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The Cheating Wives Club: Clarice by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Clarice by July 09, 2017 917 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
A Surprise Pegging - A Tale Of Erotic Femdom by JT Holland A Surprise Pegging - A Tale Of Erotic Femdom by July 08, 2017 3574 words Read a sample
Greg Bailey wasn't expecting to spend the evening blindfolded, gagged and waiting to be pegged by a gorgeous woman he hadn't even known until a few hours prior, but he wasn't complaining. Especially not after he realized how much he enjoyed being taken advantage of. Featuring hardcore, aggressive sex, including femdom, pegging, anal, bdsm, rough sex and more. Adults only. 18+
Adam And Eve: From Bite To Exile by Zakk Yanus Adam And Eve: From Bite To Exile by July 08, 2017 2616 words
An erotic, blasphemous, perverted short story taking place in... the garden of Eden. An erotic story between the forbidden fruit's first bite by Eve until the moment that she and Adam are sent away from Paradise.
El Pacifico Custom Surf Shop #1: Cassandra's Needs by Kelli Calico El Pacifico Custom Surf Shop #1: Cassandra's Needs by July 08, 2017 3264 words Read a sample
Things are changing at the El Pacifico Custom Surf Shop, and Cassandra has needs that aren't being satisfied. So when the opportunity to fulfil a fantasy comes her way, she doesn't hesitate!
My Father-In-Law’s Baby by Rosie Zweet My Father-In-Law’s Baby by July 07, 2017 3844 words Read a sample
1815 London, England. When his husband abandons her in wedding night, Elena doesn’t have much choice… She needs a baby. So, she asks her father-in-law to do the deed.
The Flesh of Others 23 by Arla Coopa The Flesh of Others 23 by July 06, 2017 891 words Read a sample
Billy has never been an attractive man. He just can’t stop eating too much. He thinks overeating is about to kill him, but then something far more tantalizing happens.
Relatos Eróticos by Megan Webb Relatos Eróticos by July 06, 2017 12596 words Read a sample
Es un libro de relatos sexuales y eróticos de temática variada que te harán subir la temperatura y te dispararán la líbido.
Sinister by Lisa De Palo Sinister by July 05, 2017 8223 words Read a sample
For years I had been trying to join the secret world of the occult. When a mysterious Luciferian named David contacted me, I thought all my prayers had been answered. But his dark fantasy was about to become my sinister nightmare. He was going to take me through a hell I had never dreamed existed.
Owning His Body (The Winners Book 1) by J. W. Greyson Owning His Body (The Winners Book 1) by July 04, 2017 3560 words Read a sample
Written for your pleasure this gay erotica/romance story follows the power play between to differently motivated young men and the verge of adulthood.
The Void by Sherry Wood The Void by July 04, 2017 38864 words Read a sample
A young woman’s obsession over a rock star intensifies when she learns he’s a cannibal.
Father Got Me Pregnant! by Kim Clove Father Got Me Pregnant! by July 04, 2017 2140 words Read a sample
I thought I was just being nice by taking out some lemonade to my dad as he mowed the yard, but it turns out he was pretty horny and he ended up taking me in the backyard... I was a virgin, so his girth made me feel so sore, but it felt so good! But surprisingly, daddy did something I hadn't expected... He didn't pull out, and I was nineteen years old and fertile!
Riding With Grayson by Kelley J. Nightrose Riding With Grayson by July 03, 2017 9096 words Read a sample
When two sex starved strangers wind up in the same bus seat, the ride gets way too hot for mass transit.
Cover Me by Lexie Lane Cover Me by July 03, 2017 5352 words Read a sample
Lucy is hard at work with her boss, Daniel preparing soft furnishings for their wealthy clients, when he makes her an interesting proposal. Knowing that the two of them are lonely, he suggest that they become more than work colleagues. Lucy has secretly harboured feelings for her sexy boss for the last, five years, so she literally jumps at the chance to jump his bones! An erotic short story. 18+
Stepmom Seduction by PB Rider Stepmom Seduction by July 03, 2017 5331 words Sample 20%
This is the second part of How I Became a Manwhore, offered free as a taster, and it tells the story of how I hooked up with my stepmom, Jenny, a few years after the divorce, with all the juicy details and more. So be warned and take advantage of the offer if it seems like something you’d enjoy, much like I did.
