, she gasped and groaned as she felt them slip away, across her thighs and down her legs, disappearing with a flick past her kicking feet.

Exposed, naked and more than a little startled, she cupped her right hand over her left breast, using her forearm to shield her right as best she could. Her left hand was between her legs in a desperate attempt to conceal her most intimate of places, but her small hands did little to cover but the smallest portions of her. For the most part, she was on full display before him, her slim figure, her generous bussom, her long, tan legs and her womanly curves. She felt more naked than she'd ever felt before in her life.

Susan lye there, taking deep breaths, her body tense and rigid, the look on her face somewhere between shock and fear. A warm blush had settled into her cheeks and she was nervously biting on her lower lip.

“Wow,” her husband said. “That was fricking hot! I think it's time for the good stuff.”

“I think we should slow down,” Susan said in a trembling voice.

“Slow down? I don't think so. Sam, I think it's time you showed Susan those oral skills the sales guy at the store was telling me about.”

“What? No! Wait!”

An instant later, the big beefcake of a man was hovering over her, on all fours, his face down around her waist. Little Susan had moved both hands down, between her legs, looking up him with wide, scared eyes. She looked like she was holding on for all she was worth and her arms were taught across her body, her upper arms turned in and squeezing her breasts together, making them appear even larger and more supple then normal.

“Wait, George. We really need to discuss this first.” she squealed.

“Don't worry, Susan. You're going to love it. The guy in the store says the new models are programmed with state of the art technique, guaranteed to supply the absolute ultimate in oral stimulation and satisfaction. His words, not mine.”

Sam was in place over her legs and was reaching between her thighs, just beginning to pry them apart.

“George! Wait! You need to think about this. I'm you're wife. This is something very personal and intimate that I only do with you. Do you really want another man going down there and doing that?”

“Stop, Sam,” George ordered.

Sam froze.

“Maybe you have a point, Susan.”

“I do,” she pleaded. “Just think about it. That's something reserved for just me and you. Do you really want some stranger doing that to me?”

“I see where you're going with this,” George agreed. “You definitely make a good point and I'm a reasonable man, but I think you fail to acknowledge one thing. Sam is not some stranger. He isn't even a real guy. He is a state of the art sex toy, for lack of better words. I think I would be remiss if I didn't see to it that you got to enjoy all of his bells and whistles. I'm going to have to veto your request.”

“No, wait, George...”

“You may begin, Sam.”

Her first impulse was to scoot herself away, scampering backwards up the bed, but Sam would have none of it. She'd barely moved but a few inches when he reached down and snagged her behind the right knee, stopping her in her tracks and pulling her back toward him.

She was kicking and struggling, trying to break free, but Sam didn't seem to notice. He was all business as he held her in place, positioning her to exactly where he wanted her.

Susan tried to bring her legs together, but he placed a hand on each of of her inner thighs and spread her legs wider as he lowered himself down between them. The massive girth of him was between her legs and, as he settle in, she was forced to spread herself open to accommodate him.

“No,” she pleaded.

Two hands slipped in, under her bottom, squeezing her butt cheeks, and pulling her toward him, as he lowered his face between her legs. Her hands were on the top of his head, trying to hold him back, her legs churning, her body clenched, as she tried to twist her hips away from him to no avail.

When he was mere inches from his destination, he paused for a brief second and said, “Relax, Susan. I am quite skilled in this area.”

A second later, his lips were on her.

Susan had no way of knowing it, but in that moment a hundred different applications clicked on inside the hard drive of the android. From that point on, his system was compiling data on her and cross referencing it with practically everything ever written about female anatomy and sensuality.

He was monitoring everything about her, probing her with his tongue and registering everything she did for future reference, deciding on the best possible way to satisfy her. Everything was recorded into his database; her heart rate, her breathing patterns, even her body temperature. Every time her body flinched or experienced even the smallest spasm, it was documented in his main frame and analyzed, cross checked against millions of case studies. With every breath she took and every reaction she had, he was learning her body and how to best use his considerable skills to maximize her pleasure.

She arched back and let out a harsh grunt, tensing her body and squeezing her thighs around his head as his tongue sent a swirl of sensations flushing through her body. She held herself rigid, pushing at his forehead and digging her feet into the mattress, trying in vain to pull herself away.

Sam went to work.