Forbidden Love by Rosie Zweet Forbidden Love by July 03, 2017 3820 words Read a sample
1805 England. Lady Arabella is in love with Victor Hayes. But he has wife… And living under his guardianship is unbearable… Author’s note: This work is more romance than erotica unlike my other works. **This event is three years after “Charity, the Generous Miss”.
Whispered Chaos by Beverly L. Anderson Whispered Chaos by July 03, 2017 98639 words Read a sample
Bleach Fanfiction. Sōsuke Aizen left behind a private counseling practice in Kyoto to teach at Karakura University, where he had graduated a couple years before. He was looking forward to quiet, and less stressful situation so he could deal with his own personal problems he was going through. Then, he comes face to face with someone that strikes the deepest chord inside his soul.
Eros by Anne Holt Muller Eros by July 02, 2017 212385 words Read a sample
Há nove anos, Laurel e Anthony se conheceram em uma praia deserta e apaixonaram-se em uma noite que ficou gravada em seus corações, mas apagada da memória. Formada em Ciência da computação, Laurel se candidata em um emprego e recebe uma proposta de casamento de um homem que acredita tê-la conhecido há dois dias.
Wine and a Russian by Dwayne Trapper Wine and a Russian by July 02, 2017 5515 words
What do I get when I accept a cryptic invitation from my Russian lover accompanied by a bottle of very expensive wine? Twenty-four hours in the French Riviera that I won’t forget. Now, I need to make sure that an escape like this can happen again. Good thing I'm good with my hands...and my mouth when it comes to my delicious Russian money man.
Judge Bent - Trouble with a Capital T by J.W. Castor Judge Bent - Trouble with a Capital T by July 01, 2017 6576 words Read a sample
Superior Court Judge Terence O. Bent tells his current amour, his female bailiff, Ms. Reno, about his time in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. The Judge was drafted after he graduated from the University of California and was scheduled to attend law school at Boalt Hall. He recounts the story of a massacre in a Vietnamese village and how his sergeant prevented even more unjustified deaths.
Her Roommate's Father, Her Daddy by Shelby Horne Her Roommate's Father, Her Daddy by July 01, 2017 4467 words Sample 40%
Christy's roommate has a handsome father, and she figures flirting with him is all in good fun. But calling him "Daddy" opens up a whole new world of possibility to her, including the possibility of Christy becoming a mommy!
Pregnant Moon by V G Kilgore Pregnant Moon by July 01, 2017 899 words Sample 100%
Abraham's caravan discovers an oasis on the night of the Pregnant Moon. He and his wife take advantage of it in hopes of conceiving a child
The Horned Mage: Broken Curse by Hayden Harper The Horned Mage: Broken Curse by June 30, 2017 20721 words
Caleb Marshal is horny. No seriously, he's under a curse and has grown up with a set of antlers growing from his head. Now he's in his second semester of college and hoping to find a way to break his curse because not only does he have antlers, but the curse is preventing him from using his magic.
In Others 36 by Arla Coopa In Others 36 by June 30, 2017 881 words Read a sample
Nancy has never been an attractive woman. And now she thinks she’s dying. A lot of things are about the change. They’ll get a lot hotter.
Entertaining Myself by Charlene Black Entertaining Myself by June 30, 2017 2019 words Read a sample
A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – their marriage would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… While her husband is away on business, Madelyn is home alone for several nights. Being the sensuous woman that she is, she knows how to enjoy her own body, even without a man in the house.
Short and Sweet by Limey Lady Short and Sweet by June 30, 2017 6350 words Read a sample
Chrissie sets out canvassing for the 2017 General Election thinking only of drinks in the pub afterwards. But that's before she canvasses at a remote farmhouse where seemingly anything can happen.
The Erotic World: Chapter 3 - Education by IWriteWithATalon The Erotic World: Chapter 3 - Education by June 30, 2017 10385 words Read a sample
Chapter 3 of The Erotic World. Hadrian finds himself with some free time on his hands. With his guest for the month busying herself in his gardens, he has to entertain himself. His curiosity peaked, he finds the library drawing his focus, with its exotic tomes, well-organized shelves... and deliciously shy librarian. While Hadrian enjoys his castle staff, Valeera gets to enjoy her kinks...