Susan's body was clenched tight, trying to escape the inevitable, her eyes shut tight, her face straining, every inch of her fighting the compromising position she found herself in. With every bit of strength she had, she was determined to keep him at bay.

Sam went about the chore at hand, oblivious to her objections, his tongue exploring her nethermost regions.

Everything about her looked awkward and uncomfortable, stiff and straining, her arms locked, her legs still pushing against the bed surface in a loosing battle to pull herself free.

Sam, on the other hand, looked quite comfortable. His face was buried between her legs and his hands were cupped up under her buttocks, his strong arms holding her in place as he went about his business.

“No,” she muttered. “Stop.”

Sam did not. He continued on, despite her protests.

She held herself there, stiff and rigid, for the longest time, refusing to give in to him and trying her best to distance herself from what was happening, her breathing the only indication it was having any effect at all.

She didn't seem to be inhaling at all, only exhaling in quick haphazard breaths.

Suddenly, her eyes popped open and she let out a squeaky whimper, raising her head for a moment and letting it fall back down. She laid there for a few seconds, eyes wide, mouth open, a confused and startled look on her face.

“Oh my,” she said, half to herself.

Whatever he'd done, he did it again and her body twitched as she let out the softest of groans, exhaling hard.

“That's not fair.” She gasped out a quick breath and her body went into an involuntary shudder. She could only lye there, staring up at the ceiling, trying to get a handle on what he was doing to her.

Her chest began to rise and fall with her increasingly deep breaths and her body had begun to relax, slightly, her knees turning inward and her arms losing the stiffness they once had. Even her small hands, once pushing down hard on his head, seemed to soften their grasp.

In her mind, she still wanted to fight it, to try and fend him off in some way, but it was like her body was betraying her and she couldn't remember how. Instead, she could only lye there, shocked and amazed by the waves of sensations he was awakening in her body.

“Oh, George,” she panted. “We should stop. We should definitely stop.”

A moment later, she lurched back and gasped hard, raising her knees and pressing her thighs into the side of his head, her body shuddering for a second or two as she let out a long raspy whine.

She clenched her eyes shut and bit down on her lower lip, curling her shoulders inward as another tremble echoed through the length of her. When she moaned again, it sounded like she was on the verge of losing her mind.

“Yeah, he's pretty good, huh?” her husband asked.

It looked like she was getting ready to respond to her husband, but instead, her body quivered slightly and she let out a high pitched and girlish squeal. She brought her hands up to her head and weaved her fingers into her hair, holding tight, like she was trying to steady herself, as she let out three rapid breaths.

George was watching in amazement. He was in pervert heaven as the large man continued to go down on his beautiful wife. The pleasure droid's skills seemed to be as advertised and, whether she would admit it or not, George could tell she was beginning to enjoy it.

She was on her back, stretched out across the mattress, her legs slightly bent with her small feet up on the toes, on either side of the man's massive torso. Her hands were on the sides of her head, holding tight, like was trying to hold onto some semblance of sanity, and her eyes shut tight. Her heavy breasts were spilling off to the sides of her small frame and they bobbed and shook with each deep breath she took. It was better than George had even imagined.

His little wife squirmed under the big guy, sliding one foot up the mattress a few inches, then sliding it back. She gave another soft moan, like she was trying to hold it back, and let out another gasp.

“We should stop,” she tried again, her voice sounding weak and breathless, not very convincing.

Sam tilted his head slightly to one side, changing it up and coming at her from a different angle and Susan responded immediately. Her head shot back and she let out a soft shriek, abandoning her hair and slapping her palms down on the surface of the bed.

Susan was panting like she couldn't catch her breath and squeezing her thighs into the sides of his head. She grunted and moaned and turned her head to one side, then back to the other.

“Oh, George,” she gasped. “Oh, George...”

A second later, she squealed and arched back, her body quivering as she let out another raspy moan. Her thin fingers were digging at the bedspread, clutching for something to grab hold of. She lifted her left leg, bending at the knee, and pressed her thigh harder into the side of his head. She began gasping in quick, high pitched squeals, lurching back again and clenching her hands into fists, holding tight to the fabric of the comforter, before giving a loud groan and collapsing back.

She was breathing heavy, in soft raspy whimpers, and she lifted her head to look down in disbelief at what was happening to her.