Club Bangers by PB Rider Club Bangers by June 30, 2017 10147 words Read a sample
Me and my girlfriend, Suzy, take some MDMA and go to a club. Now she’s a hot Asian who was dressed to fuck, so we get invited backstage to party and get high. It immediately becomes clear that it’s a four BBC vs her kind of scene, me left watching with my dick in my hands. It was pretty wild, so get the sample and see if you can handle it as well as she did. (MFMMM)
Lust And Loneliness by Mika Doll Lust And Loneliness by June 29, 2017 71474 words Read a sample
Stranded on an uninhabited island, a man and a woman have to make the best of a hopeless situation and discover that sex is not just a pleasant pastime, but also a means of survival.
Balling the White Housewife by Richard Sohard Balling the White Housewife by June 28, 2017 1561 words Read a sample
Richard Deejays many parties where a great amount of women come up to him asking for requests. After doing this job for so long, he usually knows when one of those woman is on the make.
The Silence by Tahira Iqbal The Silence by June 28, 2017 6326 words Read a sample
Bodyguard Quinn's latest client is a haunting Miami beauty who hasn't spoken since surviving a terrifying kidnap ordeal. When their attraction to one another heats up, Quinn has to keep both Lara and their growing relationship safe. The Silence features graphic scenes of sex, adult language and sustained peril.
El juego by JA Moralli El juego by June 27, 2017 5867 words Read a sample
Unos amigos en una tranquila sobremesa. Tres parejas. Una propuesta que lo cambiará todo. Haz realidad tus fantasías. ATENCION: Este relato contiene material explícito y está destinada únicamente al público adulto. Si no quieres leer escenas de sexo explícito, este no es tu relato. Si por el contrario quieres vivir una experiencia de alto contenido sexual, busca un sitio cómodo y disfruta.
The Surreal Experience of Being in Love by Polly Fly The Surreal Experience of Being in Love by June 27, 2017 1407 words Read a sample
Five minutes that just might change or reinforce your perception of love. My contention in this short story is that love is the only accessible human reality available to us in this concrete world, and that all else leads only to the spiritual death that is boredom Surrealistic, romantic and poetic, this story transforms our world into an illusion that only lovers see through. ~1300 words, 18+.
Balling The Dirty-Talking White Mother by Richard Sohard Balling The Dirty-Talking White Mother by June 26, 2017 1620 words Read a sample
The thirty year old black teacher was seated at my when Mrs. Cherry stormed into the classroom fit to be tied.
Double Dating by C.S. Ramos Double Dating by June 25, 2017 57078 words Sample 18%
Mia Foxx feels like she's looking for love in all the wrong places, then two men come along to prove her wrong.
Eraser by Megan Keith Eraser by June 24, 2017 18056 words Read a sample
A mysterious, dangerous, brooding and sexy man with no name offers you only one night. Would you take him up on it?
Deviant: Courtney & Dustin - Part 1 by Rowena Deviant: Courtney & Dustin - Part 1 by June 24, 2017 16447 words
Billionaire Errol Jameson is bored. He decided to create his own reality show to appease his voyeuristic tendencies, and after pulling off a successful first show with test subjects Calla & Jason, he’s ready to be entertained again. His second unwitting duo: Courtney & Dustin. Will the new captives give in to their kidnapper’s sordid demands? **This is part 1 of an erotic love triangle tale**
Teacher's Pet by Shelby Horne Teacher's Pet by June 23, 2017 3862 words Sample 40%
Derik's job as a teacher chaperon for the senior class trip turns naughty as the lights go out and the most beautiful girl in school finds her way into his pants. But does she have plans for him bigger than a brief encounter in the dark? And what does she mean when she says she got to him FIRST...?
Nipple Twister by Robert Hyull Nipple Twister by June 23, 2017 10224 words Read a sample
When you're a young, horny teen and your stepsister's older friends sleepover in your house, then you'll do prertty much anything to be around them. Maybe if you get lucky you'll catch a glimpse of panties or a pyjama jacket won't be buttoned up properly. But when you catch one of her friends licking your stepsister's quim, the game changes forever.
Chastity Gets the Belt by Polly Fly Chastity Gets the Belt by June 23, 2017 2545 words Read a sample
Dave's wife Chastity is anything but chaste when he's not around. Can he tame this wild filly that he loves so much with a chastity belt? Find out in this erotic romantic comedy by Polly Fly. 18+ only. ~2,250 words.
Free Falling by M L Smith Free Falling by June 21, 2017 3870 words Read a sample
Sexy Texan's Zach and Robbie meet Cassie in their regular coffee shop and as they can't agree who saw her first, they decide to both offer themselves, as a package. They arrange to visit Cassie later that day to find out whether she'll accept their offer.. Free Falling is a fun, sexy story about a beautiful, consensual threesome. An erotic romance short story with strong language and adult themes.
Lollipop games by Kayla Cox Lollipop games by June 20, 2017 9926 words Read a sample
Sara loves to play games and dares the man of the house for a competition. Lollipop games! Who will win? ATTENTION: This book is for +18 years old Naughty steamy language inside
College Experiment by Phil Wohl College Experiment by June 20, 2017 4346 words Read a sample
Dr. Edward Pressler has had a long and distinguished career in academia, but that is about to come to an abrupt end as he is enlisted to evaluate a sociological study in what amounts to a radical college experiment. The on-campus-dorm affectionately labeled Eden is the laboratory for all types of documented and undocumented exploration. READ THE BOOK AS I WRITE IT!
Remember Me by M L Smith Remember Me by June 20, 2017 4476 words Read a sample
Maggie is dressed in a beautiful gown, ready to get married, when who should turn up at her hotel room? Her ex. lover Ethan. Life with Ethan was unpredictable, sexy and fun. She thought she'd moved on, but apparently her heart has other ideas. Will Maggie become a runaway bride, or will she choose the safer option? A humorous erotic romance short story with strong language and adult content. 18+
Orgasmo Frente al Espejo - Parte 1. Un Relato Erótico by Dulce Veneno Orgasmo Frente al Espejo - Parte 1. Un Relato Erótico by June 19, 2017 2723 words Read a sample
Dulce conoce a un hombre misterioso en una reunión que no quiere revelar su identidad hasta que ella hace realidad una de sus fantasías. Este relato erótico está destinado a mayores de 18 años. Contiene escenas sexuales explícitas. Relaciones sexuales entre hombre y mujer.
Compliance with TOS by smashsung Compliance with TOS by June 19, 2017 29150 words
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Slut Firm Cooperative: Candi's New Job by Kelli Calico Slut Firm Cooperative: Candi's New Job by June 19, 2017 5902 words Read a sample
A new graduate, Candi lands a great job working for a small environmental research firm, little does she know that she didn't just get the job for her brains! And when she starts feeling attraction to her supervisor, how far will it go?
Convincing the Preacher by Saylor St.Cloud Convincing the Preacher by June 18, 2017 4937 words Read a sample
Contains mature content, for readers 18+ only. I’m sweating like a sinner in church, and it isn’t because of the Texas heat beating down on my skin. I’m having some very sinful thoughts about the preacher in my new town, and he’s making me a literal sinner in church.
Forbidden Tastes by John Smith Forbidden Tastes by June 17, 2017 5581 words Read a sample
Moving away to college was an eye opening experience for Katie. Her home schooling background had not prepared her for what she was to discover living with girls from very different backgrounds. At times she was embarrassed by her having never been with a boy let alone do the things her friends talked about. She wanted to try more but has no idea how to make it happen.
Secret Diary by Bledar Tola Secret Diary by June 17, 2017 11385 words Read a sample
Still, it's kind of a scary thought to be totally at the mercy of someone else, even if they've already been totally at your mercy. I trust him... it's just a little... I don't know. I don't know why I wouldn't let him do it if I trust him. And I DO trust him. It is kinda fun to try and make him work for it though. Dear Diary.
First Date (A Sugar Baby Tale with BDSM 18+) by Saylor St.Cloud First Date (A Sugar Baby Tale with BDSM 18+) by June 17, 2017 5153 words Read a sample
Mature themes for readers 18+ containing light BDSM. A sugar baby's first date with a potential daddy goes further than she planned, but she isn't about to complain.