Susan had never felt anything like it. She could barely believe it was possible. His tongue was touching her in places she didn't even know she had, stimulating her in ways she had never experienced. It was like he knew her body better than she did and knew exactly what to do to provoke whatever response he desired.

He attacked her with surgical precision, like he knew exactly the way each separate part of her needed to be stimulated, gentle and slow here, rapid and more forceful there. At times, it felt like he was doing three and four different things at once, working her up into a frenzy, giving her just as much as she could take, before moving on to his next move.

She let her head fall back, moaning slightly and breathing deeper than ever. Her dazed eyes glanced over to her husband, who stood grinning down at her, but she was unable to smile back. She was unable to do practically anything of her own fruition. Her body was no longer under her control and she could only react to whatever Sam decided to do to her next.

Still looking in George's direction, her mouth dropped open and her eyes squinted. She began to moan in brisk, chirp-like grunts, her body tensing. Her chest was beginning to rise and fall more rapidly and her right hand clenched at the blanket to her side. With her left hand, she reached down to her own thigh, squeezing it tight in her fingers, her knees turning inward, her toes curling, her feet pressing hard into the large man's sides. She let out a long grunt, somewhere between wanting it to stop and not being able to believe it was happening.

Her chirping moans grew louder and more rapid and her eyes sprung wide. Her right hand released the blanket and searched for another spot, grabbing hold and letting go, grabbing at another.

Susan's voice was shrill and raspy as she continued to grunt in squeaky tweets and twerps. She shifted her torso to the left and squirmed it back to the right, her large breasts bouncing about with every herky-jerky move. Her knees lifted into the air and it looked like she was trying to pull them together, but the large man between them only let them get so far.

Her left hand found his head again, but this time she wasn't pushing him away, but grabbing a fistful of hair, yanking back on it like she was trying to hold herself in place.

“Oh, George,” she panted between high pitched grunts. “Oh, George.”

George couldn't believe what he was seeing. The clerk at the store hadn't exaggerated at all. If anything, he might have undersold it. He'd never seen his conservative little wife in such a state. Whatever it was the big guy was doing down there, it was making her absolutely crazy. She was twitching and squirming constantly, squealing and moaning in an anxious falsetto voice he didn't even recognize.

He watched intently as the big man continued on, lifting her bottom slightly into the air and pulling her toward him, his meaty fingers squeezed into the soft flesh of his wife's behind. He seemed to increase his efforts, his head bobbing up and down between her legs.

Susan let out a raspy shriek, lifting her torso and curling her shoulders inward, her heavy breasts spilling down her chest. She was up on one elbow, her other hand still grasping at his hair, huffing and puffing, grunting in quick, urgent squeals. Her left leg was at his side, fully extended, her right pulled in, bent at the knee, her toes pointed and just off the surface of the bed.

She threw her head back with a loud moan, tensing her body and clutching tighter at his hair. Sam seemed to be going at her more intensely then ever, holding her pressed to his face, working her body for all it was worth.

Susan let out another shriek, this one frantic and desperate, letting herself fall back to the mattress. Both her hands were on the top of his head, pushing down hard, her knees raised and her heels dug into the bed like she was trying to pull herself away from him, but Sam held her in place, preventing her from escaping the intense and insane pleasure he was forcing her to endure.

By now, she was moaning almost constantly, letting go with the occasional squeak and squeal, her body twisting and twerking, trying to break away from the crazed flurry of sensations he was subjecting her to.

None of it seemed possible, an unreal attack on her senses, as he methodically manipulated her body like he owned it, everything happening at once, like he was everywhere, stimulating her in several ways at the same time, working her up to a state of elation like she never dreamed of.

As wonderful as it felt, there was a part of her that wanted it to stop. It was almost too much, too intense and more than she might be able to handle. He was pushing her into a frenzy beyond any she'd ever felt and she could feel what little control she had left slipping away by the second.

George was hovering over them, standing off to the side of the bed, gawking as he watched the big guy ravish his wife. He was stunned at what he was seeing. His little Susan was losing her mind, driven into a flurry, wild and panicked, twisting and bucking, making noises he'd never heard her make before. It was like the greatest porn VR he had ever seen, times a hundred.

Her movements were choppy and shaky, as she fought threw the dozens of spasms shooting through her body. She squealed louder, her small frame jerking back, every so often, her little hands wandering about Sam's head, pulling his hair, grabbing at his ear, pushing down hard on the crown of it. Even her feet and legs were in constant and sporadic movement as she squirmed under the effects of Sam's labors, her knees rising, turning in, her feet twisting and kicking at the mattress. It was like she had lost control of her body parts and they were aimlessly moving around, searching for some relief from the insanity she was being dealt.

Her body flinched again and she froze for all of a second, sucking in a deep breath of air, her feet lifting up on the toes, the muscles in her sides and thighs straining to hold herself still, as she pushed down on his head with all her strength.

“Oh, George,” she gasped, her eyes wide and looking at nothing. She lifted one small foot in the air and thrust it back to the mattress, twisting her torso slightly to the side with another groan.

She began panting harder, in quick squeaky gasps, her body quivering, her feet and legs shuffling back and forth, like she was trying to find some footing to brace herself against the assault.

“Oh, George,” Susan squealed again in a high pitched little girl voice.

She could feel it coming over her, the insane swelling inside her body, busting at the seams and threatening to swallow her up. It was an orgasm, the size and intensity like nothing she'd ever experienced before, one so mammoth, she wasn't even sure she could withstand it.

Everything he'd done to her had led up to this moment. He'd played her body like a finely tuned instrument, working it with precision, tweaking and pleasuring her with an expertise that no man should have been capable of. Every calculated move had been designed to bring her to this point, doing everything required to bring her to the brink of the ultimate, crazed and delirious pleasure that was about to explode inside of her.

“Oh, George,” she moaned, her voice raising another octave.

She tensed more, her slim fingers grasping at his artificial head. She raised her knees higher, pressing her thighs into the sides of his face, lifting her feet into the air.

Her breathing was out of control, raspy grunts and sighs, haphazard and shallow. Her hair was sprayed across the mattress, stray strands sticking to her face, her eyes wide with shock and filled with a fearful reluctance. A shiver ran through her body and she clenched herself tighter, trying to hold onto some degree of control.

“Oh, George,” she gasped again, her voice breathless and trembling. “Oh, George.”

She began to repeat her husband's name, each time her voice growing higher and more urgent. Her feet and knees turned inward, her toes curling, pressing in tighter around his head. She arched her back and squeezed her fingers around the back of his head, holding on for dear life, her entire body quivering and trembling.

“Oh, George. Oh, George. Oh, George.” Each time she said it, her voice was building in intensity and growing louder, her body clenching tighter as she arched back farther, the muscles in her legs straining as she squeezed her thighs around his head.

“Oh, George!” she cried out one last time, clenching her eyes shut and dropping her jaw open.

Susan let out one quick gasp of air and held there for a second, like she was unable to move or breath.

A moment later, she let loose with a long and winded squeal, anxious and dire, her body curling in around the android's face.

She began to moan and grunt, turning her head from side to side, pressing her feet into the large man's back. It looked like she was trying to lift her bottom half away from him, her legs pushing as she cried out in a delirious bellow.

Her body began to squirm about, her feet kicking at his back, her torso writhing. She threw her hands off to her sides, fingers spread, arching her back as she cried out louder.

George could only watch with fascination as his little wife bucked and kicked her way through the massive orgasm, screaming and moaning, twitching and gasping. She was pulling at the bedspread, tearing it away from the pillows, clutching and grabbing to whatever she could reach. Her little feet were digging into Sam's wide back, rising up and kicking back down. There wasn't an inch of her that wasn't in perpetual motion as she squealed and groaned, her beautiful breasts bouncing this way and that.

Sam did not let up. She lifted her head, wailing away, only to let it fall back to the mattress, her naked body trembling in a fit of shudders and spasms.

The first orgasm had only barely begun to subside when the second exploded inside her.

Susan grunted hard and let out another shriek, arching back so that only her shoulder blades were touching the surface of the bed. She tried to twist her hips, crying out louder, but he held her firmly in place, squeezing tight at her backside.

She extended her legs, stretching them as far as she could, turning her feet in, toward each other, slapping at his head with her hands in clumsy, twitchy movements, whimpering and moaning between loud shrieks and groans as her body shivered and shook.

Her voice echoed through the room, desperate screams of ecstasy mixed with groans of delight. She shuddered and shook, writhing about, as the waves of pleasure gushed through her body. At one point, she reached up to her own breasts, taking them in her thin fingers and squeezing them tight, whimpering and gasping as she rode out the intense orgasm, grinding her feet into the sides of his frame and squeezing his head between her thighs.

Susan had no idea how long it all lasted. Her mind was awash with sparks and sensations that made time seem like a distant concept, her thoughts a swirl of color and confusion, and she let out one last sustained moan as every part of her melted into a soft and wispy puddle of pure relaxation.

It was at this point that Sam stopped what he was doing, like he knew he'd squeezed out every ounce of pleasure her body was capable of giving. She lye quietly, sprawled out on the bed, breathing heavily, her eyes closed, hair sprayed across her sweaty face, her chest rising and falling. One hand was up by her head, the other arm off to her side. Her legs were spread wide with her left extended down, the right up and bent at the knee.

“Holy cow,” she managed to sigh.

“Did I tell you, or what?” George asked in a giddy voice. “This thing is amazing, huh?”

“Wow,” was all she could muster.

“Damn. That was hot.”

“Wow,” she said again, still trying to catch her breath.

“That was worth worth every penny.”

“Yeah. I'm glad you enjoyed that,” she said with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

“Oh, my gosh,” George gushed. “That was incredible. You should have seen it.”

“Um, I was there, remember?”

Susan rolled over and pulled herself up on her hands and knees. It took all the energy she had left to crawl to the edge of the bed and lift herself off, working herself into a standing position. Her knees were weak and her legs felt like Jello as she timidly walked across the room and pulled open the dresser drawer.

Her husband was still rambling on about the sexy scene he'd just witnessed as she pulled one of his old tee shirts and a pair of her more conservative panties from the bureau and proceeded to put them on. Everything about her looked shaky and spent.

She pulled her hair back into a haphazard ponytail and turned around, her hands on her hips. She looked downright tiny, the over sized tee shirt fitting her like a dress and drooping off one shoulder. It came down to the very tops of her thighs, leaving her bare legs and feet exposed.

Realizing she was dressed for bed, George stopped raving about the amazing show he'd just seen.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Susan shrugged. “I was thinking maybe a glass of wine and then off to bed.”

“What? We're not done yet. We have him for the whole night.”

“You two are free to do whatever you want,” she said, turning and heading out of the room. “Knock yourself out. I'm finished for the night.”

“Susan, wait,” he replied, following after her. “We're just getting started.” As he went, he motioned for Sam to come along too.

In the kitchen, Susan pressed a button on their automatic drink dispenser and a glass of red wine was poured.

“George, look, you had your fun. I'm tired.”

“Come on, are you going to tell me you didn't enjoy that?”

Susan took a sip of wine and glanced over to the tall, hunky android standing behind her husband. A faint blush was growing in her cheeks. “Sure I did. It was...intense. Now it's time for Susan to get some sleep.”

“But, Susan, we don't have to take him back til morning.”

“No thanks. I'm out.”

“Really? You're not just a little bit curious about what it would be like?”

Susan took another sip from her wine glass, holding it to her lips and peering over at the muscular specimen before her.

“I'm not going to lie to you,” her husband continued. “This thing wasn't cheap. It's not like we could afford to this on a regular basis. This is kind of a one time deal.”

Her eyes were still fixed on Sam and her thoughts wandered back to the sensations he'd brought out of her. It was tempting, but she still wasn't comfortable with it all. Susan wasn't that kind of girl.

“I did what you wanted me to,” she pointed out. “Now, if you want to leave that thing here, you and me could go upstairs...”

“We only have it for one night,” he said again.

“George, I went along with your little fantasy. I did what you wanted me to do.”

“And look how that turned out.”

She thought about it for a few more moments, trying to ignore the tingling between her legs. Normally, she would never have allowed herself to even consider such a thing, but her initial experience with the super charged sex droid had been nothing short of mind blowing. Despite her reluctance, there was a part of her that couldn't help but wonder what else he was capable of.

“It will be fun,” George was still trying.

Susan took another sip from her wine and sat the glass on the counter. She crossed her arms and turned her attention back to her husband. “I don't know, George. It's just a little weird.”

“Weird? It didn't seem so weird when you were having that screaming orgasm.”

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